New year, new Snapshot – We are presently publishing Minecraft 1.20.5’s third snapshot. This time, we’re introducing accessibility enhancements along with some changes for the Armadillo and Breeze.

We’re rolling out several bug patches along with some adjustments to the way spawn blocks are managed. The Overworld region at the world spawn is known as the “spawn chunks,” and it is constantly loaded into memory. While some players may find these helpful, they may use up more system resources and slow down the game’s loading and performance. (For additional information on spawn chunks, visit the community wiki!)

By creating a new game rule called spawnChunkRadius, we were able to customize the size of the spawn chunks in this snapshot. With the new default setting of 2, a 48×48 block area is created. Since this area is 98% smaller than the previous one, most players will noticeably do better. You can get free games from this website as well.

Minecraft Snapshot 24w03a Java Snapshot

You can utilize the game rule to set the spawn chunk radius value to 10 if you want to maintain the functionality of your spawn chunks as they were. Your spawn chunks will continue to function as previously if you do this, but the performance benefits will be lost. We would want to know what you think about this modification and how you are affected by the new default option. Let’s talk about spawn chunks!



Updated Armadillo’s visuals! Following comments from the initial Armadillo snapshot, the Armadillo Scutes and Wolf Armor, the next evolution in the Armadillo’s appearance, are now available.

  • Armadillos now also spawn in Badlands


  • Caves and Spiders When they encounter Armadillos, spiders will flee rather than roll up.


  • Modified The Texture Of The Wolf Collar Layer To Better Match The New Wolf Armor.


  • It is currently Data Pack version 28.
  • There is now version 24 of the Resource Pack.
  • By adding ignore tags: custom villager transactions can be set up to accept items with different tags than the expected item. true in the NBT of the trade
  • The region that entities arrive in will now remain loaded for 15 seconds after they depart or enter the end, mimicking the functionality of nether portals.
  • Extra packets of transfer
  • Extra packets of cookies
  • Reduced the spawn pieces’ default size and added a customizable value


  • Now, custom servers can ask clients to join using a fresh packet to a different server.
  • A client will establish a new transfer intent (id 3) when it is moved to the target server.
  • By default, servers will disconnect clients and refuse incoming transfers.
  • By setting the accepts-transfers property to true in the server, this can be altered.properties database
  • Throughout transfers, resource packs are preserved.
  • Custom servers can bypass authentication in the event of a transfer by using a new flag.


Custom servers can request and store client data thanks to cookie packets.

  • The maximum size of a cookie is 5 KiB.
  • Cookies are only saved during the configuration and play stages, however they may be requested during the login and configuration phases.

Cookies do not remain when the player disconnects, although they do persist throughout server transfers.

  • This enables servers to transfer data to the new server, such as authentication or customized game data.


  • Radius 2 (3×3 entity ticking chunks) was the new size for the spawn pieces, which were formerly radius 10 (19×19 entity ticking chunks).
  • This was done to lower CPU, memory, and loading times.
  • To accommodate users that presently use this feature, we decided not to eliminate spawn blocks.
  • To control the size of the spawn pieces, a new game rule called spawnChunkRadius was added.
  • There are possible values between 0 and 32, where 0 fully disables the spawn chunks and 10 restores the functionality that existed before this modification.
  • 2 is the default value, which corresponds to 3×3 entity ticking blocks.


Minecraft:sweeping_edge is the new name for the Minecraft: sweeping enchantment.
Extra Progress Criteria cause default_block_use, which is activated when a player interacts with a block by default, such as opening a door.

Extra Progress Any_block_use is a trigger that occurs when a player interacts with a block in any way, including by using an item on the block or by utilizing it by default.


  • Added Minecraft:ignores_poison_and_regen for entities that cannot be affected by Poison and Regeneration effects
  • Added minecraft:illager_friends for entities that Illagers will consider allies (unless on a different team)
  • Added Minecraft:inverted_healing_and_harm for entities that have inverted meanings of the Healing and Harm effects
  • Added Minecraft:not_scary_for_pufferfish for entities that will not cause Pufferfish to puff
  • Added Minecraft:sensitive_to_bane_of_arthropods for entities sensitive to Bane of Arthropods
  • Added Minecraft:sensitive_to_impaling for entities sensitive to Impaling
  • Added Minecraft:wither_friends for entities that the Wither will not target and which cannot harm the Wither


More sensible defaults have been added to the ttf font provider transformations.

  • The shift is now immediately represented by some pixels in the game UI rather than being applied twice.
  • Instead of fitting between the font descender and ascender, the font EM square is suited to the size pixels of the game user interface.
  • Consistent with the default typeface, the font baseline is positioned seven pixels below the line top.
  • This implies that any font that has a size of 9 and no shift should, in general, appear accurate by default.



  • Now, Breeze deflects every bullet.

Projectiles that have deflected now aim towards the shooter.

Trade Equilibrium

  • Villagers purchasing armor in the Trade Rebalance Experiment can now choose to purchase damaged armor rather than durable armor.


