Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition

A new update introduces various game modifications! The highlights:

  • New “You died” experience players can crawl under single-block gaps.
  • A new “Recipe Unlocked” notice will appear when you find a crafting resource.
  • Diamond Ore found in deeper regions increased, with adjustments to block destroy times and explosion resistance.
  • Fixes for 100+ community issues
  • NOTE: Your feedback shapes future improvements, so upvote and report bugs at Minecraftapp.net. Visit this site to obtain the latest Minecraft games. Visit Minecraftapp.net to play the updated version.”

Minecraft is a game about breaking and putting together blocks. At first, people built things to keep monsters that came out at night away from them. As the game grew, though, players worked together to make amazing and unique things.

It can also be about going on a trip with friends or seeing the sun rise over a rough ocean. It seems good. The Nether is a scary place where brave players fight horrible things. If it sounds more interesting, you can also go to a place where mushrooms grow.



Players can only engage with other Java Edition players on PC. Bedrock Edition is multi-platform, meaning gamers can interact on console, mobile, and PC. Multiple communities and limitless mods await Java Edition gamers. Both of them make the multiplayer experience more adaptable. Java Edition needs powerful equipment to work smoothly, which is its major drawback.


Bedrock Edition does offer a few things that Java Edition does not have. Mainly it’s a marketplace, where you can acquire skins and add-ons, and the option to use controllers. Parental controls via Xbox services also provide peace of mind to parents.



We’re changing the screen you see when you die in Minecraft today. It’s now easier to see why you died because the camera zooms out. You can also see the Hotbar at all times and change some settings before you return.

New You Died Screen

These changes can be made by anyone unless you have add-ons installed. As well, the screen doesn’t fully handle text formatting codes, so it may look a little different. Select Video from the menu and turn off the “New “You Died” Screen (Experimental)” to use the old screen.

Please let us know what you think about this change! Please share your feedback with us here.


  • The experimental Crawling toggle has been taken away, and the game now fully supports crawling under 1-block gaps. The camera interpolation rate has also been changed to meet the Java Edition (MCPE-170841).
  • Some cases where crawling wasn’t happening right on the server have been fixed (MCPE-171225).


  • Recipe Unlocking is no longer a test feature, but each world can still turn it on or off.
  • On the Create New World screen, you can now turn on Recipe Unlocking (MCPE-172956).
  • The command that lets you open recipes has been changed. It now says “player: target” instead of “victim: target” when it suggests giving a player a recipe (MCPE-172402).
  • The word “Recipe unlocked” is no longer shown on the pause menu (MCPE-171112).
  • When you get any colors, the Stained Glass Pane recipe is now available (MCPE-171118).
  • The message “Recipes Unlocked” will now fit text in different languages and not go off the edge of the screen (MCPE-171141).
  • Auto-complete on the command line has been added to lock recipes. This is helpful when you want to know what recipes you can get (MCPE-171086).
  • It was changed so that command inputs are in the same order as on Java Edition (MCPE-171098).

Recipe Unlocking Rule of the Game

  • Added an extra rule that lets you make with limited supplies. The rule only applies when opening recipes is turned on. Setting it to “true” stops players from making recipes they haven’t earned yet. It’s not on by default, and the “/game rule” script is the only way to change it.


When you play in Survival mode, the recipe book search has been changed to include the following:

  • The search will only look for the first few letters of any word in the item’s name. Look for “tor” and it will now show Torch and Redstone Torch instead of Daylight Detector. Search will also work better with the Recipe Unlocking system, so recipes that haven’t been unlocked will show up in search results.
  • With this change, experienced players will be able to find the things they want (even if they haven’t been unlocked yet), and new players won’t be flooded with recipes they aren’t ready for yet.
  • These changes are going to be made to both Bedrock and Java Edition,


  • The ‘players sleeping percentage’ gamer ule now lets you skip nights when a certain percentage of people logged into a world are asleep (MCPE-114425).
  1. With a value of 0 or -1, only one person will have to sleep to skip the night.
  2. If the temperature is over 100, you can’t skip the night.


  • We changed the breaking times of 188 blocks to work with Java Edition and the way we wanted to build it. Some blocks couldn’t be changed yet because of how they work, and Obsidian wasn’t changed because we aren’t sure what speed it should break at yet. It’s easier for our team to keep both versions up to date when more blocks are equal. Also, we want it to be easy for everyone in the community to make and share guides that work for everyone on every platform.
  • At the end of this update, you can find a full list of all the times blocks were broken and changes that were made.


  • You can now buy and sell Cherry Saplings on Wandering Trader (MCPE-171521).
    Villagers can no longer get a job while they are sleeping (MCPE-81790).
  • The bug that let you start swimming while pressing the sneak button could have held it down until you stopped swimming (MCPE-130070) was fixed.
  • When you look up, potions are no longer thrown backward (MCPE-138995).
  • Random ticks now control how much ice and snow form.
  • Icons for the Fence Gate Block now match the ones in the UI and Item Frames (MCPE-44296).
  • In Cherry Grove biomes, Pillager Outposts can now be made (MCPE-173323).
  • Fixed a bug that made the Raid boss bar go empty automatically after defeating a town (MCPE-161438)
  • During village raids, witches now throw mending and youth potions at raiders.


  • Fixed a bug that stuck players on top of snow and wouldn’t let them crawl under slabs (MCPE-170994).
    Top Snow is now the same as Java Edition, and each layer is now a different height (MCPE-60024).
  • I changed the Shulker Box Redstone signals so they are the same as the Java Edition Fence Gate icon model in the user interface. Item frames now match the Fence Gate Block (MCPE-44296).


  • Thorns damage sound that wasn’t there before has been added and is played when it’s time (MCPE-37335)
  • When anvils are broken, stepped on, dropped on, etc., they now make the right sounds (MCPE-33286)
  • Dead and Drowned now make noise when they fire arrows and tridents, respectively (MCPE-50609)
  • When things are hit, the Trident Channeling sound is now played (MCPE-43402)
  • When people draw on empty maps, they now make the right sound.
  • When an Obsidian frame is broken, Nether Portals now make the sound of glass breaking (MCPE-94722).
  • When Loyalty Tridents come back to players, they now play their sound at the player’s location (MCPE-43831).
  • When Big Dripleaf Blocks are tilted back, they now make the right sound (MCPE-123488).
  • When conduits are turned off, they now play their shutdown sound (MCPE-128117).
  • Anchor Blocks that respawn now play their background sounds properly (MCPE-136484).
  • When pigs turn into zombie piglins, they now make noise (MCPE-169557).
  • Now, when you use shears to cut pumpkins, you hear a sound like in Java Edition.
  • When Hoglins turn into Zoglins, they now make their own sound (MCPE-87379).
  • When you drop something into Lava, a sound is now always played (MCPE-96015).
  • When Netherite things are dropped into Lava, the sound doesn’t always play (MCPE-95872).
  • “Snowball” throws by Snow Golems now make a sound (MCPE-119083).
  • When Husks turn into Zombies underwater, they now make sounds.
  • When player entities join or leave the water, they now make the right sounds (MCPE-132511).



  • The Wandering Trader and Librarian Villager deals have been changed in this update for testing purposes. If you want to try out the new deals, you have to turn this experiment on in the Experiments Menu.
  • These changes are meant to make the Trade system between villagers more fair and more fun for everyone. But these changes aren’t quite finished yet; for now, they’ll stay as test features while we work on them.
  • Before these changes, any Librarian in the Village could give any player an enchantment. It’s possible for a new Librarian to sell the best spell in the game! When compared to using the Enchanting Table or looking for Enchanted Books in buildings, this seemed too random to some players and gave traders too much power.
  • Librarians from different biomes now sell different spells because of the new rules. Master Librarians always have a unique spell that changes depending on the biome of the Village.
  • Players won’t be able to just count on luck to get the best trades. Instead, they will have to work at it. We hope that this makes dealing with
  • Librarians are more fun and challenging. The enchantments that are sold in each Village type should also add to the history of that Village type.
  • It’s now possible for librarians in different biomes to sell different magic books.
  • If you have full XP as a Master Librarian, they will always be able to sell a unique enchantment that is different in each Village setting.
  • This means that players need to go to all seven biomes in the Village to get all of the Villager spells.
  • There are two secret biomes for Villages that don’t get built.
  • To use these deals, a player must build these Villages!
  • Some enchantments can no longer be bought in the Village; they must be found in other ways.


  • Some gamers thought the Wandering Trader charged too much and didn’t have many useful things for sale. We’ve dropped their prices, added more trades, and made more of them available. As of now, the Wandering Trader will also buy useful items from players. This means that even if you don’t want to buy anything, you can still help them on their trip by giving them supplies.
  • Since this is just a test, we’d love to hear your thoughts as we continue to work on it and as you help us decide what to do next with Villager trades!
  • Prices at Wandering Traders have gone down, and they now have more of each item in stock.
  • Traders on the Road now sell Logs.
  • Wandering Traders can now buy many things as well as sell them.



  • Made it possible to find more Diamond Ore in the world’s darkest places. It will be more fun to look for diamonds in the Deepslate layers is what we want to do.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when entering a world where a saved chunk was damaged (MCPE-164634).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game to crash if it lost focus while entering a world
  • Fixed “Out of Storage” problems and messed up textures on Xbox in big worlds (MCPE-163050).
  • Fixed an issue where Xbox games wouldn’t connect to the local network in some situations Fixed a problem where Nintendo Switch games wouldn’t connect to the local network in some situations
  • Fixed a bug that made the server stop responding when players were surrounded by Ghasts stuck in lava streams (MCPE-119093).
  • The game will no longer crash if you put one item from a stack into a full stack of the same item.
  • It is no longer possible for the game to crash when rendering resources run out while going from the Overworld to a world through the End Portal (MCPE-139021).
  • Worlds downloaded from Realms were not loading packs properly.


  • Made it easier to use the mouse on Xbox by making it more responsive (MCPE-163671).
  • The breath meter now fills up again when you swim with your head above water (MCPE-170969).
  • When the third-person camera is near water or lava, it will no longer cut through the ground.
  • Fixed a bug that kept Creative Mode players from catching fire when they stood in it.
  • In Spectator Mode, the player doesn’t have to sneak or crawl anymore (MCPE-170907).
  • When riding, the player is now pushed out of sneak/crawl (MCPE-170870)
  • During the Riptide motion, the player doesn’t have to sneak or crawl anymore.
  • When you go into flight mode in Creative Mode, Elytra flying will no longer happen (MCPE-171797).
  • Things that hit the ground now sink into the top snow like mobs do.
  • Glass, Glass Panes, and Iron Bars can now be seen through the third-person camera (MCPE-85429).
  • X-ray exploits can no longer be done with the third-person camera because it no longer clips through Snow, Mud, and Soul Sand (MCPE-168854).
  • It’s no longer possible for players to enter End Portals while sleeping in a bed right below them (MCPE-165062).
  • When the same Zombie Villager is infected and healed more than once, the discount for curing them no longer goes up.
  • In Creative Mode, players can now choose to fly or crawl while sneaking or crawling.
  • If you crouch and jump forward while holding down the build button and aiming forward, you can no longer keep building blocks above where you are shooting.


  • You can now use a Golden Apple or an Enchanted Apple to entice wild horses, mules, and donkeys. A player with a Hay Bale (MCPE-140814) will tempt Llamas.
  • Zombie Villagers now show the right jobs when they are sick (MCPE-80924)
  • When players kill villagers, they no longer drop the things they are holding.
    Camels now make the same sound when they walk on Red Sand, Suspicious Sand, and Concrete Powder Blocks as they do on normal Sand (MCPE-163497).
  • Now, mobs can only hold and pick up the Illager Banner with their main hand (MCPE-151745).
  • It is now possible to connect balloons to dolphins, camels, and sniffers.
  • These mobs will now set their target on fire if the target is already on fire when they attack: The Villager Who Was Drowned, Husk, Zombie, and Zombified (MCPE-77746)
  • We fixed a bug that caused parrots to face the wrong way when the player was in a boat.


  • When blocks fall onto a boat, they will now break. By default, campfires in Trail Ruins are no longer lit (MCPE-170033).
  • It is now possible for dispensers to fertilize pink petals (MCPE-171560).
  • It’s no longer hard to mine Shulker Boxes without a pickaxe.
  • The amethyst gem on a Cocoa Bean Calibrated Sculk Sensor now lights up with the rest of the block when it is active (MCPE-168813) (MCPE-169953). When a falling block hits one, it breaks and drops its item.
  • Signs that are hung up with orders now have the right hitbox (MCPE-163456).
  • “stained_hardened_clay” block is now divided into distinct instances, such as “white_terracotta”, “orange_terracotta”, “magenta_terracotta”, “light_blue_terracotta”, “yellow_terracotta”, “lime_terracotta”, “pink_terracotta”, “gray_terracotta”, “light_gray_terracotta”, “cyan_terracotta”, “purple_terracotta”, “blue_terracotta”, “brown_terracotta”, “green_terracotta”, “red_terracotta”, together with “black_terracotta”
  • Even though “stained_hardened_clay” will still work with commands, it will not be offered in the command prompt. Instead, the new names will be shown.
  • Third-person camera no longer phases through the lower part of the Composter (MCPE-171213)


  • Suspicious Stew is no longer in the Creative store, where it was before an error made it appear. Bone Meal can now be used underwater on Sand, Dirt, Gravel, and Clay (MCPE-171383).
  • Fix for held maps not being in the middle when playing on screens with a small aspect ratio
  • Item Frames (MCPE-19700) show the Elytra in the right broken state.
  • When the wrong tool is used, the stonecutter no longer drops as an item (MCPE-33950).
  • Pickaxe can now quickly mine Sticky Pistons and Pistons
  • Water flow is no longer slowed down when you power and unpower a Redstone Repeater or Comparator (MCPE-157055).
  • The crossbow breaks down when it’s being used, not when it’s drawn (MCPE-46490).


