Advanced Chambers Minecraft Bedrock Review
A Changelog Preview for Minecraft

What’s the connection between trial spawners, trial chambers, and the breeze? These additions, which are all part of the 1.21 release, are now being tested for the Minecraft Preview Bedrock Edition Beta.

I can’t wait to dive into this sample and see who can jump the furthest—me, no elytra allowed—or the breeze—a mischievous hostile mob that strikes with the strength of the wind! I’m a lover of chaos and an avid traveler of the unknown!

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Explore vast hallways lined with copper lights, enter mysterious doors, and put your mettle to the test by facing the trial spawner—a crafty contraption that spits out a variety of hordes according to the size of your group.



  • In some of the Trial Chambers’ rooms, the Trial Spawner can produce The Breeze, a crafty and nasty mob.
  • The main way that the Breeze moves is by jumping about its target, occasionally jumping fairly far.
  • The Breeze is an opponent that is hostile and throws projectiles with wind charge energy at its target.
    When wind charges strike an object directly, they only do minor harm.
  • Wind charge projectiles cause a wind burst that pushes nearby creatures back several blocks after impacting with an object or a block.

Additionally, wind bursts have the effect of “activating” specific blocks:

  • Trap doors and non-iron doors are flipped.
  • The fence gates are inverted
  • A button is pushed.
  • The handles are turned
  • Swaying bells are rung, and lit candles—both on their own and on cakes—are extinguished.
  • Iron Doors, Iron Trapdoors, and any block that is being kept in place by a Redstone signal are not affected by wind bursts.


  • During the fighting, Breeze has no non-jump movement.
  • Projectiles are not deflected by the breeze.
  • Breeze is not immune to trapdoors.


  • A new version of Monster Spawners called Trial Spawners can have varying degrees of difficulty in multiplayer mode and eject rewards upon completion.
  • Every new player a Trial Spawner discovers nearby will result in a rise in the challenge level.
  • The challenge level won’t drop until it’s reset during the cooldown of a Trial Spawner.
  • A Trial Spawner differs from regular spawners in that it will only spawn a certain quantity of creatures in accordance with its current challenge level.
  • Only locations that are in its line of sight will allow it to generate a mob.
  • It can generate a mob regardless of the mob’s requirements for light level.
  • Sprouting gangs are tenacious
  • The Trial Spawner will eject a set of rewards corresponding to the current challenge level once all mobs have been vanquished.
  • The Trial Spawner enters a 30-minute cooldown after the rewards are ejected, during which time it will no longer generate creatures.
  • Trial Spawners are naturally positioned throughout Trial Chambers and cannot be created or acquired by players in Survival.
  • Trial Spawners won’t drop, even with Silk Touch, and are incredibly slow to mine and resistant to explosions.
  • Trial Spawners in Creative don’t automatically have a mob type assigned to them.
  • You can interact with a mob while carrying a Spawn Egg to determine its type.
  • Trial Spawners are unable to identify or detect Creative or Spectator participants.


Advanced Chambers Minecraft Bedrock Review
  • Midway through the game, players can explore and engage in combat challenges in the Trial Chambers, a new structure in the Overworld.
  • Trial Chambers come in a range of sizes, from large to tiny, and are constructed from a variety of Copper and Tuff blocks.
  • Trial Chambers can be found sporadically all over the Deep layer of the subsurface.
  • Each Trial Chamber’s layout is produced randomly and may contain a range of battle areas, reward chests, and traps.
  • You can find supply chests in between chambers, which give you goods and blocks to aid you through your trials.
  • Each room has obstacles guarding reward boxes, which can include magical supplies and literature.
  • The treasure discovered in reward containers is currently being refined and is by no means complete.

Trial Spawners with a melee, small melee, or ranged category will be included in each Trial Chamber:

  • Melee
    • Zombie
    • Husk
    • Slime
  • Small Melee
    • Spider
    • Cave Spider
    • Baby Zombie
    • Silverfish
  • Ranged
    • Skeleton
    • Stray
  • When generating a structure, each Trial Spawner category will only utilize one mob, and these mobs are randomized for every Trial Chamber.
  • For instance, a certain Trial Chamber might only provide Zombies, Cave Spiders, and Strays, whilst a different one might yield Slimes, Silverfish, and Skeletons only.
  • A few Trial Spawners in special areas are the exception to this rule; they always create Breezes.


  • Occasionally, there is a dead end in the corridors.
  • There are instances when the Trial Chamber intersects with aquifers, lush caves, and sculk veins.
  • Erroneous goods or numbers of items may be present in loot tables.


  • Something that is exclusive to Trial Spawners
  • As of right now, trial keys are nonfunctional.


  • New textures for Crafters


  • Tough Bricks texture update.



  • Resolved a problem where boats might cut through blocks while parked


  • Redstone-triggered container blocks (such as hoppers and dispensers) can now be reliably interacted with when powered by a quick Redstone clock.
  • Resolved a problem that in some circumstances might cause unanticipated fall damage when building blocks were being moved (MCPE-120140, MCPE-175791)
  • When transitioning between Spectator mode and normal mode, players no longer trip over the block they are standing on (MCPE-170522)


Increased the amount of informative error messaging in the event that an external OS problem prevents world exports (MCPE-41898)
enhanced latency between 100% loaded and on console platforms at the moment the main menu appears.


