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A Minecraft Preview Changelog

Three things in this week’s Bedrock Preview and Beta make me excited. Armadillos that hold grudges! (They’ll remember the last player who hit them and see that player as a threat.) Breeze fights against the iron monster! (The one we all looked forward to) Finally, a brand-new block: the vault!

The vault is especially cool for people who like to play with other people because it makes the game more fun for everyone in your group. That’s because, unlike chests, the vault can be opened and looted by more than one person, though each player can only do it once. Never cry over empty boxes again! You should only cry if you hit an armadillo by chance because they will remember. It was for 10 seconds!

What’s new is shown below. We always appreciate hearing what you have to say, so please tell us what you think here. You can also report any bugs you find at bugs. Try Minecraft Preview

Minecraft Beta & Preview



Discover the correct key to unlock the wealth and loot hidden within this block.

  • Scattered around Trial Chambers, holding the most valuable treasures from the buildings
  • Trial Chambers vaults must be accessed with a trial key.
  • May be unlocked by an infinite number of participant
  • Once a vault has been unlocked, it cannot be unlocked again by the player.
  • When the player is close to the Vault and hasn’t unlocked it yet, an orange stream of particles flows from them to the vault.
  • Features a keyhole that changes its state according to the players in the vicinity.
  • The keyhole will be open if any adjacent players haven’t unlocked that vault.
  • Once every player in the vicinity has unlocked that vault, the keyhole will be sealed.
  • It will rotate through and show objects in its cage that can be removed from its loot table.
  • Every time it is unlocked, the goodies it ejects are randomly selected from its treasure table.
  • The loot table that prizes chests used to use in the Trial Chambers is currently reused by vaults.
  • As development progresses, this placeholder loot table will be thoroughly updated.
  • not mineable, cannot be made, and cannot be gained in Survival mode.
  • Unmovable and resistant to explosions


  • Currently, Armadillos’ sounds may be heard even when the player is turning their back on them.
  • Now, Armadillos remembers who hit them most recently and considers that player to be a threat for ten seconds.
  • Updates have been made to the hurt sounds that rolled-up Armadillos make.


  • Breeze is now hostile not only to players but also to Iron Golems.
  • Breeze no longer retaliates in response to attacks from the following mobs: slimes, husks, spiders, cave spiders, skeletons, stray animals, and zombies.
  • The aforementioned mobs are injured by the Breeze’s Wind Charge projectile, although they do not strike back.

If the block directly beneath the Breeze is Leaf, then the Breeze’s run particles have been adjusted to take up the color and texture of those particles.



  • The entity target selector now has the “has_property” filter, enabling targeting based on the kind and value of properties.
  • The damage type suicide is no longer available via the /damage command. ‘self_destruct’ takes its place (MCPE-174865)


  • When trying to destroy a single Sea Turtle Egg in a stack of multiples in Realms, it no longer destroys two at once (REALMS-10477)
  • People can now find Spawn Eggs faster in the Creative store because they are called “[Mob] Spawn Egg” instead of “Spawns [Mob]”.


  • Fixed a bug that could make the loading screen stay at 41% for a long time (MCPE-175550) .


  • Baby mobs now make both sound and particles when they are fed.
  • Now, even when the person is turned away, they can hear all of Phantom’s sounds (MCPE-133125).
  • It’s now possible to hear all of Wardens’ sounds even when the player is turned away (MCPE-159481).


  • “Realm Events” is the name of the new type of story. When interesting things happen in your Realm, these new stories are added to the feed immediately. You’ll find more if you play more.
  • Fixed a bug that caused time stamps on Stories to show up in the middle instead of the top right spot.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Realms Stories to crash.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Realms Stories to crash when you used a gamepad to return from the Members tab.
  • Fixed a problem where time blocks wouldn’t show up right after PlayStation users changed their time zone.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen reader to read Realms pages that weren’t available.
  • When GUI resizing was turned off, most of the text in Realms Plus PDP was missing. This has been fixed.
  • The problem where users would see the wrong error message on the “Choose a Preview Realm” screen after leaving the “Choose a Subscription” screen has been fixed.



