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It must be wonderful to live in a village. living in a small town, employed for life, and being taken care of by a large iron golem. If you had to pick one villager job, though, which one would you choose? The angler? The armorer? Since the lectern is the librarian’s work location and this week’s topic of discussion, I believe I would choose her.

Minecraft Taking Inventory Lectern

Minecraft Taking Inventory Lectern Developer Dinnerbone of Minecraft introduced lecterns after stating on Reddit in 2012 that he has been working on a written book stand for some time. Over the years, he tried a few times to bring the concept to completion, but the villagers didn’t really get to experience it until the Village & Pillage Update in 2019.

Lectern Recipe

Making lecterns is not too difficult. A bookcase and four wooden slabs are required. You can make a lectern out of them by arranging them in a crafting grid with three slabs on top and one on bottom. You could also take one from the local library, but why would you act in such a cruel way?

One written book or a book and quill will be kept in place by lecterns when they are placed in the world. Place the book by holding it in your hand, aiming it at the lectern, and pressing the use key. You can read the book using the lectern after it is in position.

In Java Edition, use the reading interface; in Bedrock Edition, you can left-click to remove it again. Breaking the lectern will also cause the book to fall. Librarian villagers use lecterns as their job site block. They enjoy trading books, ink, and paper with the player.

They even sell charmed books, so you should look them up if you’re searching for a specific enchantment. A comparator will produce a signal strength according on the reader’s position in the book, and a lectern will sound a Minecraft redstone pulse each time a page is turned.

This may be used to play a personalized note block soundtrack or to hit the reader over the head with TNT when they reach a particular page. It’s your call. Visit the website for additional updates Minecraft App

Real-world Lectern

Picture courtesy of Public Domain

Real-world lecterns are typically found in a select few settings, such as political gatherings, classrooms, and places of worship. They come in useful when you have a large group of people to speak to and you need to have some notes in front of you. To make it easier to read the notes, lecterns frequently have a little light attached to them.

A lector is a person who gives a lecture or lection—the term “lesson” has developed throughout time to refer to someone who reads from a lectern. The latin word for “read” is where the word “lec” from, which makes perfect sense.

The “Blue Goose,” the president of the United States’ primary lectern, is possibly the most well-known lectern in the entire globe. Its large size and bulkiness are due to its bulletproof design, which allows it to be concealed in an emergency. In addition, it features teleprompters, an integrated microphone, and areas for notes and a water bottle.

Regretfully, the village librarians are not allowed to have a glass of water on their lectern. Thus, be considerate and occasionally bring them a bottle of water. If not, they’ll become too dry for their parchments.


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