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Currently In Beta And Preview Is A New Realms Feature.

Every Realm has a narrative to share. The tales that emerge from your Realm are exclusively yours, whether it’s about how you unintentionally lured a creeper into camp, packed your friend’s base with chicks, or leaped through a Nether portal empty-handed. You’ll have more methods than ever to tell them with Realms Stories, which are currently in preview and beta testing!

You can now test a new social hub called Realms Stories*, which allows you to share your best gameplay experiences with other Realm players. You can announce an impending pillager attack, show off your latest creation, ask for ideas on how to improve it, or just celebrate a victory. *Players who have been invited to a preview or beta realm or who currently subscribe to a realm can try this in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.


Minecraft Realms Feed
Realms Stories: This is how the story feed appears!

From the in-game pause menu, select the screenshot button to share your play session’s activities with others. Maybe you’ve discovered a mansion in the woods and want some assistance before you charge in. Or perhaps you’ve made headway on a shared project and would like to let the new builder take over! Visit the website for additional updates¬†Minecraft App

Realms Stories will make it simpler to share your Minecraft adventures with other Realm members, enabling you to collaborate on projects and play together even if you live far apart. I’ve been trying to arrange a tea party there for a very long time, but I just can’t manage to get in. I hope the cake is a thing for the Ender dragon!


Minecraft Realms Members
Members Tab in the Realms Stories UI

Realms Stories will feature a “Members” option that facilitates quick viewing of the members of that Realm by all users (not just the Realm owner!). Additionally, you may check who is online by using the Members page. This means that if you don’t want to go into the deep dark by yourself, you can see who is nearby to have a warden accompany you!

Additionally, Realm owners can choose whether to make the Timeline tab in Realms Stories visible to all Realm members. This tab will display the times when the most Realm members are online at once. Ideal for organizing that party in Realm!

Minecraft Realms Timeline 1
Realms Stories UI – Timeline Tab


In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, you can enable Preview and Beta testing for your Realm to test Realms Stories, including the Timeline view and Members tab! If you don’t know how to accomplish this,

I’m going to start taking my The End tea party seriously in the interim. Someone to make a table and chairs and someone to bring the decorations are also needed. It will be my responsibility to tame the Ender dragon and invite it to the celebration! Ultimately, how difficult could that be?

Minecraft Realms DragonCake 01
This? My dream is this. The Ender dragon might enjoy cake, I hope!

As usual, when features are tested, we would appreciate hearing from you! Please Provide Your Feedback 


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