  • There are now six separate blocks: “oak_double_slab”, “spruce_double_slab”, “birch_double_slab”, “jungle_double_slab”; “acacia_double_slab”; and “dark_oak_double_slab”.
  • This needs at least “format_version” 1.20.70.


  • Since the “damage_modifier” and “damage_multiplier” parts of the “damage_sensor” component are now properly taken into account when figuring out damage immunity, damage that has been changed to be less than or equal to the most damage an entity has taken during its immunity period will be correctly ignored.
  • World version 1.20.70 or higher is needed for this.


Early versions of the Editor and its API can be used with a keyboard and mouse on Windows PC Bedrock Preview builds. Use #BedrockEditor to tag us on social media.

You can join the GitHub Discussion group to talk with the team and learn how to use the Editor. The starter kit and samples will help you get started building extensions.

This week’s fix:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the reload modal to not show up when the button was pressed with more than one person connected.


A new entity filter called “was_last_hurt_by” has been added. It checks to see if the subject was the most recent person or mob to attack the entity.


  • Vanilla trims can now be used to trim custom armor attachables, and things and custom armor attachables can now have vanilla patterns changed.
  • The attachable component lets you change the patterns of the vanilla trim.
  • Custom geo armor can have vanilla edges added to it using the attachable part.
  • The attachable component can be used to apply vanilla trim designs that have been changed to fit the new geo armor.
  • For the attachable and item armor trim designs, you need the 1.20.60+ format version for custom armor.


  • There is now version 1.20.70 of surface_particle_color, query.surface_particle_texture_coordinate, and query.surface_particle_texture_size. This lets all three searches see leaf blocks as the surface texture below the block. Molang versions below 1.20.70 will still not be able to see the leaf block below them.
  • This change only applies to Molang queries in packs that have at least 1.20.70 as their manifest.json min_engine_version.


  • ItemFrameDropItemPacket was taken away.



Entity Components

  • Added an EntityTypeFamilyComponent that has functions. return getTypeFamilies() as a string as well as hasTypeFamily(type family: string): boolean value


  • ItemFoodComponent was moved from the test to 1.9.0.
  • The following code was added: matches(itemName: string, states?: Record): boolean value
  • Class BlockVolumeUtils was taken away. Added class BlockVolumeBase and moved utility methods to BlockVolumeBase and BlockVolume. is the base class that block volumes will grow from BlockVolume

Change That Breaks BlockVolume was changed from an interface to a class that extends BlockVolumeBase.

@minecraft/server.Entity. play animation

  • The entity was moved. play: animation went from test to stable
  • The enum BlockPistonState was moved from beta to 1.9.0.
  • The class BlockPistonComponent was moved from beta to 1.9.0.
  • PistonActivateAfterEvent class was moved from beta to 1.9.0.
  • PistonActivateAfterEventSignal class was moved from test to 1.9.0.


  • Now, Dimension. entities only give back the entities that are in the dimension that was asked for.


  • The Deferred Technical Preview has been turned on for iOS devices.
  • Point Light Shadows were added to the Technical Preview that was put off. With this new feature, light sources like lanterns and fires can now cast shadows.
  • Note that this function might not work by default if your Shadows Quality setting is not set to High. In Video Settings, the Deferred Graphics area now has a new label and tooltip that show whether point light shadows are on or off.
  • Using this new function along with other features that are set to “Ultra” may cause some instability. If you’re having crashes, lowering some of the graphics settings might help until the problem is fixed.

In the Deferred Technical Preview, the lighting of the Allay has been fixed.


  • These versions of the work-in-progress can be unstable and might not show how good the end version will be.
  • You can get Minecraft Preview on Xbox, Windows 10/11, and iOS devices. You can find out more at aka. ms/PreviewFAQ.
  • You can get the test on Android (Google Play). See aka. ms/JoinMCBeta for full directions on how to join or leave the beta.

As always, you can check out the latest full changelog at Minecraftapp. Good luck and enjoy the Minecraft Preview update!



