Delicious Minecraft Asmr Meal Satisfying Eating Food


Even though flowers are pretty, they don’t last long before they turn into a mess of wet, dead plants that you have to get rid of. Imagine if your other furniture stopped looking good after a week.

If your sofa turned into mush when you sat on it and your dining room table lost its shape and began to attract flies, you would stop buying those things, right? Flower life never ends in Minecraft.

Things don’t really die unless you hit them with your sword. That being said, why not make your own Minecraft flowers? They are better than real flowers. Pretty DIYs has put together a collection of Minecraft DIYs.

Hailley. shows you how to paint tiny flowers on white shoes to make your friends jealous, and Kaycee. Pham shows you how to get your friends to help you make potted plants out of wooden cubes that won’t die like some houseplants do. Visit Minecraftapp for related articles.

As you can see, one of the good things about Minecraft is that you don’t need to be very artistic to duplicate anything from the game. You only need to draw a grid of squares and paint each one separately—not that our pixel artists aren’t extremely talented, mind you. That is something that everybody can do!

Minecraft Diys To Award Your Friends

Sapwastakenn’s craft in this compilation replicates precisely that, utilizing a few square canvases to draw the face of your favorite Minecraft YouTuber. Simply gather a lot of paint, a ruler, a pencil, and patience, just like for the other Minecraft crafts!

If you’d want something a little more three-dimensional, you can also use wooden cubes in place of the canvas! While you’re at it, how about painting your friends’ and your Minecraft skins?

That seems like a pretty great present for any Minecraft enthusiast! I might even make one myself. Is there anyone nearby who has several hundred wooden cubes?

Use the hashtag #FeatureMeMinecraft on Twitter to let us know if you’ve crafted flowers for your room or recreated your Minecraft skin!


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