  • The second player may now access the profile screen in a horizontal split screen, and both players can now see each other’s character updates.


Minecraft Preview Play Review
  • Conduits information in the How to Play section has been updated (MCPE-65038)
  • Nephrite has been added to the Encyclopedia Beacon tab as a block type (MCPE-175929)


  • Issue resolved when eating an apple does not cause the player to move more slowly (MCPE-176556)


  • 20 pieces are now the maximum render distance in Preview on Realms. In order to decide what render distance increase we may implement for regular Realms, we will be gathering information and comments on the modification. Please use the feedback webpage or the feedback discord server to provide us with your thoughts.
  • Include a tally of unread posts on the Feed button for the play and slot screens.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some chat messages to momentarily appear on the new death screen improperly.



  • Modified itemItemReleaseUseAfterEvent’s stack is optional.
  • DataDrivenEntityTriggerAfterEvent 1.8.0 was released from beta.
  • DataDrivenEntityTriggerAfterEventSignal was updated from 1.8.0 to beta.
  • Released WorldAfterEvents.dataDrivenEntityTriggerEvent from beta to 1.8.0 Released DefinitionModifier from beta to 1.8.0 Released
  • DataDrivenEntityTriggerAfterEventSignalOptions from beta to 1.8.0 Enhanced error messages for “Unsupported or out of bounds value.” errors to include the boundaries.


  • Currently, in early development, the Editor and its related API can be accessed with a keyboard and mouse on Windows PC Bedrock Preview versions. Share a photo of us using #BedrockEditor on social media.

Updates this week:

  • Fixed an issue with the editor screen freezing due to the CTRL+TAB shortcut.
  • Fresh API! The editor global object now has a simulation property that allows editor scripting to access the paused status of the simulation.
  • There is now a checked property of type boolean | undefined for menu items. The menu will display a checkmark if the value is true if the value is defined.
  • The /reload} slash command now has an extra parameter calledall} that, when used in Editor mode, allows for a complete warm reload of the Editor.


Event response entity Run_command has been moved out of experimental and renamed queue_command. Queue_command operations may be postponed until the following tick.

The command won’t work if the entity is deleted before it is executed. Although the run_command experimental feature is now regarded as deprecated, content utilizing it will continue to function for the time being.


In format versions 1.20.60 and higher, unrecognized fields in component item jsons will now issue a warning to the content log.


The usage of treasure tables is now supported by decorated pots.



  • Enhanced performance as a result of resolving a GPU resource allocation issue that caused the Deferred Technical Preview to constantly reallocate resources every frame.


  • ItemStack was removed from the event by PlayerPlaceBlock before the event.
  • Read-only permutation added and placed: block permutation to Update an Event To return a boolean, use createExplosion(location: Vector3, radius: number, explosionOptions?: ExplosionOptions). If the explosion goes off without a hitch or is canceled, it is true; otherwise, it is untrue.
  • A Class Actor
    Extra technique spawnParticle(location: Vector3, molangVariables?: MolangVariableMap), effectName: string, void;

How To Download Minecraft Preview On All Compatible Devices

In contrast to other platforms, Xbox players are able to download a stand-alone app that doesn’t interfere with the core Minecraft game, preventing corruption in the environment.

You should be able to download the sample for free as long as you have a copy of the game purchased on your Microsoft/Xbox account. This also holds true for Xbox Game Pass holders.

You can download the latest preview with the following steps:

  1. Click on the Microsoft Store icon from your dashboard.
  2. Type “McLarena” into the search bar. Launch the store page that appears.
  3. Click the download link on the store page. If you have an active Game Pass subscription or have purchased the game on your account, the choice ought should be accessible. After the download is finished, access the newly installed program by going back to your dashboard or library.
  4. On PCs, the Bedrock Previews will not be automatically updated by the Minecraft Launcher, in contrast to most other platforms. Thankfully, you can easily change this by utilizing the Microsoft Store app. You can update your preview version with a few clicks, then go back to the launcher and start the game.
  5. On Windows-based computers, you can upgrade the preview by following these steps:
  6. On your computer, launch the Microsoft Store app, then select the library tab.
  7. After selecting “Games,” click the update button next to “Minecraft Preview.” You might need to click “Get Updates” in order to obtain any updates that haven’t been posted yet if it doesn’t show up.
  8. Open the game launcher and choose Windows Edition from the list of games once the upgrade procedure is finished.
  9. The green install/play button has a version selector; click it and choose “Latest Preview.” The launcher will download all required files when you press the Install/Play button, allowing you to start the game. If you haven’t already, you can install the most recent preview using the version selection.


These work-in-progress versions might not accurately reflect the quality of the final release and can be unstable. You can play Minecraft Preview on iOS, Windows 10/11, and Xbox. You may get more details at Minecraftapp.

As usual, you can view the most recent complete changelog at aka.ms/MinecraftBeta. Enjoy the Minecraft Preview update and good luck!


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