Let’s Play Simply Chess Minecraft

At last! Some high-level talk

Minecraft will be 15 years old this year. There’s still time for our little making game to become old enough to drive or run for president, but it’s getting there. But when it comes to getting old, chess is way better than Minecraft.

Chess has been played for over a thousand years! Let’s Play Simply Chess If you’re one of our millions of readers who is only one year old, you should know that chess is 1000 times older than you are. Wow!

But how good is chess? It has everything you need for a great game. They had knights, bishops, a king, and a queen. Because Minecraft doesn’t have any of those, I’m getting rid of it right away.

Hold on a second… Those things can be in Minecraft. As soon as I get Simply Chess by Yeggs from the Minecraft Marketplace!

Let's Play Simply Chess Image 1

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Simply Chess comes with a beautiful set. If this does surprise you, you might want to talk to your doctor.

But the board is so big that the pieces are too high for you to reach. Here I am trying not to be scared of the King:

Simply Chess Final Images

Good afternoon, Your Majesty. How does it hang?

It’s not very fun to play a game where you have to painfully move huge chess pieces across the board. You can walk off the board and get a better view from the stands, which is good news. Then all you have to do to move the pieces is point and click, like a chess master.

You can be as rude as you want when you look down at the board. Look at all those pawns, heroes, castles, and other things that are ready to do what you want!

Simply Chess Final Images 3

Not sure what the rules of chess are? Not a problem! There is a great, easy-to-understand lesson that comes with Simply Chess. I don’t have a great, easy-to-understand lesson, though, so good luck learning how chess works:

The goal is to get rid of the other player’s King. We are British, and I’m a little afraid that winning this game will be seen as treason. I also have a good reason to lose now, though. That’s nice.

Here are some of our brave soldiers:

Simply Chess Final Images Castle

It makes sense that a castle shouldn’t be able to move. Don’t forget to help me build a time machine and go tell the jerk who made chess that their game is broken. Anyway, castles can move as many places up and down and left and right each turn. Handy or illogical?

Simply Chess Final Images Pawn

On their first turn, pawns can move two spaces forward. After that, each turn, they can only move one space forward. While it’s moving forward horizontally, it can’t take out enemy pieces that are in front of it.

However, it can do that as long as they lose a piece in the process. You can trade it for a much better piece if you get it to the other side of the board.

Simply Chess Final Images Queen

This piece is very strong and can move as many places across, down, and diagonally as she wants. Oh my. Your queen is by far the most useful piece, and you might want to use it all the time. But remember that losing her is a very bad thing!

Simply Chess Final Images Bishop

On their first turn, pawns can move two spaces forward. After that, each turn, they can only move one space forward. While it’s moving forward horizontally, it can’t take out enemy pieces that are in front of it. However, it can do that as long as they lose a piece in the process. You can trade it for a much better piece if you get it to the other side of the board.

Simply Chess Final Images King

seen here cowering behind the other pieces like a coward. Completely pointless. can move only one space at a time and in any direction. In any case, why are we even shielding this bastard? Perhaps I ought to be King?

If all of that seems like gibberish to you, don’t worry. The Simply Chess lesson will explain how to play in great detail. You can play against a friend once you understand the rules. Alternatively, you might play computer games.

Since all of my friends were too busy buying me presents to celebrate my greatness, I opted to play against Robert the Robot, the computer opponent. I don’t have any pals.

Simply Chess Final Images 4

Robert’s mouth is like a chessboard. All I want for a mouth is a chessboard.

The game starts. I advance one of my pawns by two spaces. Right away, Robert advances one of his pawns to two squares. He’s fantastic, man.

Before one of us eliminates a piece from our opponent, there are still a few moves to go (whoever does this first is unimportant). This is animated delightfully when the chess piece knocks the other piece over in an overly forceful manner, replete with a well-chosen thunk sound, and… hold wait. Is Robert making fun of me?