  • When Sculk Sensors and Sculk Shriekers receive sounds close to the simulation distance limit, they no longer run the risk of losing them.
  • When stopping the use of items while sneaking, vibrations are no longer made (MCPE-171254).
  • Wardens can now tell when things fall to the ground (MCPE-160889).
  • When things hit the ground, Sculk Sensors now send a signal to Sculk Shriekers (MCPE-161165).
  • It now sends out sounds when you throw an Eye of Ender.
  • When minecarts are empty and moving on rails, they now always send out sounds.
  • Using buckets to catch fish, axolotls, and tadpoles now makes movements happen.
  • Cauldrons now give off sounds when you clean things in them.
  • Leather Armor that is being dyed in cauldrons now gives off sounds.
  • Tipping Arrows in Cauldrons now make noise.
  • Using dyes to change the color of the water in cauldrons now makes them vibrate.
  • When non-player characters put shields on in their off-hand spot, they now make a vibration sound.
  • It now makes noises at the right place when you collect fish, axolotls, and tadpoles with buckets.
  • Putting on a Nametag now sends out sounds.
  • Evokers that call up Vexes or Fangs now send out sounds.
  • When chickens lay eggs, they now send out sounds.
  • When turtles and frogs lay eggs, they now send out sounds.
  • Bone Meal now sends out sounds
  • When a bullet gets stuck in a Sculk Sensor or Shrieker, it no longer goes off over and over again (MCPE-172704).
  • When books are put on chiseled shelves with hoppers, they now make movements (MCPE-168887).
  • Putting out a fire now sends out sounds.
  • When you mount or dismount a car, vibrations are now sent out.
  • Rabbits that eat carrot crops now send out sounds.
  • Foxes consuming a sweet fruit Bushes now send out sounds
  • When armor is taken off, it now vibrates at a different frequency than when it is on.
  • Putting up a banner now sends out sounds.
  • Putting down a bamboo sapling now sends out sounds
  • Putting down a Mob Head now makes sounds happen.
  • Putting down a lily pad now makes sounds happen.
  • Putting Frogspawn down now makes sounds happen.
  • When you put or add Sea Pickles, sounds are now sent out.
  • When you add a Turtle Egg to one that’s already there, it now makes the same sound as when you place a block.
  • There are now sounds of the same frequency that happen when you destroy a Turtle Egg as when you destroy a block, no matter how many Turtle Eggs are left.
  • When turtle eggs crack, sounds are sent out.


  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to download some worlds from Realms on PlayStation 4.
  • Fixed a bug that let you lose the interface or make the screen black by hitting “Esc” over and over in the Realms settings (REALMS-11388)


  • It was fixed so that the screen voiceover would read Recipe Book folder items as the first item in the folder. The user is now told right away when they change sliders and toggles.
  • It will now read the “disconnected” message in the game menu when it is opened without an internet link.
  • The voice on the screen will now read the instructions and the button that says “Confirm” in the Safe Area menu.


  • Changed the menu HUD images for touch controls
  • Fixed a bug where the sneak input wouldn’t work right with blocks that could be interacted with while flying (MCPE-167043).
  • When you long-press on a crafting output slot with your finger, you can now quickly craft one copy of the item in that spot (MCPE-169728).
  • When you long-press on a crafting output slot, the rate of crafting things has been slowed down to 4 items per second. You also only need to long-press for 700 ms to start rapid crafting.


  • Nametags are no longer totally hidden when sneaking, but the player can still be seen (MCPE-168789).
  • Pick When you block a Decorated Pot, the inventory will now show the right hover tip (MCPE-171800).
  • I moved the “Sync Old Worlds” button to the screen for settings and storage.
  • The Joystick Visibility choice has been changed to a drop-down menu.
  • Sneak is now available through a drop-down menu.
  • iPhone and iPad users who have run out of room will now get emails.
  • Switch UI flickering has been fixed.
  • On Nintendo Switch, banner buttons in the hotbar and inventory now show up correctly (MCPE-169928).
  • There is now a Lapis Lazuli icon in both the Smithing Table and the Enchantment Table.
  • Large enchant labels in the Enchantment Table screen are no longer blocked by things in the inventory that are on top of them (MCPE-154428).
  • Fixed some problems with the size of the pixels on the HUD screen
  • Three new disconnection problem messages that are easier for users to understand were added, and two others were made better. Fixed a bug in multiline text editing where some text would be lost when typing after pressing the space bar to move the caret (MCPE-166152).
  • The word “Manage” was changed to “Cancel” on the button in Options > Subscriptions.
  • The underground vignette effect was drawn on top of the hotbar because of a stacking problem that has been fixed (MCPE-159217).
  • Putting a button on the new death screen that lets players change settings, leave the world, and do other things in the game menu
  • Fixed the location of the message “Detected lost connection.” This means that a player or server connection has been lost.
  • Fixed an issue where text boxes on Android devices wouldn’t always update properly when you pressed the backspace key (MCPE-169840).
  • “Full Keyboard Gameplay” now works on iOS and Android.
  • Fixed a bug where names with parentheses did not show up in their full form on the inventory and crafting screens (MCPE-161134)
  • The gamepad now makes a sound when you switch between the Book and Quill pages (MCPE-162253).
  • Added a button that can be clicked to clear the search bar.
  • Xbox users can no longer delete text after the mouse when they press Return on the virtual keyboard (MCPE-172835).
  • When the Smithing Table UI is open and the Pocket UI is turned on, the background is now darker.
  • Google Play now has ZL/ZR buttons for the Joy-Con and Switch Pro controllers.
  • Taps or clicks on the mouse can move the caret around in the text field (MCPE-131572).
  • In the user interface, the “Pause menu” is now called the “Game menu.”
  • The underground vignette effect was drawing on top of all other HUD elements because of a stacking problem that has been fixed (MCPE-159217).


  • When shooting bows, strays now make the right sound (MCPE-172385).
  • When you switch between armor pieces that are otherwise the same but may have different enchantments and/or cuts applied, an equipment sound is now played (MCPE-171527).
  • The music from Trails and Tales is now playing on the game screen (MCPE-171489).
  • When shields are worn in the off-hand slot, they now make a sound (MCPE-168039).
  • GRAPHICAL Added an experimental new toggle to the Video menu for Windows players that lowers input delay. Turning this setting on will use more battery power.
  • When the player stands under blocks, the sky no longer changes color (MCPE-85888).
  • Fixed a bug where blocks wouldn’t change how they looked unless the player jumped (MCPE-173706)
  • Based on how well the system works, Cherry Leaf blocks will now make particle effects from a pretty far away.
  • When seen through an End Portal, transparent blocks will no longer be able to be seen or flash (MCPE-162061).
  • The port effect’s bottom face has been fixed so that its color and clarity match those of the other faces.
  • When you sleep in a bed, the screen fade should no longer go all the way to black (MCPE-171461).
  • Name Now, tag rendering logic is based on where the camera is instead of where the person is.
  • The underwater fog in Cherry Groves now has a change that makes it easier to see after a while (MCPE-171822).


  • Players can now send a one-way message to the people who make the Marketplace to give them feedback on things they’ve bought. This opinion could be used to make changes and content better in the future.


  • You can download updated Add-On templates for 1.20.30 that have new resources, behaviors, and instructions.


  • It no longer crashes the game when it tries to add a custom feature that isn’t legal.
  • There will now be a content error for entity names that start with a number.
  • Fixed a problem that made it hard to glide with Elytra and switch to Creative flight (MCPE-171797)
  • Moved some object JSONs that were in the wrong place to where they belong.
  • Changed the instructions for the Aux-Value to Block-State table to reflect the fact that the data has been upgraded since the start.
  • he server.properties file now has a server-authoritative-sound true.
  • The following rules for placing features were shown from behind the data-driven biome trial toggle. In this way, creators can add their own unique features to a biome and decide how those features should be put.


  • Linux Dedicated Server owners should be aware that Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) is now the lowest version that can be used.
    It was fixed that Bedrock Dedicated Servers would leak memory when chunks were being loaded (BDS-17527).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the client to fail to connect to the dedicated server sometimes


  • The experimental cameras option is no longer needed for the /camera command.
  • Note: The camera experiment still has a few example setup JSON files that can be used as guides.
  • For the first time since MCPE-173524, camera instructions sent in the same tick are checked.
  • Show a message when a player presses the button to change the camera view but already has one set by the camera command.
  • Things no longer go away when they are moved to saved chunks close to the player’s render distance.
  • The word /script event was taken out of experimental mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the right/left d-pad of the controller would automatically finish commands when the text box wasn’t selected. This would also select other UI elements on the screen.
  • It was found that autocomplete ideas for values after brackets are missing if there is no space between the tilde (as the Z coordinate) and the block name in commands. This has been fixed.
  • Commands can no longer be used to set or fill the Un known block (MCPE-165301).
  • When the “hassium” command is used to choose damage-able items, the data number will now be used as damage (MCPE-159409).
  • “stained_glass” block is now split into distinct instances, such as “white_stained_glass”, “orange_stained_glass” , “magenta_stained_glass”, “light_blue_stained_glass”, “yellow_stained_glass”, “lime_stained_glass”, “pink_stained_glass”, “gray_stained_glass”, “light_gray_stained_glass”, “cyan_stained_glass”, “purple_stained_glass”, “blue_stained_glass”, “brown_stained_glass”, “green_stained_glass”, “red_stained_glass”, plus “black_stained_glass”
  • The new names for the “stained_glass_pane” block will be shown in the command prompt instead of “stained_glass.” The new names are “white_stained_glass_pane”, “orange_stained_glass_pane”, “magenta_stained_glass_pane”, “light_blue_stained_glass_pane”, “yellow_stained_glass_pane”, “lime_stained_glass_pane”, “pink_stained_glass_pane”, “gray_stained_glass_pane”, “light_gray_stained_glass_pane”, “cyan_stained_glass_pane”.
  • Commands will still work with “stained_glass_pane,” but the command prompt will no longer suggest it. Instead, the new names will be shown: “white_concrete_powder,” “orange_concrete_powder,” “magenta_concrete_powder,” “light_blue_concrete_powder,” “yellow_concrete_powder,” “lime_concrete_powder,” “pink_concrete_powder,” “gray_concrete_powder,” “light_gray_concrete_powder,” “cyan_concrete_powder,” and “p
  • Even though “concrete_powder” will still work with commands, it will not be offered in the command prompt. Instead, the new names will be pushed out.
  • Blocks that had a nickname before they were flattened can now be correctly referred to in commands.


  • You can now use either float or integer numbers for min_distance and max_distance in sound definitions. To use this feature, make sure the “format_version” parameter in sound_definitions.json is equal to or greater than 1.20.20 (MCPE-154378).


  • Taken the “Minecraft: wearable” item component out of beta testing for JSON forms 1.20.20 and up.
  • The item component “Minecraft:hand_equipped” has been taken out of experimental mode for JSON types 1.20.20 and higher.
  • The “Minecraft:creative_category” component is no longer supported in JSON forms 1.20.20 and higher.
  • In JSON formats 1.20.20 and up, the “description” field can now be used to set the display of creative groups and commands.
  • Changed the item component’s name from “Minecraft: foil” to “Minecraft: glint” and took it out of experimental mode for JSON forms 1.20.20 and up.
  • Changed the length of the fire enchant on projectiles from a ShooterItemComponent to match how they work in vanilla.
  • The item component “Minecraft:use_duration” has been taken out of experimental mode for JSON forms 1.20.20 and higher.
  • The “Minecraft:stacked_by_data” item component is now no longer experimental in JSON forms 1.20.20 and higher.
  • If incorrect blocks are named in the “use_on” and “dispense_on” lists, “Minecraft:entity_placer” will now give an error.
  • The item component “Minecraft:use_animation” was taken out of experimental mode for JSON forms 1.20.20 and higher.
  • The item component “Minecraft:allow_off_hand” has been taken out of experimental mode for JSON types 1.20.20 and higher.
  • The “Minecraft:should_despawn” item component is now no longer experimental in JSON forms 1.20.20 and higher.
  • The item component “Minecraft:liquid_clipped” has been taken out of experimental mode for JSON types 1.20.20 and higher.
  • Taken the “Minecraft: damage” item component out of beta testing for JSON forms 1.20.20 and up.
  • The “Minecraft: digger” item component is now no longer experimental in JSON forms 1.20.20 and higher.
  • No longer supported “on_dig” parameters from the “Minecraft: digger” item component in versions 1.20.20 and up.
  • Taken the “Minecraft: enchantable” item component out of beta testing for JSON forms 1.20.30 and up.
  • “Minecraft:mining_speed” is no longer supported in JSON forms 1.20.30 and later. If you want to do the same thing, use “Minecraft: digger” instead.
  • The “Minecraft: food” item component is no longer experimental in JSON forms 1.20.30 and higher.
  • Added the “Minecraft:interact_button” item component so that you can turn on and change the text on the “interact” button in JSON files from 1.20.30 and up.
  • It was fixed so that content errors for items in the most recent format version would show up for other things.


  • Now, render controllers that don’t have textures will give you a content error and be overlooked.
    Support for the “allow_random_seed” option in world template files has been added.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible for some consoles to download worlds with add-ons from Realms.
    Fixed a bug in the way block descriptors handled custom block states that let them go to the wrong state if more than one custom block state had the same name.
  • For AmethystCluster blocks, “Minecraft:block_face” is used instead of “facing_direction” as the state. String values are used by “Minecraft:block_face” (“down,” “up,” “north,” “south,” “east,” “west”).
  • “Minecraft:vertical_half” is used for slab blocks instead of “top_slot_bit” for other blocks. “Minecraft:vertical_half” works with string values (“top” and “bottom”).
  • Show a message when the settings menu changes the camera perspective option while a camera command is still running.
  • Traits that block PlacementDirection (“Minecraft:placement_direction”) and PlacementPosition (“Minecraft:placement_position”) have been moved out of the experiment. Blocks whose “format_version” is greater than or equal to “1.20.20” can use these traits.
  • Added script binding methods to get and set the origin of the CompoundBlockVolume
  • Added extra parameters to some methods that ask the children of a CompoundBlockVolume to find out where they are in relation to the parent
  • Added extra parameters to some methods to stop relative relativity when changes to the origin are sent in
  • The state “Minecraft:cardinal_direction” is used for Big Dripleaf blocks instead of “direction.” This state uses string values like “south,”
  • “west,” “north,” and “east” instead of [0, 1, 2, 3]
  • The state “Minecraft:cardinal_direction” is used by small dripleaf blocks instead of “direction.” This state uses string values like “south,” “west,” “north,” and “east” instead of [0, 1, 2, 3].
  • For blocks of pink petals instead of “direction”, use the state “Minecraft:cardinal_direction”. This state uses string numbers like “south”, “west”, “north”, and “east” instead of [0, 1, 2, 3].
  • For end blocks for the portal frame instead of “direction”, use the state “Minecraft:cardinal_direction”. This state uses string numbers like “south”, “west”, “north”, and “east” instead of [0, 1, 2, 3].
  • Blocks for lecterns instead of “direction”, use the state “Minecraft:cardinal_direction”. This state uses string numbers like “south”, “west”, “north”, and “east” instead of [0, 1, 2, 3].
  • For blocks for anvils instead of “direction”, use the state “Minecraft:cardinal_direction”. This state uses string numbers like “south”, “west”, “north”, and “east” instead of [0, 1, 2, 3].
  • There is a state called “Minecraft:cardinal_direction” that campfire blocks use instead of “direction.” This state uses string values like “south,” “west,” “north,” and “east” instead of [0, 1, 2, 3].
  • The state “Minecraft:cardinal_direction” is used instead of “direction” by Soul Campfire blocks. This state uses string values [“south”, “west”, “north”, and “east”] instead of [0, 1, 2, 3]. Calibrated Sculk Sensor blocks also use “Minecraft:cardinal_direction” instead of “direction” and string values [“south”, “west”, “north”, and “east”] instead of this state.
  • When powered comparator blocks are in the state “Minecraft:cardinal_direction” instead of “direction”, they use string values like “south”, “west”, “north”, and “east” instead of numbers 0 through 3
  • When a comparator block is not powered on, it uses the state “Minecraft:cardinal_direction” instead of “direction.” This state uses string numbers like “south,” “west,” “north,” and “east” instead of [0, 1, 2, 3].
  • When Powered Repeater blocks are in the state “Minecraft:cardinal_direction” instead of “direction”, they use string values like “south”, “west”, “north”, and “east” instead of numbers 0 through 3.
  • When repeater blocks are not turned on, they use the state “Minecraft:cardinal_direction” instead of “direction.” This state uses string values like “south,” “west,” “north,” and “east” instead of [0, 1, 2, 3].
  • If you want to use “south”, “west”, “north”, or “east” as values instead of [0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6], you can use the state “Minecraft:cardinal_direction” for BlastFurnace blocks. If you want to use “facing_direction”, you can use the state “Minecraft:cardinal_direction” for Furnace blocks.
  • The state “Minecraft:cardinal_direction” is used by LitBlastFurnace blocks instead of “facing_direction.” This state uses string values like “south,” “west,” “north,” and “east” instead of [0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6].
  • When lit furnace blocks are placed, they use the state “Minecraft:cardinal_direction” instead of “facing_direction.” This state uses the string numbers “south,” “west,” “north,” and “east” instead of [0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6].
  • If you put LitSmoker blocks in the state “Minecraft:cardinal_direction” instead of “facing_direction,” they will show “south,” “west,” “north,” and “east” instead of [0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6].
  • Instead of “facing_direction,” smoke blocks use the state “Minecraft:cardinal_direction.” This state uses string values like “south,” “west,” “north,” and “east” instead of [0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6].


