Here come the witches, clangers, and frogs!

Have you ever been engaged in ferocious combat in the Overworld of Minecraft Legends and thought, “Well, this needs more piggins”? To begin with, how strange of you. Secondly, congrats on almost achieving your dream! Thankfully, though, some new buddies are also entering the game, so the piglins won’t be able to declare victory based just on numbers.

The Largest Updates To Minecraft Legends

Yes, everything is in the second title update for Minecraft Legends! There has never been more exciting combat between the piglin clangers and air choppers and the frog and witches. Visit Minecraftapp for related articles.


TU2 Update Screenshots Witch Hero

You might feel like running away from a witchy cackle, but resist that urge! The witches in Minecraft Legends are enigmatic but willing friends who will shoot your enemies with their poisonous potions.

Only then will they gladly come out of their huts to join your cause after you help them get rid of the pigs who are attacking their homes and friends.


You can even use even more witchy power by building a cauldron—or several—on the battlefield to strengthen and bolster your companions. When your units are inside the cauldron’s area of effect, they will deal more damage and knock back opponents. Do you have any ideas on how to entice all those piglin to the cauldron? Fear not—once the units are beyond the structure’s range, the effect lasts for 20 seconds.


The Frog Without Fear

You’ll be pleased to see yet another new pal in this update. The courageous frog is the ideal mount for leaping above the chaos because of its strong, flexible legs. The frog offers new possibilities for swift Overworld navigation because it can swim far quicker than other mounts and jump twice as high.

Additionally, if you find yourself at a high height, don’t panic too much because, in contrast to other mounts, the frog’s soft, bouncy body is rather resistant to fall damage. Having said that, you shouldn’t go skydiving because fearlessness won’t make you impervious to gravity.


A piglin clanger inside a piglin base with its front hooves outstretched, about to clang its cymbals together. Two wood golems stand in front of it.

I believed the game crew was pulling a cruel joke on me when I first learned that a tall, skinny, and swift piglin was coming to the game. However, it turns out that this terrifying—yet somehow endearing—piglin known as a clanger is actually roaming the Overworld right now, generating a whole lot of noise.

The clanger (somehow) contains war cymbals instead of the typical piglin grunts and squeals! It’s unclear why or how the piglins would create this piercing rendition of an incredibly enjoyable instrument. These cymbals are so harsh that they will stun and knock back opponents in their vicinity, so it’s evident that they won’t be supporting the arts anytime soon. Thus, whenever you encounter a clanger, make.  So when you face a clanger, make sure you deal with it quickly or your friends will be in trouble!


The Air Chopper

The newest invention in spore distribution, the air chopper, not only litters the Overworld with spores but can also launch your pals into the air if they approach it, sometimes resulting in wonderfully explosive outcomes, depending on the mob. In addition to being an excellent multitasker, it rotates to blast enemies approaching from all directions. Unfortunately, it’s not in your arsenal but rather the piglins’


This version also adds a huge number of improvements to the game in addition to the new features, such as (but not limited to):

  • New custom game settings: mob/structure cost, enable/disable mounts, llama damage, village attack strength, hazard damage/density, starting allays, allay chest density/yield, player health regen, tower benefits, and much, much more. There’s also a preset called Water is Lava, which is quite fitting, and I can’t wait to try it.
  • Pathfinding, type selection, and banner view have been improved.
  • Improved difficulty tuning and balancing of RPS combat to reward players for advantageous mob compositions and penalize them harder for unfavorable ones. This implies that every challenge in the campaign—aside from Storied, which is now a more laid-back experience—will need for greater strategic thought. You’ll win the fight more quickly if you choose the appropriate companions! If you choose the incorrect ones, well, you’ll be able to tell.
  • PvP upgrades and enhancements, such as quicker matching, damage and cost balancing, and more.

For a more thorough overview of all the changes, be sure to review the patch notes. Additionally, you may view a few of the features in use.in our talk at Minecraft Live 2023, in case you were unable to attend. So launch Minecraft Legends and pay attention to what happens! Which way will you hop—against the clanging or the cackling? For the most recent news, follow @legends_game and share your inspirational tales on our Discord channel.


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