Are you searching for a fresh construction Project? A magnificent rollercoaster is guaranteed to pique curiosity!

Real roller coasters are pretty fantastic, but have you ever been on one that begins above the sky and spirals down past one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks? Not in my opinion! I’ve set myself the goal of creating the ultimate tourist attraction—a rollercoaster larger than the famous Eiffel Tower—because of this.

Constructing A Roller Coaster

First, I need an Eiffel Tower. Since I don’t have the money for a physical replica, I’ll just have to construct it in Minecraft instead of getting a license to cover the original in rail. The Minecraft Marketplace has some incredible maps of Paris, and you can even find online blueprints to follow to construct your own. I chose Immersion: Paris by Shapescape from the Marketplace.

It’s a gorgeous map of Paris featuring a massive Eiffel Tower, complete with nightlights, intricate restaurant details, and stunning city views. To enter creative mode, I use ‘/game mode creative’ because I want to use my creativity freely. I execute a double-tap jump, soar to the top of the tower, and have to pause to catch my breath when I inadvertently glance down.

Eiffel 1

Keep your head up and avoid looking down. Oh my, it’s too late.

I use a couple of powered rails connected to a switch with redstone dust to start my rollercoaster. One of the most amazing materials in Minecraft is Redstone. It can be used to build electrical circuits that operate traps, doors, and in this example, a launchpad for an adventurous rollercoaster ride that descends to the streets of Paris.

I jump in, flip on the switch, and soon after I’ve ringed the launch rails with bricks to keep the minecart in place, I sail over the edge and descend hundreds of feet to the streets below. It functions! Kind of. To turn this into a legitimate ride instead of a horrific death plunge, I now need to install some tracks.

Eiffel 2

Blocks with light sources are excellent for emphasizing landing pads and other crucial areas of your vehicle!

The minecart is successfully caught by the track below, and the ride continues! Now I have a ton of ideas. What if I added more glass to the following portion to give the impression that the ride is even more unstable? What if the blocks used to build the rollercoaster were different for each section? What if the dark made the rollercoaster glow? I started working right away.

I use blue warped boards to construct the subsequent portions, interspersing Glowstone at regular intervals. This section of the track winds around the central pillar of the Eiffel Tower by going inside its framework. To make things interesting, I include some tunnel parts along with a few bumps, twists, and turns.

Eiffel 3

In parts of the route that are downhill, minecarts gain momentum that you can use to accelerate.

I may have removed a few blocks from the Eiffel Tower to create space for a burning tunnel of mushrooms—don’t tell anyone. When they see how amazing it looks, I’m sure the Paris police will pardon me; if not, I’ve used /summon to produce a donkey that I can ride to quickly escape.

I choose to slow down at the end of the voyage so the passenger may take a breather. To get the cart along these level parts, I generate some speed enhancements. Building speed enhancements is quite simple: just lay a Redstone torch next to a few powered rails, and the minecart will move forward on its own.

For the ideal drive-through dining experience, I wind the track past two upscale restaurants. Please give me a filet mignon to go! And now for the big reveal. I make one last deep dive to the floor. Without Redstone, the ride would not function at all.

Therefore, in honor of this incredible material, I have placed rows of redstone lamps around the last drop. Where should the ride finish, though? I scan my surroundings, and there it is—the ideal place to end. I set down the last few track segments to drive the cart directly into the souvenir shop.

Eiffel 4

The last part of the ride feels distinct from the rest of it thanks to crimson planks. In Creative mode, you can select any combination of blocks.

Although the build has been enjoyable, there is so much more I could have done. Lava tunnels, waterfalls, and possibly even a portion of a jungle come to mind. And if I expanded even further? I could choose another well-known site, but right now that wouldn’t be sufficient. To reach Mount Everest, I’m bringing my Redstone blocks and tracks!

Please send your best rollercoaster ideas and your favorite creations to scoops[a]Minecraftapp. net while I pack for my winter hike over the Himalayas. We would be delighted to receive any building inspiration!


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