Minecraft Infinity Dungeon

Destroying Skeletons on the Map of Mythicus!

Minecraft: Let’s Play Infinity Dungeon Skeletons are my favorite thing to combat in Minecraft and life in general. There’s nothing I love more! Not even on the day of my wedding (not even close). I departed early to battle more skeletons in Minecraft because of this.

Fortunately for me, I can get therapy. Luckily for me, there are thousands of hostile skeletons for you to attack on today’s Marketplace map, Infinity Dungeon by Mythicus. The only minor issue is that they retaliate. Aw!

Let's Play Infinity Dungeon

You won’t have any armor when you first enter the dungeon proper, and your only weapon will be a sharp stick. My pointed stick is a very effective weapon, even though it seems a little unfair. Maybe that’s the reason this website’s editor threatens to beat me with sticks if I don’t finish producing these articles by the deadline. Check Out Some Other Games by Going Here.

(Mojang Studios’ legal team has ‘requested’ me to make it clear that I’m making a joke about how brutal the Minecraft.net editor is. Or they’ll use sticks to beat and motivate me. I’m happy to clarify that, attorneys!)

The following are some of the foes you can encounter in the dungeon:

Skull Gallery 4

Not even a beautiful shield can make this misery-no-guts feel better. Most likely because my blows deflect it, making it easier to defeat. Hey!

You must remove every skeleton in the room in order to advance. There are many different types of rooms: wide-open spaces where skeletons can charge you from all directions, narrow, straight passageways, and confusing mazes (I detest these). You can use the key dropped by the last skeleton to enter the next room.

I eventually died in Room 15, no matter how great I am. You gain multiple lives, but I also lost every single one of those. Hail to the skeletons! I had to start over from scratch as a result.

Hey, What?


In 1980, five million years ago, a video game named Rogue was released. Rogue was quite challenging, even at that time. because having to restart the entire game after dying was your punishment!

Since the video game industry is notoriously bad at identifying genres, we call this insanely hardcore type of game, which has just made a reappearance, Roguelikes.

Mythicus Infinity Dungeon

An image from the 1980 film Rogue. It seems, well, pretty

Roguelikes, for obvious reasons, appeal to certain individuals about as much as a wasp-based birthday cake. Fortunately, a far less brutal subgenre was born out of it.

These games still send you back if you fail, but in between runs, you gain permanent bonuses (such as getting to keep the weapons you found for your next attempt). We call these Rougelites.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Infinity Dungeon is a roguelite. Whoa!

You will retain all of the gold, treasure, and experience you collected during your dungeon descent when you return to the hub area. You can use enchantment tables to strengthen your armor, find a random assortment of stuff in chests with this gold, and you won’t be restarted. Just a few chambers!

Hopefully, after a few runs, you’ll have enough cash to purchase something more powerful than a blunt object. I succeeded in obtaining the considerably more auspicious-sounding Dungeon Hammer.

I wish I had known these few pointers before leaving:


Don’t Rush

There is no incentive to swiftly clear a floor. It would be much better if you took your time and removed each skeleton individually. Since skeletons aren’t particularly lethal on their own, try luring them into narrow passageways rather than confronting large numbers of them in a broad area. You should not befriend space!


You’ll have to use punching to go through this dungeon if you’re caught without a weapon. This is about as wise a move as telling the warden, “You’re ugly!” Additionally, keep any extra weapons in your hotbar. You don’t want to have to retrieve a replacement weapon from your inventory in the middle of a fight if one breaks!


The dungeon can occasionally become extremely dark, making it difficult to see what is coming at you. Go back to where it’s lighter and wait for the skeletons to approach you.


Keep your food bar full since your health bar can only replenish when you are fully fed. When there are no dangers close by, I would advise checking to see whether you need a snack. In the dungeon, food drops really frequently, so start devouring!

Image Seven

What connection does this advice have to Infinity Dungeon? Nothing; it’s merely sound guidance. Thank you very much.


Although It’s Not Too Difficult To Identify Chests, Look Out For Cash Scattered Over The Floor And Crystals That Release Experience And Lapis Lazuli. Before Continuing, Eliminate All Of The Opponents From The Floor And Quickly Circle Around The Prize. With That Loot, You’ll Want To Buy Additional Gear!

Don’t Forget To Loot The Place

For the past week, I have been playing Infinity Dungeon once a day, and I have made it to Room 52 thus far. Nothing but infinite rooms left! Could you surpass my record? Please don’t tell me if you do. I can’t handle the blow to my self-esteem:


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