A Changelog Preview For Minecraft

I adore going on adventures in Minecraft. Investigating biomes! mining materials I think my pet wolf would enjoy it as well, but I’m just too much of a helicopter parent when it comes to digital dogs, so I won’t allow them to go outside the base. Up until now! Wolf armor will also be available in pre-release builds of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Preview and Beta, in addition to the armadillo (see out its cute rolling-up animation!).

Introducing the initial version of the wary armadillo, a neutral savanna-dwelling mob that adores spider eyes and scurries away from danger. In addition, armadillos drop a scute that can be used to make wolf armor, which offers your four-legged companion a level of protection currently comparable to that of diamond horse armor.

Minecraft Preview

Safer and more stylish! As always, we would appreciate hearing your thoughts on the armadillo and wolf armor. You can do so by clicking this link, and you can also report any issues (except spider’s eyes) at bugs.mojang.com. Please pardon me while I go explore the boundaries of my worry over a cute collection of pixels with my fuzzy pal!



  • The Armadillo was added.
  • The Armadillo is an unbiased gang.
  • Occasionally drops Armadillo Scutes
  • Drops Armadillo Scutes in Savannas when brushed
  • Eatery of choice: spider eyes
  • An armadillo curls up when it senses danger.

Dangers include:

  • Athletes who are running
  • Players in a car or on a mount
  • Deadly throngs.
  • It doesn’t roll up when it’s running, swimming, flying, or being guided.
    When folded up, an armadillo is immobile, unable to eat, and resistant to food temptation.
  • It keeps looking for dangers, and after three seconds if none are found, it unrolls.


  • Could be utilized to make Wolf Armor
  • Cast aside by Armadillos
  • Armadillo Scutes can be removed from Armadillos using dispensers.


  • An adult-tamed wolf can be equipped with armor by using Wolf Armor on it.
  • Wolf Armor may only be applied by a tamed wolf’s owner; hence, dispensers are unable to apply Wolf Armor to wolves.
  • If you sing shears to a wolf wearing armor, it will remove the armor.
  • Consequently, Wolves cannot have their Wolf Armor removed by Dispensers; only the Wolf’s owner is capable of shearing a Wolf Armor from it.
  • Equivalent protection to Diamond Horse Armor is provided by Wolf Armor.
  • A Wolf will drop its armor if it dies while wearing it.


  • Wax is currently applied to exposed, weathered, and oxidized copper bulbs in trial chambers (MCPE-176949)
  • Trial Spawner only modifies the loot table once per battle, for every player.


Resolved a transparency issue with the waxed copper grate (MCPE-177171)


  • Redrawing of breeze wind and wind charge has been adjusted.


  • A new command has been added to conceal and reset the visibility of HUD elements.
  • /hud hide <hud element>
  • /hud reset <hud element>

The available HUD components are:

  • paper doll
  • armour
  • tooltips
  • touch_controls
  • crosshair
  • hotbar
  • well-being
  • progress_bar
  • hunger
  • bubbles in the air
  • horse_health
  • everyone

Activate the Upcoming Creator Features toggle in order to use the command.



  • Resolved a crash issue that occurred when regularly changing dimensions (MCPE-166934)
  • Resolved certain issues where players would have unexpectedly suffered falls while interacting at particular heights, such as 62 (MCPE-168518).
  • Reintroduced a patch (MCPE-120140) for players who occasionally sustain unexpected fall damage while standing on construction blocks
  • Resolved an issue wherein players can sustain sudden falls close to cliffs without really falling off of them (MCPE-120140)


  • Fixed a bug that prevented mobs—like zombies—from lifting entire piles of objects off the ground.


  • Xbox Series consoles now support 4K resolution.


  • With a join button, you can now enter a friend’s world through the friend’s drawer on the new Play screen. Send us your thoughts on this new feature by clicking this link.


