Play The Roles Of Predator And Victim To Survive!

Planet Earth Iii: Perspectives Official Minecraft I understand if the first thing that comes to your mind if you come across a baby turtle is to shield it from the dangers that the Overworld has to offer. Compared to our contemporary human senses, nature might appear to be cruel.

But have you ever given any thought to what it might be like to be a wolf or an ocelot that is starving? If your skill to hunt is going to determine whether or not you survive? When I first enter a store, I feel completely overwhelmed, so I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like there!

The new Planet Earth III: Perspectives Official Minecraft downloadable content, which is currently available for free on the Minecraft Marketplace and for Minecraft Education, allows you to experience all sides of the planet.

In this adventure, which is based on the groundbreaking documentary series Planet Earth III produced by the Natural History Unit of the BBC, you will have the opportunity to explore the interwoven lives of animals from a compassionate point of view.


Be a variety of creatures and experience the fight and triumph of survival as both a predator and prey in this world that was developed by the Minecraft community designer Shapescape. From the fur seal to the African leopard and the bee are some of the species that you can embody in this universe.

Are you prepared to make your way through the tundra-like a musk ox? Should you choose to leap from the treetops like a ravenous leopard? It’s time to embark on our very first journey. You can get free games from this website as well.


BBCPE3 Shark

On the coast of South Africa, you can play as either a big white shark or a fur seal in this fight-or-flight game. As the first type, you need to eat often while navigating the sharp rocks and trying to stay away from the predator that is after you. As the second type, your goal is to, well, eat your target.


BBCPE3 Arctic wolf vsox

As you are transported to the spring tundra of Canada, you have the option of assuming the form of an Arctic wolf or a musk ox. The wolf, endowed with its acute vision and keen sense of smell, is compelled to pursue an ox to replenish its vitality and provide sustenance for its pack after a severe winter. The young calves are then defended against the relentless attacks of the wolves by the ox, which must use its sharp antlers.


A screenshot of a lily trotter and its baby chick standing on lilypads. An eagle is flying above while a crocodile is in the water behind them with its maw open.

A lily trotter and its young are attempting to navigate the floodwaters in the Okavango Delta without drawing the attention of the crocodiles that are patrolling the area.

To ensure the safety of your young, it is your responsibility as the father to keep a watchful check on both your chicks and any potential threats to their well-being.

As one of the chicks, you must remain vigilant and pay attention to the signs that your father sends you regarding which way to take and when to remain still to avoid being discovered.


Huntress Treetop

As you play the part of the ferocious leopardess or the nimble impala in the grassy African savanna, you can either watch from above or keep an eye out from below. During this activity, both animals are required to feed themselves, and their goals are similar, which causes them to compete with one another.

You, as the leopardess, have to move stealthily through the treetops and avoid being discovered to eventually pounce on your prey who is unaware of your presence. You, like the impala, are tasked with consuming the blossoms that fall from the tree while simultaneously evading the predator that could attack at any moment from another location. Whatever the case may be, good appétit!

BBCPE3 Impala



In this exercise, which goes by the same name, you visit the Amazon rainforest and pretend to be the stingless bee and the tree hopper, two insects whose lives are remarkably similar.

By aiding them to eat and shielding them from predators like ants and assassin bugs by summoning their buzzing allies, the treehopper hopes to raise its nymphs to full development. You have to respond to the tree hoppers’ distress calls as the bees fly in to swoop in and ward off their assailants.


BBCPE3 Field Station

The BBC Planet Earth Field Station, which is situated in the middle of a verdant jungle, serves as your primary hub. You will be able to choose whatever habitat you wish to play in, view the animals that are native to that biome, and select from a variety of activities, all from this location. When you finish an activity, you will be rewarded with a prize that may be used to decorate the Field Station Hub.

These rewards can include in-game trophies, clothing items, and other stuff. In addition, the central hub is where you can keep track of all the activities that you have finished, play with soundboards, replay activities, rewatch cinematics, and discover more about the incredible species that are included in Planet Earth III.

BBCPE3 Shark Onesie

Are you eager to see the world through the eyes of these beautiful animals? In Minecraft Education and on Minecraft Marketplace for Bedrock Edition, the expansion pack for Planet Earth III is currently available and may be downloaded for free.

And while you’re getting the downloadable content, you should also get the Great White Shark Character Creator item for your Dressing Room, which is also available for free right now. Be careful not to imitate the character too much, and leave the chomping for the downloadable content!


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