  • MC-153160 – Villagers don’t auto-fill items if NBT data doesn’t match
  • MC-155857 – Team command doesn’t affect villagers and witches’ AI
  • MC-171981 – Every time an object is placed in a furnace, the fuel time map is made again rather than being stored.
  • MC-187372 – There is no space between the fps limit/sync and graphics level in the debug screen
  • MC-260889 – Players can use water buckets and lava buckets on blocks that are out of reach
  • MC-261596 – Crafting Table search keyboard shortcut not working
  • MC-265273 – The create world screen’s tab list does not highlight or depict borders to show that it is tab-focused.
  • MC-265520 – Switching connection protocols sometimes produces errors
  • MC-265749 – Tooltips flash when the values of buttons or fields are changed
  • MC-266078 – The output of Crafting and Stonecutting Copper Grates is inconsistent with each other
  • MC-267044 – Tick status strings contain inconsistent word usage
  • MC-267045 – Some tick strings are missing articles and are unclear
  • MC-267086 – Compass does not indicate spawn point correctly when the game is frozen with /tick
  • MC-267104 – The bottom face textures of breezes’ rods are incorrect and don’t match with surrounding colors
  • MC-267149 – The Crafter top face has an inverted UV texture map
  • MC-267366 – You cannot use Spider Eyes on Baby Armadillos to age them up
  • MC-267367 – Wolf armor flashes red when the wolf takes damage
  • MC-267371 – Shulkers hitbox doesn’t scale with generic.scale
  • MC-267377 – Applying bone meal to mangrove leaves no longer produces any particles
  • MC-267378 – Armor stand interaction points do not change with scale
  • MC-267379 – Applying bone meal to rooted dirt no longer produces any particles
  • MC-267380 – Cannot open inventories beyond default block reach
  • MC-267383 – Can’t place water and lava with extended attribute “block_interaction_range”
  • MC-267384 – Unused duplicate wolf armor sound events
  • MC-267385 – Attribute entity_interaction_range is capped by block_interaction_range
  • MC-267388 – The subtitle for brushing armadillos is inconsistent with other item usage subtitles
  • MC-267389 – Armadillos don’t always stand near one another when breeding
  • MC-267392 – Armadillos are scared of players in spectator mode
  • MC-267395 – When a fall injury occurs, armadillos become fearful.
  • MC-267397 – Armadillos and baby armadillos stand a bit too far away from players who are tempting them
  • MC-267398 – After emerging from hiding, armadillos don’t make a rolling noise.
  • MC-267402 – The head of the armadillo in the boat is twitching when turning the boat
  • MC-267404 – The player operating the boat frightens the terrified armadillo that was pushed inside it.
  • MC-267405 – Scared armadillo can move when having a passenger
  • MC-267406 – Armadillos with their “Silent” NBT tag set to “1b” still play their landing and rolling up sounds
  • MC-267413 – Feeding an armadillo a spider eye doesn’t cancel eating it
  • MC-267416 – Particles created from Slimes do not account for the scale attribute
  • MC-267417 – Suffocation overlay is shown when on solid almost-full blocks at scale < .06
  • MC-267418 – Warden sonic boom attack doesn’t account for the scale attribute
  • MC-267420 – Boat placement ignores custom “block_interaction_range” attribute
  • MC-267422 – The ‘generic’ attribute entity_interaction_range has no bearing on mobs.
  • MC-267427 – Rendering offset of sleeping entities does not account for scale attribute
  • MC-267428 – Phantom wing particles do not account for scale attribute
  • MC-267434 – Above the hitbox, upside-down creatures with large-scale attributes are shown.
  • MC-267435 – Baby armadillos do not follow parents consistently or closely
  • MC-267454 – Baby striders are visually the same size as normal striders
  • MC-267456 – The item_used_on_block advancement criteria has changed, breaking earlier functionality.
  • MC-267465 – 1.20.3 upload error: “Cannot invoke “ctt.c()” because “this.b” is null”
  • MC-267470 – The regeneration effect granted from beacons is no longer applied to players
  • MC-267479 – Inventory view model scales with generic.scale
  • MC-267497 – When they coil up, baby armadillos don’t make a high-pitched noise.
  • MC-267538 – Putting placeable blocks inside decorated pots also places them
  • MC-267565 – Low scale attribute lets you breathe underwater
  • MC-267588 – The hand animation is no longer played when putting items inside decorated pots
  • MC-267706 – The summon particles of illusions and evokers do not consider scale properties.
  • MC-267707 – The scale characteristic is not explained by wither particles.
  • MC-267708 – The wither’s skull projectile attacks do not account for the scale attribute
  • MC-267725 – Players’ experience levels no longer render above the health and hunger bars
  • MC-267726 – Applying bone meal to blocks underwater no longer produces any particles


There are accessible snapshots for the Java Edition of Minecraft. Launch the Minecraft Launcher, select the “Installations” tab, then turn on snapshots to install the snapshot.

Please backup your worlds or run testing versions in a different folder from your primary worlds to avoid corrupting them.


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