A new method of editing your worlds in a completely revamped experience is unveiled in the most recent Bedrock Preview. We wanted to give you an early peek at what we’re working on, even though some features aren’t supported yet. Players will begin to receive an updated version of Edit World progressively today.

Edit World Sharp

Modifications: Edit World is getting a makeover that will complement the new Create New World Screen, including better navigation and additional descriptions. In the coming days, it will be progressively released for Windows, Xbox, iOS, and Android.

We are still working on a few items, such as bug fixes and other enhancements, as well as support for other platforms. To provide you the best experience possible, we need to work on these features for a little while longer.

We would be delighted to hear your thoughts! Add “Edit World” to the title of your feedback so we can identify it when you share it on the Feedback Site.


Introducing Realms Stories, your new Realm social hub

Features of Realms Stories include:

  1. You can share your best gameplay memories with other Realm users via The Story Feed.
  2. You can observe when other members are playing on the Realm by using the Timeline.
  3. A list of all Realm members and their permission levels may be found on the Members tab.
  4. Please be aware that when you launch, Realms Stories won’t be available. Realms Stories should be used by starting the game, closing it, and then starting it again.
  5. More information about this feature may be found on the feedback page, where we also invite you to leave a review.
  6. Issues that are known:
  7. Unless you leave Realms Stories and return, the Story Feed will not be updated with new stories that other users have posted.
  8. The Members page will display users who have been invited to the Realm but have not yet joined, as well as previous members who were in the Realm but have since departed.
  9. Notifying owners of comments or stories is ineffective
  10. As a Realm owner, selecting the ‘Manage Members’ button may cause a hang.
  11. Comments might not always be displayed correctly.
  12. The screen reader’s narration is not complete.
  13. Members of Realm are not visible to them in the Members tab.



  • The “Minecraft: geometry” block component now has a “Minecraft: geometry.full_block” identifier.
    A 1x1x1 cube geometry that is centered is provided by the “Minecraft: geometry.full_block” identifier.
  • The following rendering-only features that were previously present in the “Minecraft:unit_cube” component can be accessed when paired with a material_instances component that has “render_layer”: “opaque”:
    excludes surrounding complete blocks that are custom and vanilla.
    Culls face that surround both custom and vanilla surrounding entire blocks to enhance rendering efficiency.
    To assist content authors in identifying content that reaches or beyond the state bit/permutation count per block (MCPE-177045), provide content error logging.


Documentation has updated the listed settings for the Vanilla “orientation” block state.


The vanilla metadata generation now includes the StructureFeatureType enum and biome names from the Biome Registry.


The “ageable” component now has an “interact_filters” property that allows you to set restrictions on when the actor can be fed.


Currently in early development, the Editor and its related API can be accessed with a keyboard and mouse on Windows PC Bedrock Preview versions. Share a photo of us using #BedrockEditor on social media.

Discover how to use the Editor, interact with the team by joining the GitHub Discussion discussion thread, and begin creating extensions using the starter kit and samples.

This week’s updates:

  • ‘grass’ is now the default block for BlockType in the Selection tool.
    Now, when scripted property windows get to a specific height, they can be scrolled.
  • When testing levels, the Editor Playtest pane now allows you to adjust the weather and time of day in addition to making small layout adjustments. The Playtest window allows you to set the time to either 24 hours (00:00-23:59) or Minecraft time (0-23999).
  • New bindings and support have been added to allow scripts to register a set of handler methods that will receive the payload in the case that the transaction system receives an undo or redo event, and to push a TypeScript object as a payload onto the transaction stack.
  • For the Editor, a Navigation record system has been introduced. For additional information on features and capabilities, see the GitHub release notes.
  • StringFromExtension now has an export, enabling use in both external and internal Creator extensions.
  • The Editor now has a new line tool. For additional information on features and capabilities, see the GitHub release notes.
  • The editor user interface now adjusts to the screen resolution instead of the size of the game window.
  • When the game reloads, the values of the property options in the play/test window are retained.
  • We are formally ending the v0.4.X semantic iterations this week and declaring that the work toward v0.5 is complete. For more information and a comprehensive overview of all the changes made in the v0.4.X iteration, view the release notes on GitHub.