Simply Chess Final Images 5

Words of wisdom for someone who, let me remind you, is essentially speaking off a chessboard >:(

That’s the way it is, then, Robert? You know, I was thinking about writing a piece where I purposely lost at chess to make it more interesting. But that was before you, a machine, thought you could sass me, a person who is probably the most loved in the world. I take out one of Robert’s pawns and grab one of my own. Ha!

Goodness gracious! Robert didn’t like it at all:

Simply Chess Final Images 6

The match is tough, especially since I’m trying. That being said, the best part? Chess is still fun for me even though I haven’t played it in over ten years! It’s cruel, strategic, and full of turns and twists.

I love games where one stupid mistake can ruin everything; it keeps the excitement sky-high. Additionally, how could we learn if we never made mistakes? Like that time Mojang Studios hired me when they shouldn’t have.

If the author was more humble, they wouldn’t end the story by talking about beating Robert the Robot. They should be happy. Still, it’s better for me because SUCK IT ROBOT, I BEAT YOU YES I DID THAT CHECKMATE YOU SILLY TIN CAN.

Simply Chess Final Images 7

When you win, the game cheers by making a powerful ROAR sound like a lion just won a chess game. What the heck, the sound I made wasn’t even a tenth as respectful.

You can get Simply Chess today in the Minecraft Marketplace if you want to join in the fun.

We’ll see you next month! Unless that robot starts a machine uprising just to get back at you for this. But I think that’s nice and not likely:)




Germany, France, the UK, and the US can now play our newest board game!

I assumed that board games were over for me because I was always losing Monopoly games to my cat. But then, a few of our sharpest Mojang minds collaborated with some even sharper Ravensburger board game designers to create Minecraft: Builders and Biomes! As soon as I know if I can beat my cat at it, I’ll let you know.

You may explore the Overworld, mine uncommon resources, construct amazing constructions, and gather weaponry to take down enemies in Minecraft: Builders & Biomes.

Use all of your ingenuity, bravery, and strategic building to cheat, get the maximum experience points, and win the game! Shall we have a look at some gorgeous pictures from this stunning board-based adventure? Come on!

Image One

This is such a cool box! Okay, let’s look at picture 2 to see more of what’s inside.

Image Two

Oh my! So much loot! There is building, fighting, and resource hunting in this board game. That’s about all the Minecraft we could fit in, minus Jens’ hair.

Image Three

There’s lots of fun information on the back of the box too. The age range is my favorite because it makes it clear that this game is great for people 10 to 99 years old. For people who are 100 years old, this game might not be right for you.

Ravensburger’s Daniel Greiner and Ulrich Blum, along with Mojang’s Marc Watson, Patrick Geuder, Patrick Liu, and Jens Bergensten, have done a great job making a new experience that is still Minecraft. Visit this website to obtain free games.

There was no way that I had anything to do with making this game. Not by chance, I think it will be a hit! The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France can now get Minecraft: Builders & Biomes.

Can I write an essay and play Minecraft at the same time? Nope. I screamed and cried for eighteen lines because I saw a block that looked a bit like a spider. I never learn from my mistakes, though, so I’m going to try to write the rest of this story and play Minecraft: Builders & Biomes at the same time. Good luck to me! Feel free to treat me badly if you don’t like this plan. The first thing I did was have Julian, the new social media manager, set it up while I ate cake.


Thanks, freshman!

Soon, Julian killed a skeleton, made a Nether Portal, gathered food, experience, and blocks, armed himself with several swords, linked several of his creations to get extra experience, and threw TNT at a witch. I, on the other hand, dropped one of the pieces and blushed.




It Looks Like Sand Goes On Forever!

Do you know what my favorite part of a meal is? Dessert food. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I chose the desert as our biome of the month. Strangely enough, they are a lot alike. From the outside, they both look easy, but they are very complicated. Both of them are surprisingly different. Both of them are wonderful to look at and feel.

It’s been a long time since the Halloween Update added deserts to Minecraft. That update also added the Nether, fishing, and sunrises. Since then, our developers have included fun things to find, like husks and, uh, dead bushes.