  • In the “Minecraft: behavior.nearest_prioritized_attackable_target” goal, the “cooldown” field for target descriptions now works correctly.
  • The “Minecraft: behavior.melee_attack” component now has a new data option called “can_spread_on_fire” that lets you tell the mob whether to set its target on fire when it attacks if the attacking mob is already on fire (MCPE-77746).


  • Changing the container of the CompoundBlockVolume to use relative coordinates to an internal point
  • Change the Editor API so that CompoundBlockVolume is always used instead of Selection.
  • Block_property and has_block_property have been renamed to block_state and has_block_state by Molang.
  • This is a Versioned Change for Molang that only works for packs that use a min_engine_version of 1.20.20 or higher for each Molang statement.
Minecraft Full Latest Version For Pc Game Download



  • The scoreboard was added.addScore and make the Scoreboard better. Set the score to get the new score back
  • Scoreboard Objective Use. Take away the participant is now in sync with the clients (MCPE-172920).
  • After the event, scripteventcommandmessage
  • Added alternative types for initiator, source block, and source entity
  • Taken MinecraftEntityTypes out of @minecraft/server and put versions from @minecraft/vanilla-data in their place.
  • Taken MinecraftItemTypes out of @minecraft/server and put versions from @minecraft/vanilla-data in their place.
  • MoonPhase and World were shown.getMoonPhase to write code
  • The server-authoritative-sound bool was taken out of server.properties.
  • DimensionType was made available to code
  • Changed “set_block_property” for custom blocks to “set_block_state”
  • DeclareVector was added to DynamicProperties.This means
  • Inventory of EntityEquipmentComponent
  • Slot validation has been added to set equipment. It now returns a boolean showing whether the item can be equipped in the given slot.
  • At the moment, only Players can use the EntityEquipmentInventoryComponent. But we plan to add this feature back for mobs in a later update.

It was moved to 1.4.0.

  • GetTimeOfDay() has been moved to 1.4.0.
  • SetTimeOfDay(timeOfDay: number | TimeOfDay) has been moved to 1.4.0.
  • GetAbsoluteTime() has been moved to 1.4.0.
  • SetAbsoluteTime(absoluteTime: number) has been moved to 1.4.0.

Daytime was moved to 1.4.0.

  • set Lore can now only hold up to 20 lines of text, with 50 characters or more on each line.
  • The function store has been moved to 1.4.0.
  • Moved the getLore method to 1.4.0
  • Class SystemAfterEvents has been moved to 1.4.0.
  • The ScriptEventCommandMessageAfterEvent class has been moved to 1.4.0.
  • To 1.4.0, I moved the player on-screen display.
  • TitleDisplayOptions has been moved to 1.4.0.
  • ScreenDisplay has been moved to 1.4.0
  • The following items were moved to version 1.5.0: ProjectileHitBlockAfterEvent, ProjectileHitEntityAfterEvent, ProjectileHitBlockAfterEventSignal, ProjectileHitEntityAfterEventSignal, BlockHitInformation, and EntityHitInformation.
  • spawnParticle(effectName: string, location: Vector3, molangVariables?: MolangVariableMap) has been moved to 1.5.0.
  • It has been moved to 1.5.0. setColorRGB(variableName: text, color: RGB)
  • SetColorRGBA(variableName: string, color: RGBA) has been moved to 1.5.0.
  • It has been moved to 1.5.0. set float(variableName: text, number: number)
  • It was moved to 1.5.0 of setSpeedAndDirection(variableName: text, speed: number, direction: Vector3).
  • SetVector3(variableName: string, vector: Vector3) has been moved to 1.5.0.


  • RGB was changed to 1.5.0.
  • RGA was changed to 1.5.0
  • TriggerEvent(eventName: string) has been moved to 1.5.0.
  • Changed the name of the entity inventory component to entity equipable component
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to change prototype properties using defineProperty (MCPE-174073).


  • GetCanPlaceOn() and GetCanDestroy() were added.
  • The amount property now has a higher limit of 255, and it will throw an error if it is exceeded.


  • Added the getProperty(identifier: string) method, which returns a boolean, number, string, or null. – Gets a property of an entity
  • Added void setProperty(identifier: string, value: boolean, number, or text) — Adds or changes an entity property for the next tick
  • Added the ability to reset set an Entity Property’s value to its default value for the next tick, call Property(identifier: string): boolean | number | string. This method returns the default value.


Makes fixes

  • Fixed a problem that was making Nintendo Switch games freeze all the time (MCPE-166760).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game to crash on iOS and iPad devices.
  • The Edit World screen for a world could not be opened if the world directory had a space in it (MCPE-166763). This bug has been fixed.
  • The “My Content” Marketplace screen is easier to get around on a controller now.



  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game to crash.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Nintendo Switch to crash when it tried to log in while it was in “local network mode.”
  • Fixed a bug that caused Realms to crash when making a world from a template.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped servers from giving players custom classic skins.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dedicated servers to flood with the message “Player has changed their skin” even though custom skins were turned off.
  • When using a gamepad to move to the next tab in any row, the mouse would go back to the top of some rows on Marketplace pages. This has been fixed.


Spawn Eggs

  • Changed the ender dragon, iron golem, snow golem, and wither mobs’ spawn eggs to have new things inside them.
  • Ender dragon and wither spawn eggs can only be accessed through commands so that player builds don’t get destroyed by chance.


Particle Effects

  • Support for blended colors has been added for particle effects.

Modifies Blocks and Buttons

  • New sounds are now played automatically without requiring the experimental toggle.


  • New sounds are now played automatically without requiring the experimental toggle.


Particle Dynamics

  • Support for blended colors has been added for particle effects.
  • Modifies Blocks and Buttons
  • New sounds are now played automatically without requiring the experimental toggle.


  • Players and mobs are no longer set on fire by campfires.

A dispenser

  • Dispensers can now outfit tamed horses with saddles and armor.
  • Dispensers can now outfit tamed donkeys and mules with saddles and trunks.
  • Dispensers are now able to tame llamas with carpets and chests.
  • Saddles for pigs and striders can now be equipped with dispensers.
  • One sheep will now only be sheared at a time by shears in a dispenser.
  • Snow golems and mushrooms can now be shared with shears in a dispenser.

Fence gates, trapdoors, and doorways

  • New sounds are now played automatically without requiring the experimental toggle.
    Plates of Pressure
  • New sounds are now played automatically without requiring the experimental toggle.

Plant Seeds

  • To differentiate itself from the ghast spawn egg, the colors of the polar bear spawn egg have changed.


  • Skeleton Horse, Donkey, Mule, and Zombie Horse
  • altered the texture of them.


  • Instead of 11 and below, they now only spawn in the Nether at light levels 7 and lower.

Wither Skeleton and Skeleton

  • Instead of 11 and below, they now only spawn in the Nether at light levels 7 and lower.


  • The vex’s texture has somewhat altered.
    Playing Sound
  • New, distinctive wood-type noises now play by default when the experimental toggle is off.
    Generally Speaking
  • Particles in conduit and beacon are no longer opaque; they are translucent.

Consistency and Effectiveness

  • A possible crash when gliding through an End Gateway has been fixed.
  • After killing an entity with erroneous conditions, functions, or pool entries in its loot table, the game no longer fails (MCPE-164623)
  • Several crashes that could have happened when players died while under the influence of withering were fixed
  • Xbox crash was fixed when there were rapid selections made in succession using the Edit World Button on the Select World Screen.
  • A bug that resulted in players desyncing from multiplayer games when they exited and saved after dying and then returned to the game has been fixed (MCPE-162630)
  • Resolved a potential problem that could happen when players used commands to teleport to other realities (MCPE-164940)
  • A bug that might happen when utilizing the “instant_despawn” component has been fixed.
  • resolved a potential problem that happened when loading actors


  • A bug that was causing players to die, return to the menu without respawning and have their hitboxes and nameplates misalign when they rejoined the world has been fixed (MCPE-162630).
  • Raids now occur correctly when a player riding or gliding through a settlement while carrying a bad omen (MCPE-152774).
  • Resolved MCPE-163725, a bug that allowed players to tumble out of moving blocks when pushed higher.
  • Resolved a problem wherein if the final player in a game was in the Nether or End, the night would be skipped in error.
  • If there are still players in the Overworld who are asleep, a player entering the Nether or End will now cause a night skip.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the server to hang when you dropped something and slept at the same time (MCPE-162989)
  • When many orbs spawn in the same block, their XP values will mix until the orb limit is reached.


  • As of right now, Vex hitboxes and their models are vertically centered.
  • Allay and Vex are now seated correctly on minecarts and boats (MCPE-164441)
  • The difference in Fixed Vex texture between Java and Bedrock (MCPE-164227)
  • Spaces that are two blocks in height or fewer will no longer produce Slimes and Magma Cubes (MCPE-46540)
  • Now, when glow squid spawn outside of water, they release particles.
  • A domesticated horse, donkey, or mule that wears a saddle is now considered equipped (MCPE-83815).
  • An unarmored, tamed horse is now equipped when it wears horse armor (MCPE-163336)
  • A tamed llama becomes equipped when it uses a carpet (MCPE-163336)
  • Dispensers can now tame horses by outfitting them with saddles and armor.
  • Dispensers can now tame mules and donkeys with saddles and chests.
  • Dispensers can now tame llamas with carpets and chests.
  • Saddles for Pigs and Striders can now be equipped with dispensers.
  • Currently, a dispenser shears just one sheep at a time.
  • Snow golems and mushrooms can now be sheared using shears in a dispenser.
  • It is no longer possible for the Wandering Trader to provide duplicate Seed deals (MCPE-161780).
  • Instead of spawning at light level 11 and below, Endermen, Skeletons, and Wither Skeletons now only spawn at light level 7 and below in the Nether (MCPE-163701).
  • updated the saddle and chest textures for the Donkey/Mule and the Skeleton/Zombie Horse.
  • Now, when villagers celebrate a raid triumph, they will wait to set off fireworks until it has passed through the block above them (MCPE-152386).
  • When axolotls are emptied, their dry-out timer no longer sounds (MCPE-131041)
  • As of right now, husks can fit in spaces two blocks high, and infant husks in spaces one block high (MCPE-105369).
  • Wither Roses can now be traversed by all mobs (MCPE-159212)
  • When transmitted through End Gateways, entities no longer vanish (MCPE-164985)
  • Ravagers can now launch attacks when positioned atop different incomplete blocks, such as Mud (MCPE-162483).
  • When empty-handed, Vex now has a different charging animation (MCPE-164490).
  • Vex now produces offhand objects.
  • Repaired the Vex’s improper lighting in dimly lit areas.
  • The ability to see through terrain while mounted on a horse, mule, or donkey at a 2-block-tall edge has been removed for players.
  • On Peaceful difficulty, villagers will now sustain damage from lightning bolts much like other creatures.
  • When breeding underground, tropical fish no longer use the surface density limit (MCPE-157485)
  • The animation is now played by invokers while they are mounted or in a vehicle (MCPE-43778)


  • The sounds in the Crimson and Warped block sets are now distinct.
  • Although they no longer light players and creatures on fire, campfires still deal damage (MCPE-98931).
  • Minecarts and boats are no longer destroyed by campfires (MCPE-109489).
  • Bamboo plant placement no longer functions by clicking on the side of a bamboo plant while holding a bamboo item; instead, it now acts similarly to Java Edition (MCPE-99587)
  • When planted, bamboo saplings no longer take the place of double plants (MCPE-99806)
  • It is now possible to grow melons and pumpkins on blocks of mycelium and moss (MCPE-125932).
  • The sound of the Sculk Shrieker block is now audible at a greater distance of 32 blocks (MCPE-163989).
  • When picked or mined using Silk Touch, Respawn Anchor loses its charges (MCPE-145682)
  • Particles in the Beacon effect are now translucent (MCPE-17679)
  • Particles in the conduit effect are now translucent (MCPE-93728)
  • When deposited on the ground, Redstone Dust now makes noise (MCPE-65423)
  • The opening and shutting noises for Wooden Doors, Iron Doors, Wooden Trapdoors, Iron Trapdoors, and Fence Gates are now the same as those for Java Edition.
  • Pressure Plates have been updated to match Java Edition by having distinct sound pitches based on their behavior.
  • Wooden Buttons now have a distinctive click sound that matches the Java Edition.
  • adapted the color of the Frogspawn map to match the Java Edition (MCPE-159715)
  • Adjust bed block map colors to Java Edition specifications (MCPE-40709)
  • Map colors of certain blocks have been adjusted to match Java Edition (MCPE-19228). Entities are no longer pushed out of doors when they are activated by Redstone signals (MCPE-158971).
  • Pick Block on Fern and Grass now chooses the right item from the inventory rather than the first one between them.
  • Pick Block on Acacia and Dark Oak leaves now chooses the right item from the inventory rather than the first one between them.
  • When attempting to pull in numerous item kinds, Hoppers no longer fail to collect goods (MCPE-38963)
  • Stop Pistons from rebuilding moving blocks that were damaged during a move (MCPE-164804)
  • When placed on incomplete blocks or above air, blocks that need supporting blocks now show up on a map correctly (MCPE-159713)
  • When the block beneath the scaffolding is broken, it now emits vibrations and displays particles (MCPE-163738).
  • Now, when stone walls are erected constantly, they are arranged correctly in a line.
  • Stone Buttons are no longer audible while using levers (MCPE-163335)


