By The Craft Stars via the Minecraft Marketplace, One Block Lucky Block

Will Honeyfrost’s Map Prove To Be Unlucky For Us?

Arghh! I apologize for it. Normally, I try not to yell when I start one of these posts. Nevertheless, I don’t typically launch a fresh Marketplace map only to get stuck there, surrounded only by an unending, yawning chasm.

The fact that I can see several beautiful islands that would be fun to explore but are all too far away makes it much more aggravating!

Thus, to restate what I said before, ARGHHHHHHHHHHH.

Minecraft Let’s Play One Block Lucky Block

As part of our much-loved weekly series Marketplace Mondays, we’re going to be discussing OneBlock Lucky Block by Honeyfrost, a Marketplace map! This week’s post will be very brief, though, as I have two choices: either I fall off the block and into nothingness forever, or I stay on this block for the rest of my days. My inclination is toward A.

But hold on! As it happens, this isn’t the most vicious Minecraft map ever created. OneBlock is a kind of Minecraft map that is quite popular. Far from the excitement, you spawn on a single block, but this is no typical block.

It is automatically replaced with a new block every time you mine it! Occasionally a block of mud, occasionally a treasure chest, and occasionally this bewildered cow:

Final Oneblock 1

Hello, I guess.

The following is a list of some of the strange items that appeared while I was mining this block:

  • A television A restroom
  • An unfriendly creeper that appeared to be the warden blew up before I could snap a screenshot.
  • A dragon. Alright, then.
  • A sleeping surface. I got a guidebook on how to create a selection of fifty different cars when I tried to sleep in it. Well, what?
  • What’s the game attempting to suggest with a shower? >: (
  • A few blocks that I could use to get out of my current situation

Hold on, that final one seems helpful!

Final Oneblock 2

And a whole school bus, too. Regarding my present situation, roughly as beneficial as a sturdy parachute.

I can gather enough blocks to make my escape rather slowly. Not a second too soon, either. I stare into the chasm, and it stares back into me. Indeed, I am aware that my hair has seen better times—the abyss. When I get back on solid ground, I’m going to take that shower. Leave my case alone.

Nevertheless, I’m getting better!

Until I unleashed this typhoon, that is:

Final Oneblock 3

Just before it appeared, I received a “weather warning.” That is insufficient time to issue a warning.

Dying in a hurricane was a slight setback. However, after I persisted in mining the block and acquired a plane, my luck began to turn! I jumped in and managed to fly to one of the islands after just narrowly missing plunging into the abyss a few times (it doesn’t matter how many, quit living in the past). Success! Must Try Minecraft Dungeons

Final Oneblock Missing Picture

My very own aircraft! Not seen is me breaking it. Since, well, I never did.

This island seems to contain everything, or maybe I’ve simply been living on a lone block for too long! Huge pyramids to explore, mystery blocks, palm trees, and a vendor ready to sell me Totems of Undying.

Final One Block Boss 1

I should have been a little more cautious when exploring this one because there’s a boss fight there:

Final Oneblock Boss 2

Look at it, yikes! LANKY LOBSTER, the renowned boss, must be this one!

I beat the Almighty Crayfish, though it takes a lot of sword swings and death-defying totems to do it! You’ll just have to believe me that I completed this, even if I’m the most dishonest writer on Minecraft.net (but don’t worry, it’s just because of all my millions of lies unrelated to the game). I forgot to take a screenshot.

As much as I like being scared to death by vicious crabs, I believe it’s time to visit another island. Does anyone know where my plane is parked?

Final Oneblock 4

There are TONS of cars to find. Take a look at this machine!

I want to get a tan when I land on this much hotter island. Regretfully, when a Blaze attacks, I end up with a slightly deeper tan than I had planned!

Quick thinking leads me to hop through a nearby Nether portal, where I’m met by a Ghast in tears. I quickly—and wiser this time—return to the fiery island by hopping back through the Nether portal. This isn’t my cup of scorching hot tea. I get creeps from even the good guys here on the island. similar to this one.

Final Oneblock 5


But this is what makes it so beautiful. You can always try another island if you don’t like this one!

I’m concerned that this post may be becoming too “and then”-esque. That is to say, my journey ceases to be a logical story and instead consists of my saying, “And then I did this, and then I did that, and then I did,” etc.

But a good OneBlock map ought to function like that! Trapped on a solitary block in the sky, you begin with an absurd amount of disadvantages and are rewarded for your perseverance with a happy toybox full of mechs, school buses, and crayfish that are out to get you.

It will be a chaotic game when played in multiplayer, with you and your buddies trying to get out of your blocks and get the good stuff first.

Final Oneblock 6

Something about calling this intimidating-looking warrior “Harry Camp” makes me happy:)

There’s plenty here to unpack for a solo player, thought. Mysterious diaries, a vicious bestiary of hostile mobs who appear to have stylist-styled warden looks, and a plethora of other fascinating islands just waiting to be discovered but just out of reach.

When was the last time you played Minecraft and mined a brick without knowing what would come next? Try Honeyfrost’s OneBlock Lucky Block to find out! To that, I recently mined one and obtained a creeper. One that flashes right now, I should probably finish up. I’ll see you in a month! I hope.


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