Desert Carousel 1
Desert Carousel 3

I’m not serious. You can find a lot of cool stuff hidden in the sand. There is a chance to find water and things from long-lost societies in desert wells. Living in a village lets you sell goods and gather food.

You can raid desert pyramids and pillager camps to get loot (and danger). While fossils show that the Overworld used to be home to huge creatures. Visit this website to obtain free games.

There are a lot of animals living here, even though the environment is hard. There are rabbits in the dirt, and cities in the desert are home to cats, cows, sheep, pigs, and camels. You will be attacked at night by creepers, endermen, slimes, spiders, husks, and witches. There are cacti all over the place, and lava ponds are a good place to get rid of things you don’t need.

You’ll need to bring goods from other biomes into the desert to stay alive. A single tree bought from a traveling merchant and maybe some crops “borrowed” from a village will get you started, though. Watch out for husks, though—these dried-out zombies will make you hungry and don’t burn up in the sun like other zombies do.

Desert Carousel 4
Desert Carousel 5
Desert Carousel 6

Deserts are abundant on Earth where it rains little. Little rain equals little vegetation, which means the wind and sun can erode the surface. Deserts are sand-filled because erosion makes it!

Not all deserts are sand-filled. Much of the arctic areas are deserts because little rain falls and what does fall is snow. Due to its coldness, this snow freezes and forms glaciers. See Minecraftapp Marketplace for more games.

Like Minecraft, real deserts aren’t as bleak as they seem. Many flora and animals have adapted to the severe environment. Deep roots and spikes protect plants from animals. Nocturnal animals conserve water and avoid the sun.

However, deserts may be the future of energy generation. They can host enough solar power plants to power humanity due to their constant sunlight. Only getting power from deserts to where it needs to go is challenging. But we’ll fix it, right? I hope so…




A Bedrock Tool That Changes The Game!

Please play the drums! Today, add-ons are coming out for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition that can change the way your worlds look and work. Add-ons, which you can get from the Minecraft Marketplace, let you make new worlds and add new blocks, mobs, items, recipes, and other materials to them.

Your house looks great, but maybe it’s missing a mid-century chair. Or do you dream that dragons roam the Overworld? What about both? You can get new designs, adventures, and game features by adding them to your game. This is, in other words, a game-changer! There’s also talk that we’re giving some of them away for free…


Since everyone plays Minecraft in their way, my dream of riding a pogo stick through the Overworld might not be yours. You can change your game in any way you want with add-ons. So now you can add more of anything to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, no matter what device you play on.

It could be cuteness, ease of use, creepiness, or chaos. It’s great that you don’t have to choose because add-ons can be mixed! But maybe the best thing about them is that you don’t need to know much about technology to set them up—all you have to do is download the material from the Minecraft Marketplace.

We’re giving away a free set of add-ons to mark this important occasion and let you try them out for yourself. It’s over, which is the best thing of all!


Key Art for ATW Marketing
ATW Marketing Screenshot
ATW Marketing Screenshot 1

The first time I saw a pink sheep was one of my favorite Minecraft moments. I gasped. I’m about to gasp again because this add-on has pink wool that sparkles! You can add more than one hundred different kinds of wool to your world. And don’t forget the vehicle you can drive!


Spark Pets Free Marketing Key Art
Spark Pets Free Marketing Screen
Spark Pets Free Marketing Screenshot 1

You’ll always love your (some might say too big, I say just right) wolf pack, but there’s always room for more pets. There are ten different species! I mean, how could you say no to getting a blocky hedgehog? Or maybe a little capybara? Or how about a guinea pig?! You can even teach them tricks!


Another Furniture Add-On Marketing Key Art
Another Furniture Add On Marketing Screenshot
Another Furniture Add-On Marketing Screenshot 1

There is still a “No Chair Policy” in place at Mojang, but at least I can add chairs to the Overworld with add-ons. You can add more than just chairs!

Another Furniture by Starfish Studios has more than 20 pieces of furniture and decorations that you can use to make your blocky home look better. I’m going to look at the chairs because I love to sit on the couch. Oh, what a nice break!