  • When hitting enemies quickly, item degradation is fixed (MCPE-157150).
  • Resolved a problem that made certain deals with a Fletcher Villager invalid when using Tripwire Hooks (MCPE-108195).
  • A player who is asleep will no longer be teleported by Ender Pearls (MCPE-161189)

Touch-Based Controls

  • An issue that prevented objects from being indirectly moved between the players’ extended inventory in Pocket UI and Creative Mode inventory has been fixed (MCPE-164479).
  • Fixed an issue where the forward button on the touch d-pad would not work if the strafe left/right button was held down (MCPE-155199)
  • Now, if the player hovers on another tab while using a different input method, the inventory tab will reset its hover state.
  • An issue that prevented players from interacting with toast notifications in the Joystick and Crosshair touch controls has been fixed.
  • When the construct button in touch controls is pressed, it will now be visually clicked down rather than up (MCPE-162026)
  • MCPE-162124, a bug that prevented players from clicking on inventory items in the Classic profile, has been fixed.
  • With the new touch controls, the touch focus circle has been reactivated (not in Crosshair mode)
  • Fixed a bug where, on some devices, tapping the inventory button might cause the device to interact with the outside world rather than open the inventory (MCPE-154499)
  • Resolved a bug that prevented players from scrolling the inventory panel when a row was off-screen (MCPE-159870).
  • included a number of interval levels so that you could repeat crafting while holding onto the created things.
  • eliminated the delay in camera movement when the player swiped in crosshair mode between the attack and build buttons.
  • Nintendo Switch touch interactions with the fixed inventory panel are not functioning properly.
  • When utilizing the classic touch controllers, the proper advice for dismounting Boats and Minecarts now shown.
  • On touch devices, toast notifications can now be swiped away while playing a game.
  • On Xbox One, the Touch Control settings section is not displayed.


  • For transparent objects, such as saplings, highlight selection no longer spotlights the entire card; V-sync settings are now correctly specified in options (non-ARM devices) (MCPE-110006)


  • Users of text-to-speech can now access the new Create New World interface. We would be pleased to hear your thoughts on it at this link: Like. ms/CNNarration
  • When there are a lot of items in the list, there is fixed text-to-speech enumeration for the entire world on the Play screen, friends in the invite friends screen, language selection in the settings screen, and controls in the settings screen.

Interface User

  • Fixed a fault where, after touching to exit the menu screen, the mouse cursor would remain visible and could no longer be used to control the player camera on the HUD screen.
  • The wording for the furnace, blast furnace, and smoker screens has been fixed to be slightly off-center to the left (MCPE-151597).
  • The player will now see a modal prompt when they click the Feedback button on the main menu, and their web browser will then be redirected.
  • MCPE-153842: Resolved a problem where text fields would lose focus when deselected using a gamepad.
  • Once text fields are selected, they cannot be deselected by clicking on them again.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented sound effects from being correctly triggered by user interface components on the Achievements screen and the new Create New World screen (MCPE-163722)
  • A missing error screen that appears when trying to build a world with insufficient storage space has been added.
  • Xbox One’s Mojang Studios logo loading screen quality has been improved (MCPE-163036)
  • Extra space surrounding the “open chat” notification that shows up when you join a world has been eliminated (MCPE-162700)
  • Repaired a bug that was causing a profession to appear in the Wandering Trader trade window (MCPE-162576)
  • Now, before being created, resource packs will be applied to the world after going to a different screen.
  • Resolved a problem whereby certain resource packs would give an error message upon download


  • When playing on Android devices, the screen will no longer automatically shut off while a planet is loading.
  • updated splash screen to make it compatible with both older and Android 12+ smartphones (MCPE-151413)
  • On Android devices, fixed controller input occasionally becomes stuck when a controller is detached
  • On Android, the user interface no longer flickers while the on-screen keyboard shows (MCPE-142356)


  • The two-player Realm details screen’s “New Realm” button now functions properly.
  • Realms terms and agreements checkbox now has a highlight when the user interface is hovered over.
  • If players decide to exit the Download Resource Packs dialog, return them to the planet selection screen.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the state to not match the option “Require players to accept resource packs to join” (REALMS-10799)
  • Fixed: After a Realm reset, the previously applied packs were incorrectly displayed on the Realm settings screen.
  • Updated error message when attempting to connect an outdated owned Realms server fails. The issue is now described in a new message, along with methods to fix it.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19.50

Supplements General Trials

  • The experimental toggle “Next Major Update” has been added.

changing area

  • Added a new flow to explain how to use the new cast of Minecraft characters as one’s appearance.

Modifications Villager Mobs

  • Baby villagers will now run faster during tag games, matching Java Edition.


  • Updated texture and vex model.
    In order to facilitate fighting, the vex keeps its somewhat bigger hitbox.
    Playing in spectator mode
  • Shifted from a test toggle to the main game.

Command Structure

  • The “Upcoming Creator Features” experimental toggle is no longer hidden by the modified /executed command syntax, which is more akin to Java Edition.
    All Around Experiments
  • The ‘Spectator Mode’ toggle was removed.

Touch-Based Controls

  • Action delays on the assault and interact buttons have been eliminated.
  • The draggable range is now identical to that of the locked joystick when the joystick is unlocked.
  • If auto-sprinting is turned on in either mode, it will begin when the joystick is moved just above the background. If the joystick control is then moved back into the joystick backdrop region, the auto-sprint will come to an end.
  • A charged crossbow will now shoot with a tap motion. Before, the bolt would not fire unless the gesture was held for 400 milliseconds.

Trial and error

  • To access these updates and additions, turn on the experimental toggle labeled “Next Major Update”.

Blocks Block Additions Bamboo Mosaics

  • A type of plank that is unique to the bamboo wood set.
  • Able to be made using two vertically placed bamboo slabs.
  • There is a stair and slab variant for the bamboo mosaic.
  • Planks, pressure plates, steps, trapdoors, slabs, fences, doors, and fence gates

Added their variations in bamboo

  • Four bamboo strands arranged in a 2×2 configuration in the crafting grid yield bamboo planks.

Sculpted Bookcases

  • Can be made using three timber slabs and six planks.
  • Able to hold six books, written books, magical books, and books with quills.
  • Able to communicate with comparators of Redstone.

Hanging placards

  • An upgraded version of standard signs may be made using two chains and six stripped logs to make six total.
  • Can be suspended in the manners listed below
  • Underneath a support-capable block in the middle.
  • The chains will be on the sign’s parallel sides when it is positioned beneath a full block.
  • The chains will form an inverted v-shape when the hanging sign is positioned while sneaking or behind a non-full block, like a fence.
  • Fastened to a block’s solid side.
  • Affixed to the underside of or beside another hanging sign.
  • Is unable to be set down on the ground without assistance from the side or above.
  • However, when the supporting block is removed, hanging signs with a horizontal bar won’t pop.

Crowds Camel

  • Can be ridden by two players and has a saddle attached.
  • Naturally appear in towns in the desert.
  • Able to cross fences.
  • Will take a seat at random.
  • It is challenging to get them to get up while they are seated.
  • Able to run swiftly or walk slowly.
  • Can sprint ahead as well, but will eventually run out of energy.

Non-mob Organization

  • Chestnut-adorned boats and boats
  • Bamboo rafts with chests and without were added.
  • Can be made using bamboo planks as an alternative.
  • They seem different, yet they work the same way as regular boats.

Modifies Blocks and Buttons

  • Added a special button For wooden buttons that match Java Edition, click the sound.
    Fence gates, trapdoors, and doorways
  • Use the Java Edition’s opening and closing sound effects now.

Plates of Pressure

  • Updated to match Java Edition, with varying pitches according to their behavior.
    Playing Sound
  • Every kind of wood has a different sound when it’s moved, shattered, or tread upon.
    Three distinct sound sets are available: bamboo, Nether wood kinds, and Overworld wood types.

Corrects Performance / Stability

  • Several crashes that could happen while playing have been fixed.
  • Fixed a potential problem that could happen when using the keyboard to scroll down the villager screen.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when an Ender dragon breath assault missed a block or landed in empty space (MCPE-161204).
  • There are no longer any noticeable performance decreases when navigating through the recipe book when the player is in possession of goods that contain monsters (such as bees in beehives) (MCPE-146462).
  • decreased latency on the server when things enter and exit hoppers (MCPE-68796).
  • Hovering over item slots on the Creative inventory screen causes a fixed frame rate drop (MCPE-162277).
  • Resolved MCPE-161587, a crash that would happen while rendering Education Edition items without the toggle switched on.
  • Resolved a potential crash that could happen when actors pass through end portals with a non-player owner.
  • Resolved a crash that might happen when low-memory devices were loaded into some Marketplace worlds (MCPE-161866).
  • Playtime
  • Players will now be driven toward the closest open area when they become stuck inside a block.
  • You may now fix maps that have black pixel corruption by going back to the affected locations. Maps that were previously damaged can now be fixed by holding them in main or off-hand. The MCPE-162421
  • An issue that might have caused the player to teleport back to a portal after leaving it has been fixed. (157494 MCPE)
  • An issue that could have left players stuck on the “Building Terrain” screen when they switched dimensions has been fixed. The MCPE-158215
  • Corrected incorrect LevelChunk blending on pre-1.18 world upgrades. The MCPE-162480
  • The Xbox controller’s dead zone and sensitivity were fixed. The MCPE-162847


  • Baby villagers will now run faster during tag games, matching Java Edition.
  • Enderman’s follow range was expanded from 32 to 64. The MCPE-35206
  • Players’-ridden mobs are now reliably affected by Jump Boost. The MCPE-45823.
  • Players’-ridden mobs are now consistently affected by Slow Falling. The MCPE-126604
  • Fixed a bug that caused the effect benefits to be applied permanently to the progeny of monsters with applied effects. The MCPE-81890
  • When at a negative global height, the fixed bat resting place is offset.
  • When an armor stand is destroyed, the offhand item is dropped. The MCPE-158228
  • An issue that prevented the ender dragon from loading when the world was loaded and saved while it was still alive has been fixed. The MCPE-156528


  • The opening and closing sound effects for fence gates, wooden doors, iron doors, and wooden trapdoors are now the same as those used in Java Edition.
  • Pressure plates have been updated to match the Java Edition, with varying pitches based on behavior.
  • To match the Java Edition, a special button click sound for wooden buttons has been added.
  • A distinct set of sounds is now available for crimson and warped block sets.
  • Red sandstone that has been carved and chiseled now has smooth undersides. The MCPE-20006
  • Mud will no longer cause projectiles to shake constantly. (153744 MCPE)
  • Amphibious mobs can now navigate around mudblocks with ease. The MCPE-153961.
  • Bounding boxes for the soul sand and mud blocks now match their visual counterparts when the blocks are placed by the player. (MCPE-162252) When a boat runs against lily pads, they now explode with a sound and particles. The MCPE-65138
  • The majority of blocks that were destroyed due to a lack of support now include vibration events, audio effects, and visual particles.
  • Slab block sides are no longer suitable for placing coral fans. Coral fans may now thrive on top of sturdy clear blocks, such as glass (MCPE-116986). (MCPE-112407) Resolved an issue whereby light blocks that were put in were not seen when they were being selected.
  • Farmland collision and dirt paths are now one pixel lower. Players now sink in soul Sand and mud blocks (MCPE-12109). (MCPE-154973) If the sugar cane’s water supply is cut off, it will now break on the following random tick. The piston arms now extend more smoothly (MCPE-162351). Blocks fastened to pistons now move more smoothly (MCPE-155987). The MCPE-146597.
  • When developing from NY ilium, massive fungal blocks will no longer replace incomplete blocks. The MCPE-65661
  • Fixed a problem where pressure plate placement was hindered by an entity at coordinate 0,0,0. The MCPE-161377
  • Fixed blocks that flicker in response to piston movement. MCP-15268, p.
  • Resolved a problem wherein signs would not sound when they were positioned. The MCPE-65423
  • The appropriate generation of bubble columns above submerged magma blocks has been achieved.
  • The screen no longer becomes blocked when swimming above mud blocks. The MCPE-153737


  • Armor and newly made tools now function as intended right out of the box. The MCPE-161151
  • After being renamed, weapons, tools, and armor can now be dumped from the player’s inventory for the first time. The MCPE-162132
  • Resolved the problem where the book and quill could not be closed and signed. The MCPE-163325
  • Fixed an issue that caused objects that were fully charged to disappear when using a portal. The MCPE-55279.
  • Unintentional renaming of things will no longer occur while using the anvil to enchant or repair them. The MCPE-154453.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed shield durability to be broken every tick by slimes and magma cubes. The MCPE-119451
  • A problem that allowed pufferfish to destroy shield durability every tick has been fixed. The MCPE-143689

Touch Screens

  • Turned on the new stack-breaking feature for touch devices again.
    You can only see the “Split Control” choice in Classic control mode, and it will only change the Classic control scheme.
  • Fixed a bug that made it so that hotbar slots could not be touched in some cases when using Crosshair or Touch.
  • The dwell time has been raised from 120 milliseconds to 180 milliseconds, which makes scrolling through the inventory screen easy. What is the dwell time? It’s how long a thing needs to be held before it can be dragged.
  • Untangled the links between “Joystick Visible When Not Used,” “Joystick Always Visible,” and “Lock Joystick.”
  • Touch Settings now has an option called “Delayed Block Breaking (Creative Only)” that lets you control this feature.
  • Fixed a bug that made it hard to double-tap touch control buttons on screens with a high frame rate. (MCPE-156351)
  • Made it so that pressing buttons and moving the camera together better in the new Touch Controls.
  • When you’re in a boat and in Crosshair mode, action buttons now show up. (MCPE-159376)
  • Fixed the problem where the “Dismount” button looked fuzzy in the new touch control methods. (MCPE-156722)
  • Fixed a bug that stopped things from being thrown away in the extended Creative Mode inventory by dropping them on something else. (MCPE-162124)
  • Fixed a bug where touch controls wouldn’t work while swimming, and now charging a bow, crossbow, or trident would launch the weapon right away. (MCPE-136625)
  • Fixed a bug that stopped joystick motions if your finger touched the hotbar at the same time. (MCPE-159870)
  • Fixed a bug where the new touch controls wouldn’t let players interact with the hotbar in some resource packs. (MCPE-157748)
  • In Crosshair Mode, the sprint and fall buttons are now the same color as the other buttons. (MCPE-156740)
  • Fixed a bug in the new touch controls where quickly tapping “Ascend” and “Descend” would stop flying. Tap “Descend” twice to cancel a flight from now on. (MCPE-162240)
  • When the screen is in touch mode, the status icons now move with the safe zone.
  • To work with the new touch features, the status icons are now lined up in a row across the width of the screen when the screen is touched.
  • Attack and Interact buttons no longer have a pause in what they do. (MCPE-158143)
  • The range that can be dragged has been changed so that it is the same when the joystick is locked and free. If auto-sprinting is turned on, it will start in both modes when the joystick is pulled just above the background. If the joystick control is then moved back into the joystick background area, the auto-sprint will no longer work.
  • A charged crossbow can now be fired with a tap. Before, you had to hold the action for 400ms before the bolt would go off.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible for players to drag and drop on the anvil screen.


