Little Frogs!

All species of animals have the cutest babies, but have you ever wondered why? There’s a suggestion that it’s a survival tactic: a study conducted in the past few years indicates that individuals are highly motivated by the belief that a cute creature will not harm them.

It can even make them fall in love with our mob of the month, the squirmy, slimy, and incredibly cute tadpole. At Minecraft Live 2021, tadpoles were shown. The game’s Wild Update also introduced the abyss, the deep dark, and the mangrove swamp, the tadpoles’ natural home.

Tadpole Ingame

Unlike most passive monsters, tadpoles don’t generate in the world when created. Rather, a block of frogspawn—which is generated when two frogs are bred together using slimeballs—produces them. Frogspawn will lay eggs, which will develop into two to five tadpoles after around ten minutes.

Tadpoles don’t do much, like most infants. When they find themselves on land, they attempt to find the closest body of water by flopping around. They swim around in the water. A slimeball can be used to entice them, and a bucket of water can be used to retrieve them. The axolotl, which aggressively hunts tadpoles, is their natural predator. Therefore, if you want your tadpoles to survive, attempt to keep them apart.

Depending on the degree of temperature in the biome in which it develops, a tadpole will eventually mature into one of three species of frog, assuming it survives. A frog from a savanna habitat will hatch warmly, whereas a frog from a snowy slopes biome would birth frigid. A temperate frog will hatch in a plains biome. The tadpole takes around one in-game day to mature, but you can hasten its growth by giving it slimeballs to eat.

Tadpole Realworld

Image credit: Viridiflavus // CC BY-SA 3.0

Tadpole Mob Menagerie: Minecraft from Overworld are distinct from those from Earth since they originate from a wide variety of amphibians, not simply frogs. When they are born, they resemble fish more than frogs, but as they become older, they lose their gills and swimming tail and develop tiny legs and lungs for breathing air. “Metamorphosis” is the name given to this process.

The Middle English term “tadpole,” which combines the words “tadde,” which means “toad,” and “pol,” which means “head,” is where the name “tadpole” originates. The term “pollywogs,” which some people refer to tadpoles as has a similar origin: it combines the words “pol” and “wiggle,” which both mean “to wiggle.”

Even though tadpoles lack bones and other hard body elements, archaeologists have found massive fossilized tadpoles in Spain that measure around 10 cm in length. These creatures slithered through the wetlands of the Upper Miocene period, which occurred six to twenty million years ago, roughly coinciding with the breakup of the chimpanzee and human ancestries.

Despite the addition of archeology to Minecraft with the Trails & Tales update, no players have reported finding any fossilized tadpoles as of yet. Fortunately, we can view the changelog to see the exact time they appeared. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if Planet Earth had a changelog instead?


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