In This New DLC, Take On Blocky Mind Flayers!

Minecraft and Dungeons Dragons share a lot of similarities. You must utilize your imagination to play both games (is that a dirt block or a new house?).

Players who exercise their imagination are rewarded in both games (why hurry into the dragon’s lair when you can tunnel beneath it!).

Additionally, as of right now, both games can be combined into a single Dungeons & Dragons DLC!* Are you prepared to take a chance and play one of the most thrilling adventure role-playing games ever to be recreated in stunning 64-bit graphics? Now let’s move!

*Requires the most recent version of Bedrock Edition (separately offered) of Minecraft. Use the free D&D T-shirt Character Creator item by November 27, 2023; only one per person may be redeemed. Not available at this time for Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Wizards of the Coast LLC, TM & Copyright 2020.

This action-packed role-playing game is perfect for all skill levels, even if you haven’t played D&D for ages or have never faced a Mindflayer before.

You can choose your class and playstyle, just like in the tabletop Dungeons & Dragons game, and throughout the game, you can make decisions that will play to your strongest suits.

Would you rather slam doors than knock on them? Play as a hefty Barbarian or sneak around as a Rogue, using guile and maybe some poisoned darts to get past barriers.

Wizards are able to cast ranged spells, so even if you’re not a fan of melee combat (like me), you can still stay safe and unleash a barrage of magical missiles on your adversaries.

You can also play as a powerful Paladin who has both healing and heavy-hitting skills if you don’t want to have to decide between charging in or staying back.

Dungeons & Dragons Dlc

You’re prepared to answer the call of adventure after you’ve decided on your character and stats! Not too soon either—have you heard that there have been missing persons in your village?

Even worse, nobody appears to be able to explain why. It appears that you have a riddle to unravel, which will undoubtedly land you in one or more difficult situations.

Dungeons & Dragons Dlc Cover

As you battle (or sneak) to save the world, you’ll explore the Forgotten Realms and see well-known spots from Dungeons & Dragons with the help of an odd dragon partner. Discover new skills, improve your stats, and perfect your fighting technique as you explore incredibly intricate settings.

You’ll come across numerous fully voiced personalities as well as some terrifying enemies from Candlekeep to Revel’s End. Even the most experienced explorer will face a formidable task from these massively revamped foes, regardless of your prior experience facing off against Mimics, Beholders, or Displacer Beasts!

You will be able to download a themed Character Creator item and a unique D&D Monstrous Compendium containing some of your favorite Minecraft Mobs as a special gift to celebrate your new adventure! Have you ever been curious about the defense stats of a Creeper or the dexterity of an Ender Dragon? With the Monstrous Compendium, you can stop wondering!


Minecraft Dungeons And Dragons Dlc 1

Although my Realm friends have taught me some wolfish pack techniques, I’ve never seen my favorite in-game mob—the wolf—looking so gorgeous!

Your choices (and the results of your dice rolls) impact how you play this DLC, much like they did in your most thrilling tabletop adventures. Do you need to roll an initiative check or is the proprietor of the tavern actually speaking the truth? Should you use Fireball or can your cunning alone defeat your enemies?

Minecraft Dungeons And Dragons Dlc 2

You have the final say! As someone who frequently defeats zombies by just waiting till dawn, I do, however, wholeheartedly endorse all strategies using fire. Now that there’s a unique soundtrack, fresh, never-before-seen action, and a tonne of strategic options, the only thing left to decide is which class to take. In the process, how many natural 20s will you roll?

Find out in the brand-new Dungeons & Dragons DLC*: out today on Minecraft Marketplace!


We want every platform to have an excellent DLC experience. In light of this, we are unable to release the Dungeons & Dragons DLC on the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Switch systems at this time. Additionally, mobile devices must have 6GB of RAM or more. We’ll keep you updated on any developments. Visit Minecraftapp for related articles.


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