  • Put ambient light on blocks that were pushed by pistons. (MCPE-136928)
  • Mob shadows now work right on some Android devices with certain GPUs. (MCPE-155354)
  • Added support for D3D12 for Intel Integrated/Dedicated Graphics for drivers that work with it.

Places of power

  • Cut down the text when posting add-ons and worlds so it fits in the prompt for the dialog box.
  • When you join a Realm that has been empty for a while, you will no longer get an error message.

User Interface

  • Added a new Mobile Data Blocked screen on Android/iOS when mobile data is available but disabled in-game and Wi-Fi is not connected.
  • Players can now rebind the copy coordinate keys with Full Keyboard Gameplay and the Enable Copy Coordinate UI settings enabled. (MCPE-163082)
  • Fixed a bug where the boss bar name would not update when the boss name changed until the bar was reloaded by the player.
  • Fixed a bug on the Pocket UI Inventory screen where items could not be dropped back into the inventory in Creative Mode.
  • Fixed a bug on the Pocket UI Inventory screen where the ‘Craftable/All’ toggle could only be changed in the Search tab but not in any other tab.
  • On Xbox, camera movement with the mouse no longer changes the mouse position when the inventory screen is reopened. (MCPE-162890)
  • The text color for a selected item stack count is now white instead of yellow.
  • A warning now appears when the player is about to lose changes when moving away from the Create New World screen.
  • Changed the error handling of copying worlds to display a modal pop-up instead of a toast notification.
  • Fixed a bug causing the HUD to not rotate with the player’s direction while riding in a Boat in VR.
  • Changed the color of the description text for the “Allow mobile data for online play” option to be more readable. (MCPE-162459)
  • Fixed a contrast issue of the little arrow in dropdown components on hover, the unselected toggle components and the toggle/sliders in chat settings.

Spectator Mode

  • Open container, command block, or structure block screens now close when players enter Spectator mode.
  • Spectator Mode now appears on the list of Personal Game Modes in Settings. (MCPE-156688)
  • Allays no longer throws items to spectators. (MCPE-162873)



  • Spawn Eggs
  • Added spawn eggs for Ender dragon, iron golem, snow golem, and wither.
  • Ender dragon and wither spawn eggs will only be available through commands to prevent accidental destruction of player builds.

Game rules

  • Added blockExplosionDropDecay, mobExplosionDropDecay, and tntExplosionDropDecay.
  • When set to false, all blocks drop loot.
  • When set to true, blocks drop loot randomly depending on how far from the explosion center.
  • Defaults to false for TNT, true for block and mob.
  • Added snowAccumulationHeight.
  • When it is snowing, this game rule determines the maximum number of snow layers that can be accumulated in each block.
  • Defaults to 1.
  • Set to 0 makes no snow form at all.
  • Set to 8 or above let snow form up to the level of a full block.
  • Added waterSourceConversion and lavaSourceConversion.
  • When set to true, allows new sources of that fluid to form.
  • Defaults to true for water and false for lava.
  • Added globalSoundEvents, controlling whether certain gameplay moments are heard by all players regardless of location, defaults to true.


  • Added drafts for player reports, which can keep player reports temporarily while connected to a server.
  • When exiting the Player Reporting screen, the report can be either discarded or kept as a draft.
  • The draft will always be kept if the screen is forcefully closed (e.g. player dying).
  • Draft reports are kept until the player leaves the current server or world.
  • When leaving, the player will be prompted to either discard or finish and send the report.

Data packs

  • Added a subsection called chat_type.
  • Added a subsection called data packs.
  • Contains Vanilla datapacks that enable certain features.
  • The Vanilla World generation data pack is now visible within the game’s jar.
  • This means categories such as dimension_type and world gen are now visible, along with their contents.

Feature Flags

  • Option to enable or disable certain groups of game elements (i.e. blocks, entities, and items).
  • Enabled via data packs.
  • The new pack metadata section called features, contains enabled feature flags in the list named enabled.
  • Game elements controlled by feature flags are hard coded and stored per world.
  • Built-in data packs now enable features and provide other things such as associated recipes and advancements.
  • Feature flags can affect:
  • Blocks
  • Disabled blocks are not recognized by commands, won’t spawn in structures, won’t be loaded as part of entities, and can’t be interacted with by players.
  • Entities
  • Disabled entities are not recognized by commands, will not spawn or load in the world, and spawn eggs for disabled entities will not function.
  • Items
  • Disabled items are not recognized by commands, are hidden from the creative menu, can’t be used by players for interacting or attacking, and recipes and loot tables cannot create disabled items.


  • Added Nahuatl.
  • Added Rusyn.


  • Added a new “Panorama Scroll Speed” accessibility option.
  • Added Operator Items Tab option in the Controls menu, which is off by default.
  • Added telemetry data collection screen.
  • Displays information about the type of data that is sent.
  • The level of data sent can be controlled between “Minimal” and “All”.
  • “Minimal” sends only the required data.
  • “All” sends the required data, as well as optional data.
  • The default data level is “Minimal”.


  • Added new default skins for offline players.
  • The old skins have been removed, with the new skins being located in a new folder.


  • Added new entity sub-predicates for some entity types with variants:
  • axolotl
  • variant – values: lucy, wild, gold, cyan, blue.
  • boat
  • Works for all boats and all boats with chests.
  • variant – values: oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark_oak, mangrove, bamboo.
  • fox
  • variant – values: red, snow.
  • mushroom
  • variant – values: red, brown.
  • painting
  • variant – values: see painting_variant registry.
  • rabbit
  • variant – values: brown, white, black, white_splotched, gold, salt, evil.
  • horse
  • variant – values: white, creamy, chestnut, brown, black, gray, dark_brown.
  • Markings are separate values and not matched.
  • llama
  • variant – values: creamy, white, brown, gray.
  • villager
  • variant – values: see villager_type registry.
  • Also works for zombie villagers.
  • Profession and level are separate values and not matched.
  • parrot
  • variant – values: red_blue, blue, green, yellow_blue, gray.
  • tropical_fish
  • variant – values: kob, sun streak, snooper, dasher, brine, spotty, flopper, stripey, glitter, blockish, betty, crayfish.

Server Properties

  • Added initial-enabled-packs and initial-disabled-packs.
  • Allows for which packs to be selected to load during world creation.
  • initial-enabled-packs contain a list of packs to be enabled (feature packs need to be explicitly enabled).
  • initial-disabled-packs contain a list of packs that will not be enabled automatically.
  • Datapacks added after world creation will be disabled if they require features that are not enabled for the loaded world.


  • Added the following splash texts:
  • “You are valid!”
  • “I’m glad you’re here!”
  • “You are welcome here!”
  • “Your gender is valid!”
  • “Contains infinite genders!”
  • “Made with love!”
  • Many of these new splashes reference gender identity.


  • Added the all_signs block tag.
  • Contains #signs.
  • Added the creeper_igniters item tag.
  • Contains flint_and_steel, and fire_charge.
  • Added the fence_gates item tag.
  • Contains acacia_fence_gate, birch_fence_gate, dark_oak_fence_gate, jungle_fence_gate, oak_fence_gate, spruce_fence_gate, crimson_fence_gate, warped_fence_gate, and mangrove_fence_gate.
  • Added the invalid_spawn_inside block tag.
  • Contains end portal and end gateway.


  • Cartography table, fletching table, grindstone, lectern, smithing table, and stonecutters
  • They no longer keep their custom names when broken.
  • Chorus flower
  • Mobs no longer spawn on this block.
  • Fence Gates
  • They no longer provide center support beneath them.
  • For example, hanging signs cannot be placed under fence gates.
  • Invisible blocks
  • Barriers and structure voids no longer produce particles when broken, for consistency with the light block.
  • Scaffolding
  • Changed its texture.
  • Mobs no longer spawn on this block.
  • Shulker Box
  • Now will pop off blocks attached (such as torches) to the opened faces when opening.
  • While open, blocks which require support cannot be placed on these open faces.
  • Spawners
  • No longer have a default mob spawn type when placed by a player, which was a pig previously.
  • Will not emit fire particles when a mob spawn type has not been defined.
  • Renamed to Monster Spawner to match Bedrock Edition, and removed purple text color.
  • Pick-block now works for spawner blocks.
  • The mob type is now displayed in the hover description of a spawner item stack.
  • If a mob type has not been defined yet, the hover description will describe how to set it.


  • Bucket
  • Water buckets can now be emptied into waterlogged blocks.
  • Spawn Eggs
  • Changed the colors of the polar bear spawn egg, to distinguish it from the ghast spawn egg.


  • Creepers
  • Can now be ignited by using a fire charge on it.
  • Enderman
  • Now only spawn at light level 7 and below in the Nether, instead of 11 and below, to nerf certain portal-based mob farms.
  • Blocks carried by ender men now use loot tables to generate drops when killed.
  • This is done by simulating the block being mined using a Silk Touch diamond axe.
  • Rabbits
  • Now always drop one raw rabbit when killed, or one cooked rabbit when killed by fire.
  • Skeleton and Wither Skeleton
  • Now only spawn at light level 7 and below in the Nether, instead of 11 and below, to nerf certain portal-based mob farms.
  • Turtles
  • Now have a 5-minute cooldown after breeding.
  • Vex
  • Changed its model and textures.
  • Retains a slightly oversized hitbox to make it easier to fight.

Non-mob entities

  • Minecart with Spawners
  • No longer have a default mob spawn type when placed by a player, which was a pig previously.
  • Will not emit fire particles when a mob spawn type has not been defined.
  • Renamed to Minecart with Monster Spawner.

World Generation

  • Stronghold
  • The placement code has been changed to be more efficient, causing stronghold positions to shift.
  • They are still placed in concentric rings, but their positions in the rings may change by a few degrees.
  • Command format
  • /execute
  • Can now be conditional on biomes.
  • Syntax: /execute if|unless biome [] []
  • /publish
  • Now has new arguments to enable commands and set the default game mode.
  • New syntax: /publish [] [] []


  • Advancements
  • The advancement “Birthday Song” is now a regular advancement instead of a challenge.
  • Creative Inventory
  • The ordering of tabs and the contents in the Creative Inventory have been tweaked to make the experience of finding relevant blocks and items easier.
  • Blocks and items have been moved into categories that fit them better.
  • Blocks are now ordered by their material as much as possible.
  • For example, all oak blocks and variants are now next to each other.
  • Some items can now be found in more than one tab.
  • Various tabs have been renamed or collapsed into others.
  • The new tabs for blocks are Building Blocks, Natural Blocks, Functional Blocks, Redstone Blocks, and Colored Blocks.
  • The new tabs for items are Tools & Utilities, Combat, Food & Drinks, Ingredients, and Spawn Eggs.
  • The search tab now lists items sequentially grouped by the other tabs.
  • For example, items found in building blocks will always appear before items in Redstone blocks.
  • Changed the icons of creative tabs for better color coding as well as to show the most iconic visuals.
  • Petrified Oak Slab has been removed from the Creative Inventory, but can still be accessed through commands.
  • Operator-only blocks and items can now be found in the Operator Utilities tab when a player has both the “Operator Items Tab” option in the Controls menu set to ON and the required operator permissions.
  • This includes the barrier, all variants of command blocks, debug stick, jigsaw block, light block (level 0-15), minecart with command block, structure void, and the structure block.
  • The tab is hidden if operator permissions are lost while inventory is open.
  • Tooltips for all items in the Creative Menu outside single-category tabs will show categories where this item can be found.
  • Previously this only happened on the search tab.
  • The textures for the tabs are now skinnier.
  • Pause Screen
  • The ‘Game Menu’ text heading has been moved to the top of the screen instead of being just right above the buttons.
  • Spectator
  • The “Teleport to Team Member” option in the spectator menu now only shows up for teams with viable target players.


  • Removed Chat Preview.
  • Chat messages deleted by server moderators will no longer be completely hidden, but rather replaced with text stating “This chat message has been deleted by the server.”
  • Deleted chat messages will now be displayed in the chat window for at least 3 total seconds before being hidden.
  • The Chat Trust Status indicators have been tweaked:
  • The ‘Modified’ tag will no longer display for server-modified messages where only the style has been changed.
  • The ‘Modified’ tag icon and indicator are now dark gray.
  • The ‘Not Secure’ tag is now light gray and does not have an icon.
  • Partially filtered chat messages now show the filtered text as gray hashes with a hover text saying that it was filtered.
  • The Chat Reporting screen now shows when the player being reported rejoined chat.


  • Every telemetry event sent from the client is now logged to disk.
  • Old log files are removed after 7 days.
  • These can be found under the logs/telemetry directory.
  • A shortcut to this directory is available via the “Open My Data” button on the telemetry data collection screen.


  • Makes changes to the Open to LAN screen.
  • Now allows selecting the port on which to host the LAN world.
  • The game mode and allow cheats buttons are now initialized with the default values of the world.


  • The Wild Update music has been tweaked to be slightly less loud.


  • Merged the “Minimum” and “Maximum” options for the smooth lighting video setting, since there’s no difference between them.


