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I’ll talk about my experience installing and configuring the most recent official Minecraft Bedrock server software, Alpha 1.8, on a Windows computer and having it run automatically at startup.

I have a short attention span—about an hour—but I adore gaming. I enjoy playing really intricate role-playing games for eight to twenty-four hours. After that, I became disinterested, yet I still return to Minecraft. I adored the game’s concept when I first purchased it during its Alpha phase. I could dig, construct, battle, and play multiplayer internet games.

That’s what makes this game so awesome. I was thrilled when PE was released, but I kept with my Java edition for years because of its limited capabilities. After Bedrock Edition connected the Xbox, Windows 10, and mobile platforms, I was adamant about setting up a server without Realms.

I tried using the PocketMine server, and while it worked, I was missing mobs and animals. Then, I got into the official Bedrock server software for Minecraft, which was Alpha 1.7 at the time.


The extracted archive contains the following files:


The file that will launch the server is bedrock_server.exe. The file server properties should be double-clicked, and Windows may need to be instructed to open it using Notepad.

I would advise you to read the “bedrock server how to” file located in the server directory before beginning to configure your server. It explains exactly what each option in your server.properties file does.

Minecraft Bedrock Server essentially, you will alter a few lines to inform the server about the game’s difficulty and genre (Creative or Survival). Additionally, you can alter the level’s seed, etc.

You can launch your server after your server configuration is finished by double-clicking bedrock_server. A command prompt window should open and display the information below; if it opens and then immediately shuts, you don’t have Visual C++ installed.

Additionally, a blue warning popup labeled “Windows Protected your PC” may appear. Simply click on more information, then click “Run anyway.” This window will only appear once. Check Out Some Other Games by Going Here.


Good day, Windows! Simply select “More Info” and “Run.” Anyhow, this will only appear during the initial run.

You can minimize or leave the above command window (the black one with white text) open. However, it must remain open in order for the server to function.

As long as the server is connected to the same network, you should be able to access it by opening your local Minecraft client and seeing your server under the “Friends” tab on your Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

My experiences with the server appearing under friends on my iPhone or in Minecraft on Windows 10 have been inconsistent. If your server isn’t visible, you should add it in Windows 10’s servers tab or in the mobile version of Minecraft. Note: Adding server addresses is not supported in the console versions of Minecraft.

Minecraft Bedrock Server For Window Download 2023

Your server is over there! categorized as LAN games

In the event that the server is not visible under the friends tab, touch or click on Servers, and then select “Add Server.” In the next window, enter the network address of your server. Proceed with the remaining steps on the server machine. To obtain the IP address of the server, create a new command prompt window.

Start, type CMD, hit Enter, and then type “ipconfig” at the command prompt. In the text that appears, look for any connections—possibly a wireless adapter, or an ethernet adapter if you’re connected via that.

Your IP address is made up of four three-digit numbers, typically prefixed with either 10.0.x.x or 192.168.xxx.xxx. The IP address of our server is in the picture below.

Server Input

Adding a server manually

Serv List

Server showing after manually being added

To join and play, simply tap your server once it appears in Friends or under the Server menu. That essentially sums it up! At the run prompt, type “Shell: Startup” and drag and drop a shortcut to the server file if you want the server to launch automatically. In that manner, the server will launch automatically every time Windows boots and you log in.

My server is running Windows 10 Pro on an Intel NUC with a Celeron N3050 CPU and 4GB of RAM—pretty bare minimum requirements. It’s actually a modified version of a Bevy picture unit that I played around with for a previous post.

The system performs admirably as a Minecraft server; when a single user joins and loads the world, the average online load is about 20%. The CPU utilization briefly rises to roughly 60% before returning to normal.

Any contemporary Windows computer with a Passmark score above ~800 ought to have no trouble running a two-player server.


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