Molang queries that were released from experimental

  1. is_cooldown_type query
  2. query.relative_block_has_any_tag query.cooldown_time query.cooldown_time_remaining
  3. relative_block_has_all_tags in query
  4. block_neighbor_has_any_tag in query
  5. block_neighbor_has_all_tags in query
  6. query.all_tags query.block_has_any_tag
  7. bone_orientation_trs query
  8. bone_orientation_matrix query



  • It is no longer recommended to use the “Minecraft:unit_cube” block component. If it is used in content that is tagged 1.20.60 or higher, a content error will occur.
  • The “Minecraft:unit_cube” block component of content tagged before 1.20.60 will be upgraded to a “Minecraft: geometry” block component with a “Minecraft: geometry.full_block” identifier while retaining backward compatibility with all behaviors.


  • updated feature To return the additional effect, use addEffect (or undefined if it didn’t work). The currently released versions of this function are unaffected by this beta update.
  • Additional dynamic attributes for items
  • A new void function called clearDynamicProperties() Eliminates every dynamic property from the stack of items.
  • Function getDynamicProperty(identifier: string) has been added. It now returns boolean, number, string, Vector3, and undefined. – If the dynamic property with the provided identifier exists, return its value; if not, return undefined.
  • GetDynamicPropertyIds() has been added. string[] – Gives back an array containing the item stack’s dynamic property identifiers.
  • GetDynamicPropertyTotalByteCount() has been added. – Gives back the total number of bytes that each dynamic property on the item stack has.
  • The setDynamicProperty function (identifier: string, value?: boolean | number | string | Vector3) has been added. It is now void. – Uses the supplied identifier to set the dynamic property’s value. The dynamic property will be removed if the value is undefined.
  • The clearDynamicProperties() function has been added. It is void and removes all dynamic properties from the item stack.
  • Function getDynamicProperty(identifier: string) has been added. It now returns boolean, number, string, Vector3, and undefined. – If the dynamic property with the provided identifier exists, return its value; if not, return undefined.
  • GetDynamicPropertyIds() has been added. string[] – Gives back an array containing the item stack’s dynamic property identifiers.
  • Function setDynamicProperty(identifier: string, value?: boolean | number | string | Vector3) was added. getDynamicPropertyTotalByteCount(): number – Returns the total byte count of all dynamic properties on the item stack void – Uses the provided identifier to set the dynamic property’s value. The dynamic property will be removed if the value is undefined.
  • EntityProjectileComponent is a new class. Using this part, you can shoot a projectile entity and change its characteristics.
  • Interface ProjectileShootOptions has been added. EntityProjectileComponent is the method that uses this interface. Shoot to change the projectile’s potential accuracy when fired


  • For container slots with multiple indexes, the cooldown query slot IDs are now mandatory, and if the query is not supplied, content errors will be logged. (slot name, slotted) cooldown_time
  • (slot name, slotted) query.cooldown_time_remaining
    query.is_cooldown_type(slot name,slotted,cooldownName)


  • In the Deferred Technical Preview, the player’s body will now cast a shadow in first-person mode. Keep in mind that some held objects won’t produce shadows at all.
  • On Android, if the Deferred Technical Preview is active and you enter a PBR-capable world, the loading screen will no longer become black.
  • When the Deferred Technical Preview is turned on, Hoppers in Minecarts no longer display ghosting artifacts when the camera moves.
  • When leaving a world with the Deferred Technical Preview active, the game no longer crashes.


These work-in-progress versions might not accurately reflect the quality of the final release and can be unstable.
You can play Minecraft Preview on iOS, Windows 10/11, and Xbox. You may get more details at the Minecraft App. Android users can get the beta via Google Play.

As always, Minecraftapp has the most recent complete changelog available for viewing. Enjoy the Minecraft Preview update and good luck!


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