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Get the PC game setup for Minecraft Story Mode Episode 2 for free with a single direct link for Windows. An adventure game is called Minecraft Story Mode.


Telltale Games is the company that develops and publishes Minecraft Story Mode. On October 27, 2015, the second episode of Minecraft Story Mode was made available. Given that Telltale’s episodic games often take place over several months, the fact that Episode 2 was released just two weeks after the first was is undoubtedly a feast for gamers. You can also download Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1.

Review Of Assembly Required For Story Mode

The heroes’ time is running out in the second episode Assembly Required, as the Wither storm is drawing nearer. Jesse and his companions must make difficult choices as they hunt the Kingdom of Chaos for Magnus or Ellegaard. Visit Minecraftapp for related articles.

The choices you make in this episode and the one before it will determine how the game plays out for you. The PC game Minecraft Story Mode Episode 2 has excellent graphics and captivating audio. You may also like to download Minecraft.

The goal of this episode is to go rapidly; as the main character Jesse, you are taken on a minecart that is speeding through the Nether. Whichever member of the renowned Order of the Stone you choose to follow after Episode One will be your cart partner.

Burly Axel is your wingman if you choose to pursue Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer, whereas curious Olivia is your partner if you choose to pursue Magnus the Griefer. Though the gameplay on each of these paths is interesting, you will only be able to take one on a single playthrough because, in the second part of the episode, their divergent paths come together.

Playing through both of these is rewarding because they are enjoyable in quite different ways. Magnus’ path is the more action-packed option, with Twitch quick-time events that will have you dodging Griefer packs as you make your way through Boom Town. Like in the real Minecraft game, the main purpose of the griefers is to annoy and blow things up.

You must have fast reflexes to escape being hit by a torrent of TNT. It’s beneficial to spend time with Magnus as well, who is brilliantly brought to life by Corey Feldman’s eccentric portrayal.

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 2 Download

Ellegard’s journey is less dynamic, adhering more closely to the first episode’s mild puzzle-solving and character-focused approach. But it doesn’t mean it’s boring: Some of the biggest laughs in Episode Two come from the quirky folks fighting for Ellegard’s approval through their strange creations in Redstonia, Ellegard’s base.

In addition, voice actress Grey Griffin does a fantastic job portraying Ellegard, who is a sweetly dismissive, arrogant, and prideful character in her way. Once these two narratives come together, things don’t stop.

Action is once again the main focus as the entire group—joined by a character from Episode One who depends on a decision you make late in that episode—sets out to seek yet another member of the Order of the Stone.

The climactic scene is a suspenseful and captivating encounter that culminates in a mildly thrilling reveal. The game’s ominous narrator makes the cliffhanger seem more thrilling than it is, which is a little disappointing given how quickly the episode moves along.

Even while Episode Two introduces a new mystery, the game’s major plots don’t advance all that much. The mystery surrounding The Order of the Stone and how to stop the possibly catastrophic Wither Storm are still as perplexing as they were in the past.


The primary features of Minecraft Story Mode Episode 2 that you can enjoy following your initial OS installation are listed below.

  • A fantastic adventure game with episodes.
  • The fifth installment in the adventure series.
  • Must make important choices.
  • Investigate the chaotic kingdom.
  • Has striking visuals.
  • Possessed captivating noises.
Story Mode Episode 2 Minecraft

Based on Episode Two, I’m hoping that these mysteries will finally get some much-needed clarity in the upcoming part. You can relax knowing that this episode maintains the same lighthearted, kid-friendly tone as the previous one if you’ve been watching the series with your kids.

My six-year-old son and I played this together, and although he was absorbed the entire time, his initial reaction was one of dismay that it stopped so abruptly. Yes, although Minecraft Story Mode Episode Two is a short experience, the entire time it’s an engaging one.


Make sure your PC satisfies the minimum system requirements before beginning the free download of Minecraft Story Mode Episode 2.

  • Running System: Windows 7 64-bit was used for testing.
  • CPU: At least an Intel Core 2 Duo.
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Hard Disk: 3 GB Space.


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