Spark Portals Marketing Key Art
Spark Portals Marketing Key Art Screeshot.1
Spark Portals Marketing Key Art Screeshot.2

Are you sick of going into and out of the Nether to get where you need to go faster? There is now a better way to travel, even though I wouldn’t mind taking the slower Overworld road! A lot of doors of different colors.

To get around faster, connect them all over your world. Let’s stop having sore fingers! You can visit this website to download


Computer Marketing Key Art
Computer Marketing Screenshot
Computer Marketing Screenshot 1

These blocky computers are cool because they look cool and they let you do cool things. For example, you could send emails to other people on bases far away, play funny computer games, or look for monsters. It’s fun to play a video game inside another video game, right?


Hikers Friend Marketing Key Art
Hikers Friend Marketing Screenshot
Hikers Friend Marketing Screenshot 1

This is for people who like to walk! Or what might finally change the minds of people who hate hiking? Walking sticks indeed look cool, but what do they do? They do make it faster to get where you need to go.

The climbing pick lets me climb any mountain, the sleeping bags let me camp under the stars, and the hand-held lanterns help me get over my fear of the dark, and I’m a happy camper!


Okay, that was a lot of information. All of that is just a small taste of what add-ons can do. Check out the add-ons help page if you need any help. It has all the information you need about how to install and use add-ons. Feel free to let us know if you have any problems or just want to share your ideas.

Check out the Minecraft Marketplace to see all the different add-ons that can change the way you play and open up new worlds. Don’t be afraid to be weird, crazy, and creative—that’s what Minecraft and add-ons are for!




Minecraft Java Snapshot

To fix a crash and an issue that was introduced in the snapshot from yesterday, we are currently releasing version 24w05b.

Happy mining to you!


  • The range of values that can be used for potion effect amplifiers is now limited to 0 to 127.
Minecraft Snapshot 24w05b


  • MC-118857 – Even though it is stored as an integer, the effect amplifier is read and written from NBT as a byte.
  • MC-268168 – Chainmail armor has a damaged texture as a result of the renaming of the armor material.
  • MC-268172 – When saving an entity’s impact that is greater than 127, the game fails.


For Minecraft: Java Edition, you can get screenshots. To add the Snapshot, open the Minecraft Launcher and make sure that backups are turned on in the “Installations” tab.

Minecraft Snapshot 24w05b Every Miners Insights

If you want to test versions that won’t mess up your main world, please save them and/or run them in a different area.


  1. It is very simple to put Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot 24W05B on Java Edition. First, open the Minecraft Launcher and go to the “Installations” tab.
  2. There, turn on backups.
  3. After that, click “New Installation” and then “Latest Snapshot” from the choice that appears.
  4. After that, click “Create,” and you’ll be able to choose a new snapshot version before you click “Play.”

But there are a few more steps that need to be taken to allow experimental features as well. When you’re in the Minecraft app, go to “Create New World” and then “Experimental” before turning on any features you want to see in the game. Last, click “Done” and then “Create New World” again.




Minecraft Java Snapshot!

On February 14, 2024, version 24w07a, the most recent snapshot for the 1.20.5 upgrade for Minecraft: Java Edition, was released. With the latest experimental release, a new hostile mob with toxic arrows—the mired skeleton variant—is introduced. Along with a slew of bug fixes, it brings back the functionality for hoppers to retrieve objects from beehives and nests.

Minecraft Snapshot 24w07a-Minecraft Java Edition

For those who have already bought a copy of Java Edition, the snapshot is now accessible, but how can they obtain it? It turns out that, given a reliable internet connection, the procedure is rather simple and should only take a few minutes.

A lot of third-party clients can get to snapshots, but let’s look at how to get to one through the game’s main launcher.


The Wind Charge’s fall damage mitigation isn’t functioning.



