Minecraft Pocket Edition 5 Years old

A brand-new Ender Update trailer to celebrate!

Pocket Edition is 5 years old! How far along we’ve come! When Pocket Edition first launched, it was merely a mad scientist named Aron Nieminen’s coding for Mojang. In under three months, the most basic mobile Minecraft functionalities were developed.

It was essentially stripped down. As Aron states, “The initial internal version only had an ASCII renderer, and multiplayer wasn’t even supposed to be possible!” With over 40 million players, it has since developed into one of our most-played versions of the game.

Minecraft Edition With the upcoming Ender Update, players will be able to take on the ultimate boss, The Ender Dragon, and enjoy the rich features of Redstone in addition to racing each other on pigbacks and across platforms.

As the developers like to say, the Ender Update will bring the game version up to 1.0 in honor of the introduction of the entire “gameplay loop” in Minecraft. We’ve brought you The End, but Pocket Edition is far from being our last project. You’ll notice that we have a ton of fun and intriguing things planned! Get more questions Visit Minecraftapp.net

While you wait, watch the trailer above to get ready for the confrontation with the Ender Dragon and be excited about these additional 1.0 features:

Minecraft Pocket Edition 5 Years old


  • Global Seed Bank! With this carefully selected inventory of top seeds, we’re making it even simpler for you to find strange and amazing places.
  • Arctic bears These magnificent creatures will now roam through snowy biomes; nevertheless, exercise caution while near pups. The parents are fierce guardians.
  • Sounds! The game’s original music, which previously graced Windows 10, now makes its way to mobile devices. Since we don’t want our jams to clog your internet, you can download it independently of the main game.
  • Oculus Touch compatibility Gamers on Windows 10 can now choose to control the game using unique VR waggle sticks! Well done, sci-fi!

Anyhow, Pocket Edition, happy birthday! I’ll see you all in five more years!


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