  • The network protocol now supports adding player entities to the world without being added to the ‘tab’ player list.
  • Servers can now lazily distribute players’ profile public keys along with their first chat packet.
  • Message ‘headers’ within the Secure Chat protocol no longer need to be distributed when private messages are sent.
  • Contextual message references are now deduplicated for efficiency within the Secure Chat network protocol.
  • Profile public keys will now be refreshed without reconnecting.
  • Clients now reset their chat session on receiving a login packet.


  • The Realms News button will now show a confirmation screen before opening the link.


  • Many recipe files were made to be formatted more consistently.
  • Blocks and items that are crafted using nine of a single item are now considered shapeless recipes, though this has no impact on gameplay.
  • Crafting book categories/tabs can now be controlled by recipe definitions.
  • Categories available for shaped/shapeless and various special crafting recipes:
  • building
  • Redstone
  • equipment
  • misc (default)
  • Categories available for smelting, blasting, smoking, campfire_cooking
  • food
  • blocks
  • misc (default)
  • Some crafting books collapse multiple categories into a single tab.
  • The exact mappings might change in the future.

Resource pack

  • The version is now 12.
  • Removed “fixers” for resource packs with versions 3 and 4 (pre-flattening).
  • The game will no longer try to adapt packs with those versions to the current version.
  • To improve loading performance, block and item textures are now loaded before they are processed by block and item models.
  • By default, textures not in the textures/item and textures/block directories will no longer be automatically recognized and will fail to load.
  • Can have configuration files now, located in the new atlases directory, that control which images are included in the atlases. That directory contains the following JSON entries for configuring atlases:
  • blocks: textures used by block and item models.
  • banner_patterns, beds, chests, shield_patterns, shulker_boxes, signs: used to render some special-case models.
  • mob_effects: textures used for effect icons in the UI.
  • paintings: textures used for paintings.
  • particles: textures used for particles (referenced by the textures field in files within the particles directory).
  • If multiple packs include those files, they are merged by their order within the pack (same as tags in data packs).
  • Inside these files is a JSON object with a single list called sources.
  • Every entry in sources runs in during load, in order of definition, adding or removing new files to the texture list; to be later referenced by block models, particles, etc.
  • Types of sources:
  • directory: lists all files in a directory and its subdirectories, across all namespaces.
  • source: directory in the pack to be listed (relative to textures directory)
  • prefix: string to be appended to the sprite name when loaded.
  • single: adds a single file.
  • resource: location of a resource within the pack (relative to textures directory, implied .png extension).
  • sprite: sprite name (optional, defaults to resource).
  • filter: removes sprites matching the given pattern.
  • namespace, path: patterns (regular expressions, regex) of ids to be removed (only works for entries already in the list), if omitted, any value will be matched.
  • unstitch copies rectangular regions from other images.
  • resource: location of a resource within the pack (relative to textures directory, implied .png extension)
  • divisor_x, divisor_y: used for determining the units used by regions.
  • regions: list of regions to copy from the source image.
  • sprite: sprite name.
  • x, y: coordinates of the top-left corner of the region.
  • width, height: size of the region.
  • Values such as x are transformed to real image coordinates by dividing by their divisor and then multiplying by the real image size.
  • Example:
  • If a pack has a file named assets/test/textures/fancy/iridium.png and source is {“type”: “directory”, “source”: “fancy”, “prefix”: “custom/”}, the texture will be available in models as a test: custom/iridium.


  • Various wood types now have unique sounds when placed, broken, or walked on.
  • There are three sets of unique sounds: Overworld wood types, Nether wood types, and bamboo.
  • Step sounds can now be heard when walking on carpets, lily pads, and small amethyst buds.
  • Step sounds can now be heard when walking through crimson roots, glow lichen, nether sprouts, and warped roots.


  • Removed #non_flammable_wood block tag.
  • Removed #overworld_natural_logs item tag.
  • Added crimson roots, glow lichen, lily pad, moss carpet, nether sprouts, small amethyst bud, warped roots, and #wool_carpets to the #inside_step_sound_blocks block tag.


  • Added the WorldUnloaded event, and removed the client Java version from the WorldLoaded event.
  • They are required events.
  • Data includes game mode, client or server modded status, and game version.
  • Can be used to calculate how long the world session has lasted (in seconds and ticks).
  • Data from WorldLoaded is sent when a world is launched, and data from WorldUnloaded is sent when a world is shut down (quitting to the title, disconnecting from a server).
  • Added 2 new optional events:
  • Performance metrics
  • Data includes frame rates, rendering performance, memory usage, operating system, and the modded status of the client and server.
  • With game version, can be used to compare the performance profile for new versions of Minecraft.
  • WorldLoadTimes
  • Data includes the total time in milliseconds for the world to load, whether this was a new world, as well as game version and platform details.
  • Can indicate what impacts load times when adding new features or doing larger technical changes.

User interface

  • When tabbing through buttons, tooltips are displayed above or below them.
  • Tooltips displayed when hovering are displayed next to the cursor.
  • Tooltips from focused buttons (focused by pressing the tab) take priority over tooltips from hovered buttons.
  • Updated knowledge book textures on crafting UI and tutorial hints to the revision updated in the texture update.


  • Migrated linear algebra types to Java OpenGL Math Library (JOML).
  • Translation files and pack.mcmeta are now including non-ASCII characters (encoded as UTF-8) directly instead of using escape sequences.
  • Optimized some exceptionally slow cases of structure lookup.

Experimental Additions
Bamboo Mosaics

  • A plank variant is exclusive to the bamboo wood set.
  • Can be crafted with 2 bamboo slabs arranged in a vertical strip.
  • The bamboo mosaic has its own stair and slab variant.

Block of Bamboo and Block of Stripped Bamboo

  • Two new log-like blocks.
  • Block of bamboo can be crafted from 9 bamboo and can be stripped like other wood logs.
  • Bamboo planks crafted from blocks of bamboo yield only 2 planks compared to 4 for wood logs.
  • Buttons, Doors, Fences, Fence Gates, Planks, Pressure Plate, Signs, Slabs, Stairs, and Trapdoors
  • Added their bamboo variants.
  • Bamboo planks can be crafted using 1 block of bamboo (stripped or unstripped) to craft 2 bamboo planks.

Chiseled Bookshelves

  • Can be crafted with 6 planks and 3 wooden slabs.
  • Can store up to 6 books, books and quills, written books, and enchanted books.
  • Books in chiseled bookshelves can be added or removed from any slot by targeting the specific slot.
  • Books are directly added and removed, so there is no interface.
  • Can interact with redstone comparators (giving a signal strength matching that of the slot that was last interacted with).
  • Do not increase the power of enchanting tables.
  • Require a Silk Touch axe to mine.

Hanging Signs

  • A more expensive version of normal signs, which can be crafted with 2 chains and 6 stripped logs, resulting in 6 of them.
  • Has a total of 10 wood variants: oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark oak, mangrove, crimson, warped, and bamboo.
  • Can be hung up in the following ways:
  • Underneath a block that can provide support in the center, like a full block or a fence.
  • When the hanging sign is placed underneath a full block, the chains will be on parallel sides of the sign. Signs in this configuration can be placed in 4 cardinal directions (North, South, East, West)
  • When the hanging sign is placed underneath a non-full block, such as a fence, or when placed while sneaking, the chains will take on an upside-down v-shape. Signs in this configuration can be placed in 16 different angles.
  • Attached to the solid side of a block.
  • Attached to the side or underneath another hanging sign.
  • Cannot be placed directly on the ground without support from the side or above.
  • However, hanging signs that have a horizontal bar will not pop when the supporting block is removed.
  • If it is hanging off the side of a block and that block is broken, it will remain hanging in the air. But if it is hanging underneath of a block and that block is broken, it will also break immediately.
  • Unlike regular signs, the space available for text is much smaller.
  • Text can be dyed and tinted with glow ink sacs to make text glow.

Piglin Head

  • Piglins will now drop their heads when killed by a charged creeper.
  • The piglin head will flap its ears when powered by redstone, or when worn by a player while walking.


  • Bundle
  • Moved behind its own feature toggle.
  • Spawn Eggs
  • Camel Spawn Egg JE2 BE2.png Camel spawn egg.


  • Camels
  • A rideable entity, which can be equipped with a saddle and ridden by two players.
  • Have 32♥ × 16 health points.
  • Spawn naturally in desert villages.
  • Can be bred with a cactus, and will follow players holding a cactus in hand.
  • Mobs that are 2 blocks tall and lower cannot reach the player (except spiders) when the player is riding it, due to its height.
  • Can walk over 1.5-block tall obstacles (such as fences and blocks with a slab on top).
  • Will randomly sit down.
  • While sitting, it is difficult to convince them to move.
  • Can either walk slowly or sprint quickly.
  • Can also dash forward (if the player uses the jump key while riding it) but will lose stamina for a while.
  • When it loses stamina, it cannot sprint or dash again for a few seconds.
  • A dash can extend more than 10 blocks when executed perfectly.

Non-mob entities

  • Boats and Boat with Chests
  • Added bamboo raft and bamboo raft with chest.
  • Can be crafted with bamboo planks instead.
  • They function the same as ordinary boats but have a unique look to them.


  • Added the all_hanging_signs block tag. Contains the ceiling_hanging_signs, and wall_hanging_signs tags.
  • Added the #bamboo_blocks block and item tag. Contains bamboo_block, and stripped_bamboo_block.
  • Added the ceiling_hanging_signs block tag. Contains all ceiling versions of hanging sign blocks.
  • Added the wall_hanging_signs block tag. Contains all wall versions of hanging sign blocks.
  • Added the bookshelf_books item tag. Contains a book, a written book, an enchanted book, and a book and quill.
  • Added the hanging_signs item tag. Contains all hanging sign items.
  • Added #bamboo_blocks, bamboo mosaic slab, and bamboo mosaic stairs to the #mineable/axe block tag.
  • Added crimson hanging sign and warped hanging sign to the #non_flammable_wood item tag.
  • Added relevant bamboo blocks to the planks, wooden_buttons, wooden_doors, wooden_fences, wooden_pressure_plates, wooden_slabs, wooden_stairs, and wooden_trapdoors block and item tags.
  • Added relevant bamboo blocks to the fence_gates, standing_signs, and wall_signs block tags.
  • Added relevant bamboo items to the boats, chest boats, and signs item tags.
  • Added bamboo fence gate to the new #fence_gates item tag, as the additional part when built-in datapack enabled.
  • Added #all_hanging_signs to the new #all_signs block tag, as the additional part when the built-in data pack is enabled.

Experimental changes


  • Note Block
  • When placing a mob head on a note block, that note block will now play one of the ambient sounds of that mob when played by a player or powered by a red stone.
  • Player Head
  • Now can contain a note_block_sound NBT tag.
  • Must be a resource location for a valid sound event.
  • When present, this determines the sound a note block makes when the head is placed on top of it.


  • Advancement
  • Camels are now required for the “Two by Two” advancement.
  • “Glow and Behold!” advancement can be obtained by using a glow ink sac on a hanging sign now.
  • The description now says “Make the text of any sign glow”.


