Minecraft Snapshot 23w44a Java Edition Full Version

A Minecraft Java Snapshot

MINECRAFT SNAPSHOT 23W44A In this week’s Snapshot, we’re taking a break from new features to improve ones we’ve already added, including fixes to Commands and the ability to use Loot Tables with Decorated Pots.

Minecraft Snapshot 23w44a For Java Edition


Copper Trapdoors and doors include new textures.


  • It is now Data Pack version 23.


Now that loot tables are available, decorated pots will read from the LootTable tag key.
Further modifications to command functionality



  • In the tick step command, the parameter is now optional. One is the default value. The updates that will be available at the most recent Version were revealed by Mojang. MINECRAFT 23W45A SNAPSHOT.


  • Now, the return run will always return.
  • The function that contains the return run will fail if the returned command returns no valid results (i.e., success=0 and result=0).
    Previously, the return run would always set the success to 1, but it will now propagate the success value along with the results value.
  • The return run now supports storing values as well; to store and return a value outside of a function, simply perform storeā€¦ run return run some_command.
  • To have the entire function fail, a new subcommand called return fail is introduced (i.e., return success=0 and result=0).


  • Execution will end after the first return in any of the functions if function runs multiple functions in conjunction with the return run.
  • When the function command is performed with a return run, it will always return after a single call.
  • Return run executes [split context], for instance, the run function will always return following the initial context’s processing.


If all functions have no return, the if|unless function will no longer always fail.

  • If the invoked functions return nothing, then it will fail unless will passes.
  • Any called function that returns first will return (for a single context)


  • MC-219293 – The burping and teleporting sounds play at the incorrect place when using Chorus Fruit for teleportation.
  • MC-265805: Memory usage increases linearly with the recursion level when a tail-recursive function is executed.
  • MC-266052 – Raw translation string display captions for on/off copper bulb
  • MC-266053 – Raw translation string displayed in subtitles when a copper trapdoor is opened or closed
  • MC-266064: Missing subtitle created by footsteps on polished terrain
  • MC-266084 – Copper door tops with a portion of the window open
  • Tuff bricks do not line up correctly with other bricks in MC-266086; Bat heads are created upside down while ticks are frozen in MC-266105;
  • The new bat’s ears are lower than those of the official render and Bedrock in MC-266112; and MC-266117: Chiseled copper cannot be stonecut from cut copper blocks.
  • MC-266147: The texture of the Copper Door item does not match the block MC-266197: The realms menu’s “Transfer Now” button cannot be chosen with a keyboard.
  • Bedrock’s and the new bats’ pivot points on the head are different (MC-266215).


There are accessible snapshots for the Java Edition of Minecraft. Launch the Minecraft Launcher, select the “Installations” tab, then turn on snapshots to install the snapshot.

Please backup your worlds or run testing versions in a different folder from your primary worlds to avoid corrupting them.

How to Download & Install Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot 23W44A

Minecraft Expermental Features

It just takes a few simple steps to Download & install Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot 23W44A, and they are all located inside the Minecraft launcher!

  1. Go to the “Installations” tab in the Minecraft Launcher and select “Enable Snapshots.”
  2. From the drop-down menu, select “Latest Snapshot” after selecting “New Installation.”
  3. Select “Create.”

After completing those three steps, choosing to install a new snapshot ought to be an option before pressing the play button. Before you can enjoy the newest features the update delivers, there are a few more steps to take once you’re in the game.

  1. Click “Experiments” after selecting “Create New World.”
  2. Turn on every new experimental feature you want to have in your game. The only update needed to use the functionality of Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot 23W44A is “Update 1.21.”
  3. Before choosing “Create New World” once more, click “Done” and give your world a name.
  4. Now your new planet ought to load on its own. If not, choose the new world and hit “Play” to start having fun with the game.


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