The Main Points of the Live Performance

Minecraft Live has once more sped along the Minecraft tracks! Do not worry if you missed our live broadcast on Sunday, October 15, which aired at 5 p.m. UTC. I’ll give a brief synopsis of the most recent events, feature announcements, mob vote winners, and situations with chickens in non-visual splendor.


Minecraft Live Key 1.21 Features Announced

Minecraft Live generally keeps a few mysteries to itself, and this year was no exception! A few Minecraft devs and game director Agnes Larsson revealed some of the major improvements that would be included in the game’s update for the following year. And what a journey it was for them to find them! Although the upgrade for next year is not yet named, I will refer to it as “1.21” for the time being, even though it won’t be released until halfway through 2024.

Ahoy, figures! Agnes entered the trial chamber, one of the new buildings under development, together with level designer Matthew “Moesh” Dryden! The trial chamber is a vast network of passageways and chambers teeming with enemies, treasure, trial spawners, and traps. Because the trial chamber is procedurally created, every time you walk in, there will be a fresh obstacle to overcome!

Additionally, the difficulty level will change according to how many adventurers are in your group because of the trial spawner, a crafty gadget that shoots out enemies. Magnus Puig De La Bellacasa, Cory Scheviak, Agnes, and the game creator also encountered a fun—yet dangerous—new gang! The breeze is a vicious throng that enjoys exploiting the force of the wind to attack by leaping around its target in dizzying circles. Try to use Minecraft Live

Along with showcasing some of the newest ornamental tuff and copper blocks, Agnes and game artist Sarah Boeving also demonstrated copper bulbs that can be turned on and off with Redstone pulses. Additionally, we saw artisans who utilize Redstone for automated crafting! Since it’s impossible to have too many hanging signs?


Minecraft Live

We may now battle alongside creepers, defend the Overworld, and—most crucially for many—pet llamas thanks to Minecraft Legends! However, the story is far from ending. Craig Leigh, principal design director, joined us at Minecraft Live to talk about the future of Minecraft Legends and how far the game has gone.

We made some significant improvements and adjustments to the game in the first big update, which was published in August. These included world waypoints, expanded Banner View, better pathfinding, custom campaigns, PvP, and—yes, you’re starting to see a trend—petting animals.

Every month, we provide free challenges called Lost Legends, where heroes can put their talents to the test by playing as a llama or conquering waves of piglins. In addition, Craig teased some of the intriguing new features that will be included in Minecraft Legends’ largest-yet second major update.

In a thrilling turn of events, adventurers will now be able to charge into combat atop the fearless frog, a valiant horse that is greater at jumping and swimming than any other.

A new friend for heroes in combat will be the enigmatic witches, who are prepared to utilize their potions against the pigs! Speaking of, the annoying piglets have some surprises in store as well: the air chopper, a very… slice pigling structure that will force your units back with powerful gusts of spore-filled air, and the clanger, an extremely noisy and unsettlingly lengthy pigling. Sure, it’s just as much fun as it sounds—and gross!

Watch out for the next update later this year, as well as the impending Lost Legends in mid-November and early December!


None other than R2D2 paid Vu Bui a visit during the performance! It seems that a position in the Jedi hierarchy has become available, and my name is on it! Okay, so perhaps it has yours on it too, but on November 7th, when the Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC releases on the Minecraft Marketplace, we shall find out who can really harness the Force!

As a young Padawan in this DLC, which takes place during the Clone Wars, you will receive training from Grand Master Yoda, Mace Windu, and the other Jedi. Ascend to the status of Jedi Knight and embark on quests to distant biomes. There are rumors that you will confront alien beasts, discover undiscovered planets, and possibly even cross paths with the evil side.

Once you master the art of swinging a lightsaber, you will discover further information that is exclusive to Jedi Knights. Everyone receives a lightsaber and droid that they may customize as if that weren’t exciting enough! I will definitely spend a lot of moons making my tiny droid companion and trying on new Jedi robes!

On November 7, the Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC will have all of that plus a ton more fun. Hello, little Padawan! See you in hyperspace!


Lego Challenge Minecraft Live

We also launched the brand-new Block & Brick Challenge with LEGO at Minecraft Live! Using both digital and real LEGO bricks, Minecraft creator @hannahxxrose and LEGO Master Model Builder Tristan Cain had to construct their dream Minecraft hideout using an identical set of instructions.

After an incredible 80 hours, 30,340 LEGO pieces, and other ingenious Minecraft techniques, the seasonal constructions were finished! Watch the video to discover what they thought of and how similar—or not—their hideouts ended up being.

Create your own The Block & Brick challenges with your friends and continue building IRL with the LEGO Minecraft Pumpkin Farm. From October 16 to October 31, you can view Tristain Cain’s whole four-foot LEGO structure in person at the LEGO® Store Fifth Avenue in New York City.



Additionally, Minecraft Live disclosed that BBC Studios and Minecraft Education are collaborating once more to reinvent some of Earth’s most fascinating locations—as well as creatures—into an interactive, blocky format!

Next year, the BBC Earth-produced Planet Earth III will hit theaters. Shortly after, new DLC will be available for both Minecraft Marketplace and Education! With the new DLC, you’ll be able to explore some of the most severe biomes on Earth, get to know a few of the important characters, and learn more about the history of Planet Earth III.


Minecraft Gets Star Wars Back

Thank you to the armadillo for being the next mob to permanently enter Minecraft and for garnering the most votes from the community!

The armadillo lives in the savannah biome.

The armadillo will coil into a large ball if you surprise it! Additionally, the armadillo drops a scute that you can use to make wolf armor, a brand-new kind of armor! It will provide additional protection for your pet wolf.

The event server* is available for use for the next 24 hours even though the mob voting has ended! This implies that you have an extra day to play those crazy minigames, greet the hosts of Minecraft Live, go parkouring, and complete that scavenger hunt!


Cover News

Although it may seem as though the blocky biomes of Minecraft have been forever, Minecraft Live made us all aware that the game will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2019! Together, we have killed 15 million skeletons, found 6.7 million diamonds, and crafted 15 million pickaxes.*

We recently achieved the milestone of selling 300 million copies, something that was unimaginable when we were all constructing our first mud huts! In honor of our amazing community and our upcoming fifteen years of mining, crafting, and recovering together, I hope there will be cake. Will there even be a creeper cake, maybe? You should come back to Minecraft.net to find out!

The event runs from 10/13/23 at 17:00 UTC to 10/16/23 at 19:00 UTC; requires the most recent version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (separately sold). An online connection is necessary. For certain consoles, playing online may require a separate subscription.

Data is based on a 30-day average of Minecraft activity from September 2023 to October 2023.


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