  • 183 issues fixed
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  • MC-14167 – Mobs build up fall damage when dangling on a lead.
  • MC-26757 – Large item tooltips can get cut off at the edges of the screen.
  • MC-50605 – The pick block function doesn’t work with mob spawners.
  • MC-55718 – The dragon egg doesn’t appear in the Creative inventory.
  • MC-58668 – Smooth Lighting Minimum and Maximum levels no longer differ.
  • MC-75699 – Villager restock hover text is not automatically wrapped making it cut off at the edge of the screen.
  • MC-80032 – Horses can suffocate when going through nether portals.
  • MC-84873 – DeathTime values 20+ cause corrupted mobs.
  • MC-92017 – Shield damage direction is incorrect.
  • MC-96449 – Rabbits sometimes don’t drop any raw rabbit upon being killed.
  • MC-108597 – The shulker box still plays the close sound, even if it is destroyed or replaced.
  • MC-118140 – Result map tooltip when zooming out a map shows the previous zoom value instead of the new one.
  • MC-121865 – High potion effect durations being displayed as **:** is misleading.
  • MC-127110 – You can’t empty water buckets into waterlogged blocks.
  • MC-128003 – When destroying one block of tall seagrass, the other block becomes air when destroyed, rather than water.
  • MC-130754 – Jumping on farmland pushes the player a bit.
  • MC-132820 – Spawner isn’t in the creative inventory.
  • MC-135973 – Can’t hold Q to drop items rapidly from container inventories.
  • MC-136152 – Placing mob spawner renders a pig for up to a second.
  • MC-137136 – Lily Pads use incorrect sound.
  • MC-137306 – Turtles don’t have breeding delay.
  • MC-145748 – Clicking a settings button when there’s a slider under the mouse in the next screen plays the click sound twice.
  • MC-146930 – The “Programmer Art” resource pack is internally called programer_art.
  • MC-147605 – Text cursors can exist in multiple fields.
  • MC-149395 – Burning zombies are not extinguished by splash / lingering water bottles.
  • MC-150488 – Mobs can spawn on scaffolding.
  • MC-151412 – The “Edit Server Info” window does not focus the “Server Name” text field automatically
  • MC-152752 – Jukebox music sound originates from the northwest edge of the block.
  • MC-156663 – Villager pathfinding broke in water.
  • MC-160610 – Mobs are able to spawn on Chorus Flowers.
  • MC-165686 – Knowledge book texture in the crafting UI hasn’t been updated.
  • MC-170457 – The chest latch doesn’t rotate properly.
  • MC-170817 – Click the sound of sliders in the video settings noticeably louder than anywhere else.
  • MC-171621 – Crimson and Warped roots don’t make a sound when walked on, unlike nether sprouts.
  • MC-175313 – Composter filling sounds originate from the bottom northwest corner of the block.
  • MC-177141 – Cleric’s working subtitle is “Brewing Stand bubbles” instead of “Cleric works”.
  • MC-177523 – Enderman angry/screaming sound event subtitled identically to idle sound.
  • MC-177596 – Weaponsmith working subtitle is “Grindstone used” instead of “Weaponsmith works”.
  • MC-177676 – Armorer’s working subtitle is “Blast Furnace Crackles” instead of “Armorer works”.
  • MC-177738 – Spawnpoint set on respawn anchor using /spawnpoint depletes glowstone charge, and doesn’t stay on respawn anchor if its charge is depleted.
  • MC-177789 – The Shulker box doesn’t destroy twisting vines when placed on top.
  • MC-182708 – Nether and warped wart blocks do not come after leaves in the Creative inventory.
  • MC-183069 – Donkeys, mules, and undead horses cannot be saddled by right-clicking.
  • MC-183502 – The sounds for collecting honey in a bottle and collecting honeycomb with shears are categorized under friendly creatures.
  • MC-183831 – Villagers breed when not standing up.
  • MC-183899 – You can set your spawn point inside an end portal, causing the player to become stuck in the End.
  • MC-185279 – The “Done” and “Cancel” buttons in the game rules screen are not selected in the right order when navigating using Tab â¹.
  • MC-185618 – Creepers can’t be ignited with a fire charge.
  • MC-187539 – #tick function tag runs before #load instead of the other way around.
  • MC-187744 – “Place pack files here” hover text on the pack selection screen shows everywhere when the “Open pack folder” button has focus.
  • MC-187812 – The buttons are not selected in the right order using Tab â¹ in the new data packs and resource packs menus.
  • MC-187816 – Using Tab â¹ multiple times to select a data pack/resource pack from the list does not deselect it.
  • MC-188247 – Explosions from end crystals can’t be blocked by shields.
  • MC-188506 – AngryAt cannot be manually applied to the men.
  • MC-189111 – Bees get stuck on non-full blocks.
  • MC-189872 – Certain mobs don’t have spawn eggs.
  • MC-189911 – Splash water bottles don’t extinguish mobs and players.
  • MC-191790 – Re-creating a world doesn’t allow a blank seed and uses a recreated world’s seed instead of a random one.
  • MC-191948 – Ghast fireball explosions still inflict damage when blocked by a shield.
  • MC-193297 – Ghast fireball explosion does not credit the “Owner” of the fireball if the one who was damaged was not directly hit.
  • MC-193360 – Inconsistent eye level between piglins or zombified piglins and piglin brutes.
  • MC-194390 – A firework rocket from the creative inventory doesn’t show a flight duration.
  • MC-194501 – IllegalArgumentException (Cannot set property) when using a block without the axis property in fancy_tree_placer.
  • MC-195780 – “Data mode” and “Load mode” aren’t capitalized while “Save Mode” and “Corner Mode” are.
  • MC-197150 – Horse armor and carpets cannot be equipped onto horses or llamas by right-clicking them whilst having these items held in your hand.
  • MC-197476 – Some hover texts are wrapped too late making them cut off at the edge of the screen.
  • MC-198493 – Villagers lose their discounts when logging in while it is a zombie villager.
  • MC-199162 – One farmland block in plains_large_farm_1 has a moisture level of 0.
  • MC-200000 – Merchant trade select packet (C2S) does not check for negative indices.
  • MC-200006 – Explosions from beds and respawn anchors can’t be blocked by shields.
  • MC-201684 – Torches and soul torches aren’t grouped together in the creative inventory.
  • MC-201759 – Obsidians aren’t grouped together in Creative.
  • MC-201769 – Copying deeply nested NBT causes StackOverflowError.
  • MC-202513 – Weeping vines and twisting vines are not grouped with regular vines in the creative inventory.
  • MC-202607 – The cat can get off the lead by teleporting when it gives a gift after sleeping.
  • MC-205563 – Endermen holding powder snowdrop a powder snow bucket when killed.
  • MC-208051 – Chests/trapped chests/barrels do not ‘open’ after respawning.
  • MC-209621 – Endermen holding potted plants do not drop the pot or the plant.
  • MC-216733 – Basalt and Blackstone are not grouped together with other “polishable” stone types in the Creative inventory.
  • MC-217644 – Wart blocks and shroom lights are in different Creative tabs.
  • MC-218534 – Blackstone stairs & slabs are not grouped with the other stone-type stairs & slabs.
  • MC-220489 – Beds and respawn anchors are not grouped in the Creative inventory.
  • MC-220668 – Shulker boxes can open when blocked by Big Dripleaf.
  • MC-220708 – Shulker boxes can be opened when blocked by small drip leaves.
  • MC-221568 – Inconsistency: Barriers and structure voids produce particles when broken, but light blocks do not.
  • MC-221722 – Squids use the new texture when using Programmer Art.
  • MC-222099 – Endermen holding candle cakes do not drop the candle or the cake upon being killed.
  • MC-222407 – Endermen holding big drip leaf stems don’t drop big drip leaves upon being killed.
  • MC-222879 – Netherite scrap comes after netherite ingot in the creative inventory.
  • MC-224921 – Mob pathfinding fails under certain circumstances/mobs fall on closed turns.
  • MC-226184 – Axolotl’s pathfinding to water can sometimes fall in wide holes.
  • MC-226566 – Inconsistency: Blocks are not placed correctly in the Creative inventory.
  • MC-228475 – The pointed dripstone is not grouped with dripstone blocks in the creative inventory.
  • MC-228976 – Entity collision is run on the render thread.
  • MC-233042 – The server Address field isn’t focused when the Direct Connection menu is opened.
  • MC-233051 – Server crashes as player logs in.
  • MC-234029 – You cannot hold any key to rapidly navigate between elements quickly after opening the inventory.
  • MC-234161 – You cannot hold the Tab â¹ key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “Optimize World” menu.
  • MC-234240 – You cannot hold the Tab â¹ key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “Superflat Customization” menu.
  • MC-234408 – You cannot hold the Tab â¹ key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “Reset world” realms menu.
  • MC-234409 – You cannot hold any key to rapidly execute the same function in the “World options” realms menu.
  • MC-234446 – Moss Block appears in the wrong creative inventory tab.
  • MC-234572 – You cannot hold the Tab â¹ key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “Delete Server” menu.
  • MC-234621 – You cannot hold the Tab â¹ key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “remove player” realms menu.
  • MC-234702 – In adventure mode, you can interact with the light block.
  • MC-234782 – You cannot hold the Tab â¹ key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “Close realm” realms menu.
  • MC-234846 – You cannot hold the Tab â¹ key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “switch world” realms menu.
  • MC-234904 – You cannot hold the Tab â¹ key to navigate between buttons quickly in the “Data Packs” menu.
  • MC-235414 – Player desynchronization with Nether Portals.
  • MC-239465 – The emerald block in the creative inventory looks out of place.
  • MC-240724 – There are no shadows on text displayed within the subtitles overlay.
  • MC-242097 – Ghast and Polar Bear Spawn Eggs are nearly indistinguishable.
  • MC-242663 – Melons can generate underwater.
  • MC-243458 – Worldgen data packs don’t work on servers at the first launch.
  • MC-244550 – Empty Tags match Empty Slots in Shaped Recipes.
  • MC-244694 – The sounds of goats stomping and ramming aren’t controlled by the “Friendly Creatures” sound slider.
  • MC-244721 – “Erase cached data” is not capitalized.
  • MC-245697 – Certain mobs can’t get out of water that is at least two blocks deep.
  • MC-248589 – World border texture jumps back and forth between two positions as the player’s y level changes.
  • MC-248753 – Pressure plates don’t activate even though visually they should.
  • MC-248926 – Setting spectatorsGenerateChunks to false and logging freezes the game on the Loading Terrain screen.
  • MC-249059 – Loading terrain screen cannot close before 2 seconds have passed.
  • MC-249294 – Rabbits ignore the MoreCarrotTicks value, causing them to always try to eat carrots.
  • MC-249691 – Nylium is not grouped with the nether rack in the Creative inventory.
  • MC-251744 – Datapacks cannot change sapling growth.
  • MC-252107 – Demo Mode introduction popup displays twice when re-joining after death.
  • MC-254597 – Mobs hurt by water don’t take water damage when they are on a boat.

FROM 1.19

  • MC-249106 – Water rendering incorrectly through frogspawn hitbox/model.
  • MC-249232 – Frogs can sometimes fall into deep holes when pathfinding to entities.
  • MC-249257 – The sounds of splashing when creating mud aren’t controlled by the “Blocks” sound slider.
  • MC-249419 – The map color for the mud-brick slab is no longer consistent with the map color for other mud-brick blocks.
  • MC-249463 – Shulkers in boats with chests are lowered.
  • MC-249513 – Frogspawn is not grouped with turtle eggs in the Creative inventory.
  • MC-249720 – Allay’s wings are not attached to its body.
  • MC-249765 – Allays don’t render semi-transparent when invisible where appropriate.
  • MC-249806 – Allay renders too low in boat, boat with chest, minecart, and entities.
  • MC-249875 – Parity Issue: Allays hesitate for a few seconds before following, throwing items, or doing other actions in Java.
  • MC-249935 – New advancement “Birthday Song” grants no experience.
  • MC-250113 – Muddy mangrove roots are not grouped with mud in the Creative inventory.
  • MC-250246 – Moving in mangrove swamps FPS/TPS drop below normal forests.
  • MC-250249 – Parity Issue: Allays pick-up arrow/potion items with other effects than the ones they’re holding.
  • MC-250262 – Players sometimes get stuck on the “Loading terrain…” screen after switching dimensions whilst dead.
  • MC-250311 – The Minecraft: entity.tadpole.grow_up sound event doesn’t have a translation key.
  • MC-250423 – Frog frequently fails to long jump to small blocks.
  • MC-250428 – The narrator does not narrate the death screen.
  • MC-250943 – Minecraft. used: Minecraft.goat_horn doesn’t increase when using goat horns.
  • MC-251296 – Allay has a transparent texture but it is not transparent in the game.
  • MC-251688 – Chat preview can overlap chat contents if the message is long enough.
  • MC-252089 – The chat preview warning menu is forcibly closed when the player dies or changes dimensions.
  • MC-252214 – Going into water does not extinguish the fire on you if you’re in a boat.
  • MC-252239 – Sculk Shrieker count resets when entering the exit end portal.
  • MC-252415 – Bedrock Edition’s new 1.19.10 splash text is not available on Java 1.19.
  • MC-252831 – Bees freeze and fall near certain blocks in 1.19.
  • MC-253076 – Allay duplicated Items when its NBT data is updated every tick.
  • MC-253367 – The screen is sometimes flashed with the “Loading terrain…” screen after proceeding with the chat preview warning when all nearby chunks are loaded.
  • MC-253387 – Frog walking animation is slowed down when applied with slow falling.
  • MC-253542 – Spawner blocks with SpawnPotential and no SpawnData will crash during worldgen.
  • MC-253738 – The vibration particle faces at a constant pitch of about 60 degs, not pointing toward the target.
  • MC-254036 – Entity data sometimes doesn’t get properly updated in multiplayer.
  • MC-254119 – Breeding a Screaming Goat and a Regular Goat never results in a screaming goat.
  • MC-254189 – Parity issue: Allay cannot be interacted with while it is inside a boats or minecarts in Java.
  • MC-254535 – Nether portals cannot replace snow layers.
  • MC-254634 – POIs are not created properly when upgrading worlds.

FROM 1.19.1

  • MC-253125 – Allays can dance while panicking.
  • MC-253189 – Allays with NoAI can dance.
  • MC-254395 – Command suggestions can overlap the chat preview field when the chat preview option is set to “When Sending”.
  • MC-254427 – Secure chat warning toast can appear on single-player worlds.
  • MC-254435 – Neither the secure chat warning toast nor the chat preview warning screen is presented to the player when joining a server using the –server argument
  • MC-254695 – “Narrator Disabled” pop-up doesn’t render fully.
  • MC-254774 – Crash when a villager with a gossip of value 0 shares gossip.
  • MC-254809 – You cannot get water bottles from water in creative mode if there’s a potion in your inventory.

FROM 1.19.2

  • MC-255115 – Lily pads do not produce sounds when walking on them.
  • MC-255133 – Extra copper ore generated in the deep dark.
  • MC-255151 – net. Minecraft. client.Camera#getMaxZoom(double) issue.
  • MC-255164 – Sculk Shrieker warning level resets to 0 after the player’s death.
  • MC-255370 – Chat hover & click events are offset if the “Line Spacing” chat setting is used.
  • MC-255715 – Menu panorama stops spinning after several days.
  • MC-255743 – Bees’ path-finding system may cause performance issues.
  • MC-256217 – Explosions create ghost blocks on servers at high coordinates.
  • MC-256308 – limit selector parameter with “arbitrary” sorting does not stop searching early.
  • MC-256685 – In a small window, when in a scrollable option menu, the tooltip from option 1 of row 8 appears at the top of the screen when hovering over it.
  • MC-256706 – The carpet texture is cut off in the recipe book.
  • MC-257530 – When Chat is set to Hidden, the Chat Hidden Warning appears in chat instead of the action bar when attempting to send a message whilst sleeping or switching game mode.


  • 1.19.2 is a minor update to Java Edition which fixed 2 critical issues. This version is compatible with 1.19.1 servers.


1.19.1 is a minor update to Java Edition released on July 27, 2022. It adds allay duplication, player chat reports, chat signing status indicators, and fixes bugs.


Resource Pack


  • General: Social Interactions screen
  • It is now possible to report a player for sending abusive messages in the chat on the social interactions screen.
  • Reported players can now be banned from online play and Realms after moderator review.
  • The game will show a notice screen on startup if a player has been banned from online play.


  • A rideable entity.
  • Mobs like husks can’t reach entities riding camels due to its height.
  • Can carry up to two players at a time.
  • Can be bred with cactus to produce a baby camel.
  • Can dash to walk faster, or to jump over obstacles such as ravines and rivers.
  • SnifferPixel.png Sniffer
  • Won the mob vote during Minecraft Live 2022.
  • An ancient mob that is hatched from sniffer eggs, which can be found in chests in underwater ruins. Upon hatching, the sniffer can find ancient seeds, which can be used to grow new types of decorative plants.
  • Raft
  • A new type of boat, crafted with bamboo planks.
  • Can be used to craft a variant with a chest.
  • Cactus
  • Can be used to breed camels.
  • Saddle
  • Can be placed on camels.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to get disconnected with secure chat.
  • Fixed a crash in the social interactions screen.
  • Messages that are not signed with the Secure Chat system, or have been tampered with by the server will now be marked.
  • Messages with missing or invalid signatures are marked as “Not Secure”.
  • Messages that are detected as modified are marked as “Modified”.
  • A warning will toast when connecting to a server that doesn’t enforce secure chat.
  • The trust status of messages is displayed with both a colored indicator and an icon.
  • The colored indicator is always visible.
  • The icon is only visible when the chat screen is open.
  • Hovering over the icon will provide more information about the trust status.
  • For modified messages, the original secure text will also be displayed in the tooltip.
  • Added report_button.png, which contains 3 new icons for the report chat function.
  • Added chat_tags.png, which contains 2 new icons about trust statuses of message
  • s.
  • Multiple chat messages can be selected for reporting.
  • The category of the chat report can be selected from a list of Chat Report Categories, as follows:
  • Child sexual exploitation or abuse
  • Someone is talking about or otherwise promoting indecent behavior involving children.
  • Defamation, impersonation, or false information
  • Someone is damaging someone else’s reputation, pretending to be someone they’re not, or sharing false information with the aim to exploit or mislead others.
  • Drugs or alcohol
  • Someone is encouraging others to partake in illegal drug-related activities or encouraging underage drinking.
  • Harassment or bullying
  • Someone is shaming, attacking, or bullying you or someone else. This includes when someone is repeatedly trying to contact you or someone else without consent or posting private personal information about you or someone else without consent.
  • Hate speech
  • Someone is attacking you or another player based on characteristics of their identity, like religion, race, or sexuality.
  • Imminent harm – Self-harm or suicide
  • Someone is threatening to harm themselves in real life, or talking about harming yourself in real life.
  • Imminent harm – Threat to harm others
  • Someone is threatening to harm you or someone else in real life.
  • Non-consensual intimate imagery
  • Someone is talking about, sharing, or otherwise promoting private and intimate images.
  • Terrorism or violent extremism
  • Someone is talking about, promoting, or threatening to commit acts of terrorism or violent extremism for political, religious, ideological, or other reasons.
  • Additional comments can be entered to provide more details and information regarding the report.
  • The reason and the duration of the ban are shown on this screen.
  • MC-146891 – Nitwit villagers can have a profession.
  • MC-148149 – Linux game crashes when opening links.
  • MC-149047 – Scroll Sensitivity slider label uses OS locale for number formatting.
  • MC-177505 – Cured Villager can work at the wrong workstation.
  • MC-207077 – Crash on loading pre-1.13 world with noteblock + note NBT in inventory.
  • MC-211239 – The background opacity box of command suggestions is rendered behind the “Leave Bed” button when sleeping in a bed
  • MC-220872 – The chat scroll bar is still offset
  • MC-235614 – Reference to the unexisting predicate in a data pack causes java. lang.NullPointerException.
  • MC-252082 – Loading server resource packs reloads twice when one is already loaded.
  • MC-252265 – –server argument causes java. lang.NullPointerException crashes on some servers.
  • MC-249523 – The sky color is visible for a brief moment after applying Night Vision under the Darkness effect.
  • MC-249973 – Loading resource packs are significantly slower in 1.19.
  • MC-250020 – Allay doesn’t ignore items when mobGriefing is set to false.
  • MC-250261 – Frogs can lay spawn on flowing water.
  • MC-250267 – Frogs don’t lay their spawn on waterlogged blocks.
  • MC-252190 – Player-dropped items creating vibrations depends on you sneaking at the moment the item hits the ground, instead of when you threw the item.
  • MC-252258 – Wool block/carpet items generate vibrations unless thrown by crouching players.
  • MC-252327 – The world list fails to load after restarting the game and deleting a world.
  • MC-252363 – Mobs that naturally spawn in with equipment will play the respective equipping noise.
  • MC-252439 – Cured Villager trades are not refreshing.
  • MC-252508 – Realms world gen type missing language string.
  • MC-252511 – Bedrock not generating on the new blending border between old and new blending.
  • MC-252539 – Commands sending messages to use the formatting of regular chat in server logs.
  • Always
  • Can now dance when a nearby jukebox is playing.
  • If an allay is given an amethyst shard while dancing, it can “duplicate”, creating another allay and consuming the shard.
  • It has a 5-minute cooldown between each duplication.
  • The newly created allay does not share the original allay’s properties (such as a custom name).
  • Controlled by a CanDuplicate tag (set to true by default).
  • The run_command click event for text components no longer supports sending chat messages directly.
  • Only commands are supported, so a command such as /say should be used instead.
  • This means values now always need to be /-prefixed.
  • The style field default value is no longer present in the JSON file for chat types.
  • game_info.json now contains a narration setting by default.
  • The social interactions screen is now available via the Pause screen when in a multiplayer game.
  • Added 3 new icons for the report chat function in social_interactions.png.
  • MC-72687 – There are no shadows on the text displayed within the action bar.
  • MC-130243 – /debug stop message uses OS locale-specific number formatting.
  • MC-144043 – Trader llamas continued to spit after their target died.
  • MC-252546 – Poor audio quality compared to 1.18.2.
  • Has three variants: pearlescent (purple), verdant (green), and ochre (yellow).
  • Which variant is dropped depends on the frog variant that eats the magma cube.
  • A pearlescent froglight is dropped if a warm (white) frog eats the magma cube.
  • A verdant froglight is dropped if a cold (green) frog eats the magma cube.
  • An ochre froglight is dropped if a temperate (orange) frog eats the magma cube.
  • MC-252683 – Unexpected exception in the selector loop causing server lag.
  • MC-252702 – The game crashes when trying to launch 1.19 when the system is in Arabic, Persian, or adjacent formats.
  • MC-252987 – Illegal character \n in text component clickEvent.
  • MC-253053 – Tooltips are cut off at the bottom of the screen
  • MC-253055 – Resource packs causing each WeighedSoundEvents to duplicate Sounds
  • MC-253214 – Tooltips will become offset in certain cases.
  • MC-253336 – Using the eye of ender “crashes” game in the seed: -3721742095548798177.
  • MC-253402 – The game crashes when you ⧠Shift right-click on an item in your hotbar to the chest at the same time as you die.
  • MC-253888 – Messages that servers have tampered with through chat reporting are signed and reportable.
  • MC-254228 – Client data generator crashes due to locale-dependent String. format.
  • MC-254230 – /worldborder center message uses OS locale-specific number formatting.
  • MC-254349 – Crash when putting dye into a loom on a modded server.
  • MC-254355 – Key binds set to mouse buttons of a number greater than 8 switch over by 1 when the game starts.
  • Is dropped by tiny magma cubes when they are eaten by frogs.[2]
  • Can’t be obtained in survival.
  • Is laid by frogs when they are bred with slime balls.
  • Tadpoles are born from them soon after.
  • Generated in mangrove trees.
  • A decorative block.
  • Generated as a part of mangrove trees, which are located in swamps and mangrove swamps.
  • Can be crafted into mangrove planks and wood.
  • Crafted from mangrove logs.
  • Can be used to craft respective slabs, stairs, fences, fence gates, pressure plates, signs, buttons, doors, boats and trapdoors.
  • Grows into a mangrove tree when planted.
  • Grows underneath mangrove leaves.
  • Can be placed both on land and in water, making it the first tree sapling that can be placed underwater.
  • Generated in mangrove leaves.
  • Bees can pollinate it.
  • Has four growth stages.
  • A decorative block.
  • Can be waterlogged.
  • Found in mangrove swamp biomes.
  • Can be created by using a water bottle on a dirt block.
  • Can be placed on top of dripstone to dehydrate and form clay.
  • This, in turn, enables renewable clay in Bedrock Edition (clay is already renewable in Java Edition).
  • Crafted using 4 packed mud.
  • Can be crafted into mud brick slabs, stairs, and walls using a crafting table or stonecutter.
  • Muddy variant of mangrove roots.
  • Crafted using mud and wheat.
  • Can be used to craft mud bricks.
  • Found only in ancient cities.
  • It is unobtainable in survival mode.
  • Has some unknown “interesting” purpose.
  • Currently can be broken only by mining for a long time, and is immune to explosions, withers, and ender dragons.
  • Generates in the deep dark biomes.
  • Has an animated texture.
  • Drops are only experienced when broken without Silk Touch.
  • Sculk blocks grow underneath a mob corpse around a sculk catalyst.
  • Generates in the deep dark biome.
  • Made of sculk and a bone-like material.
  • Spreads sculk blocks to wherever a nearby mob dies. The amount it spreads depends on the amount of experience the mob is meant to drop.
  • This means that even if the mob doesn’t drop experience as it wasn’t killed by a player, the blocks would still spread based on the amount of experience it normally drops.
  • Drops are only experienced when broken without Silk Touch.
  • Emits light.
  • Emits soul particles after a mob dies and grows sculk-related blocks.
  • Generates in the deep dark biome.
  • Has two soul-shaped patterns in the center.
  • Has the ability to “shriek”, emitting ring-like/sonic particles.
  • Is activated by a sculk sensor.
  • Gives players the Darkness effect when activated.
  • Naturally generated sculk shriekers summon a warden from the ground if activated too many times.
  • Sculk shriekers summon wardens only if there isn’t one within 48 blocks.
  • Sculk shriekers placed by the player or grown from a sculk catalyst cannot summon wardens.
  • Generates in the deep dark biome only.
  • Generated in a layer on top of blocks, similar to snow.
  • Can be placed in all directions, like glow lichen.
  • Has an animated texture.
  • Drops nothing when broken without Silk Touch.
  • Some have parts that are transparent, allowing the player to see the block it is on top of.
  • Warden spawns an egg.
  • Frog spawn egg.
  • Tadpole spawn egg.
  • Allay spawn egg.
  • Obtained by using a water bucket on a tadpole, similar to obtaining a bucket of fish or axolotls.
  • Can be used to transport tadpoles to another location, similarly with fish and axolotls.
  • Spawn within prisons in Woodland Mansions and cages in Pillager Outposts.
  • Grows from a tadpole.
  • Comes in three variants: temperate, cold, and warm.
  • The temperate variant is orange, the warm variant is white, and the cold variant is green.
  • Frog variant depends on the temperature of the biome where it turns from a tadpole to a frog.
  • Each variant is planned to have a unique use for players, which remains unknown.
  • One known use is Froglight production.
  • Jumps on lily pads and big drip leaves.
  • Has the ability to swim in water.
  • The second Amphibian to be added in Minecraft.
  • Eats small slimes, dropping slime balls.
  • Eats small magma cubes, dropping frog lights.
  • Each frog variant drops a different variant of froglight.
  • Can play a loud sound that can be heard from afar.
  • Each horn has its own sound based on the goat it originated from.
  • It has 8 variants, 4 of which are exclusive to screaming goats.
  • The 8 variants are: Ponder, Sing, Seek, Feel, Admire, Call, Yearn and Dream
  • Can also be found in pillager outposts.
  • The temperate frog drops ochre (yellow) froglights.
  • The cold frog drops verdant (green) froglights.
  • The warm frog drops pearlescent (purple) foglights.
  • Are bred with slimeballs.
  • Can be found only in loot chests of ancient cities.
  • Can be used to craft the recovery compass.
  • Drops when a goat rams a tree or any other hard block that occurs naturally where goats spawn.
  • Includes copper ore, emerald ore, iron ore, log, packed ice, or stone.
  • Goats do not ram other solid blocks.
  • A new type of compass points to the last place where the player died.
  • Randomly spins when the player is not in the same dimension that they last died in.
  • Can be crafted by 1 compass surrounded by 8 echo shards.
  • A fragment of the Music Disc “5”, which can be crafted into the disc.
  • Can be obtained only from the chests in the ancient cities. They are extremely rare and hard to obtain.
  • A new boat variant, crafted with mangrove planks.
  • A new music disc, by Samuel …berg, titled “5”.
  • Obtained by restoring it from a fragmented state: can be obtained only through crafting by using 9 Disc Fragments for the disc.
  • The track is similar in nature to “11”.
  • Voted to be in the update during Minecraft Live 2021.
  • If given a block or item, find dropped blocks or items of the same type and bring them to the player.
  • Picks up dropped items in loaded chunks can carry up to a stack at a time, and cannot duplicate items or take items out of chests. It drops its collected items when in range of a note block that was played within 30 seconds.
  • Grows up into a frog after birth. Frog type depends on the temperature of the biome it grows in.
  • The first different baby mob
  • Can be held in a water bucket.
  • Panics on land and path find a nearby water source.
  • If there are any axolotls nearby, it panics.
  • Spawns in the deep dark biome, specifically when too many sculk shriekers are activated.
  • “Emerges” from the ground when summoned by sculk shriekers.
  • Digs back into the ground when it doesn’t sense any vibration after 60 seconds.
  • The first fully blind mob (bats have basic eyesight, both in-game and in the real world).
  • Because of this, it stumbles as it walks.
  • Has a sense of smell. It can detect and path find toward the general location of a player or mob through a “smelling” action.
  • Prioritizes smelling the player or mob that it is most suspicious of, rather than the one closest to it.
  • Has a sense of vibration. When sensing movement, it pathfinds toward the source of the movement. It follows and attacks players, mobs, and other entities that make vibrations.
  • It does not attack other wardens.
  • When it detects a vibration, the growths on its head rattle and light up, similar to the sculk sensor.
  • Seems to follow the same rules as the sculk sensor when detecting vibrations.
  • If any projectile (e.g. egg, snowball, arrow) lands near it, the warden inspects the location where the projectile landed, due to the projectile creating significant vibrations. This feature can be used in order to cause a distraction.
  • It becomes angry at a player who fires more than two projectiles in five seconds.
  • Does not detect players that are sneaking.
  • Because of this, it can detect players or mobs that have the invisibility effect.
  • It can also feel players that bump into it.
  • Becomes more suspicious of a player or mob as it detects its location more through vibrations and/or smelling. When it suspects the target enough, it identifies its exact location, which aggravates it, causing it to path find toward the target to attack regardless of outside distractions.
  • It is the only mob that spawns in the deep dark biome.
  • A mob designed to be extremely difficult, intended to be avoided and fled from.
  • Has a way to counter “cheesing” strategies like pillaring up to avoid attacks. The solution does not involve block breaking. rather, more related to psychological effects.
  • Incredibly strong, doing 32 – 16 damage, bringing players wearing full netherite armor from full health to 7 health points.
  • When the player is out of range for the warden to attack, it uses its ranged attack, a blast of particles that kills the player immediately (without any armor).
  • Currently has 500 – 250 health points.
  • At least as fast as a walking player.
  • Seems to have knockback resistance.
  • Because of this, the warden isn’t needed to receive the advancement, Monsters Hunted.
  • Warden’s chest has a glowing core that appears to brighten and dim in tandem with the Darkness effect.
  • The core creates a low throbbing or “heartbeat” sound as it pulses. The sound and animation speed up rapidly as the warden gets more suspicious of or closer to attacking a player or mob.


  • Open the launcher for Minecraft.
  • Click “Options” next to the text box for your username, then press “Force update!” and then log in to Minecraft with your username and password.
  • Minecraft will start making changes on its own.
  • This can also be used to load Minecraft from scratch.
  • Your saved games and background packs will still be there, but your mods won’t.



  • Processor: AMD Athlon XP 1600+ or Intel Pentium 4 1.6GHz
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 440 or AMD Radeon HD 3200 System
  • Memory: 1 GB Hard drive space
  • RAM Storage: 500 MB


  • There should be an update app button if the game is installed.
  • Installing it will download the most recent version, 1.20. 30 if it isn’t already installed.
  • Once the download is complete, click the update or install button.
  • The most recent version will be installed after it is finished.


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