A brand-new Skeleton species that fires toxic arrows

  • With 16 health as opposed to 20 health, they are easier to defeat.
  • Instead of attacking every two seconds, they attack every 3.5 seconds.
  • Has the potential to drop Poison Arrows when players kill it.
  • These naturally occurring mossy, mushroom-covered skeletons breed in swamps and mangrove swamps.
  • Can also be discovered in various Trial Chambers spawning from Trial Spawners.


Items from beehives and bee nests are once again accessible to hoppers, but they are still blocked by other full blocks.


  • The most recent Data Pack version is 32.


  • Added #minecraft:does_not_block_blocks that, when positioned above another, will never cause a hopper to become disabled
  • Added gameplay/panda_Sneeze Loot Table for Drops Emitted by Pandas
Snapshot 24W07A New Mob Bogged


  • MC-266570 – Nonsolid blocks are impervious to wind charges.
  • MC-267732 – /place jigsaw still caps max depth at 7
  • MC-267866 – The drop of Panda Slimeball is hardcoded.
  • MC-268080 – In Bedrock, the bullets will deflect in the other direction when reflected by the breeze, while in Java, they will always deflect downward.
  • MC-268339 – “The spelling of “Japanese” in choices is incorrect. tooltip japaneseGlyphVariants
  • MC-268342 – Breeze can be damaged by wind charge
  • MC-268344 – Breezes are not affected by the looting enchantment
  • MC-268349 – Hopper minecarts with a full block above them no longer search for item entities to pick up
  • MC-268353 – The next AI tick type is randomized via Tick Freeze.
  • MC-268355 – When a tick is frozen, chunk tickets expire.
  • MC-268362 – Blocks that ordinarily prevent falls from happening can no longer do so if wind charges are applied.
  • MC-268368 – After emerging from the sea, the wind charge bounces resulting in fall damage.
  • MC-268383 -Regardless of whether the fall was brought on by the charge or not, wind charges eliminate any fall damage that does not occur below the hit point.
  • MC-268389 – With Wind Charge, fall damage is preserved between game modes.
  • MC-268418 – Pre-1.9 chunks get regenerated seemingly randomly when upgrading
  • MC-268426 – After being deflected, wind charges launched by breezes no longer explode but are instead erased upon impact with breezes.
  • MC-268451 – No one can hop on top of beehives or nests and take honey bottles out.


The official launcher client for the game is the first place where gamers may find newly released Minecraft Java snapshots. You can download the most recent Java snapshot right now and take your time admiring the new features, enhancements, and fixes with only a few button clicks.

In any event, the following instructions will allow you to obtain Minecraft snapshot 24w07a for Java Edition:

  1. Install the official game launcher by downloading it from the official launcher from Minecraft.net if you haven’t already.
  2. If this is your first time installing the launcher, log in using your Microsoft credentials. If you have previously installed it, just open it.
  3. From the selection of games on the left, choose Java Edition.
  4. Click the “Latest Release” option to the left of the Install/Play button under the Java Edition cover art, and then choose “Latest Snapshot.”
  5. Select the “install/play” option. After downloading all required files, directories, and assets, the launcher should start the snapshot.

It’s as simple as that! Remember that you may use this way to download version 24w07a, but you can also follow these procedures to download any future Java Edition snapshots that Mojang releases. After choosing the most recent snapshot and selecting Install/Play, you may quickly begin using the new experimental version of Minecraft.

In any case, because the big 1.21 update is still a ways off, there will probably be a lot more snapshots available after the 1.20.5 update is made available. You can keep up with the most recent round of changes with the help of the official game launcher.

You may always stay informed about the continuing modifications made to the game in significant update releases or snapshots thanks to the patch notes tab provided by the launcher.


There are accessible snapshots for the Java Edition of Minecraft. Launch the Minecraft Launcher, select the “Installations” tab, then turn on snapshots to install the snapshot.

If you want to test versions that won’t mess up your main world, please save them and/or run them in a different area.




A Changelog Preview For Minecraft

Whoosh! Have you heard that? No, it was the sound of the wind charge, which is arriving at Bedrock Edition preview and betas TODAY. More on it later. Using the wind charge item, you can use some of the breeze’s abilities, such as the ability to leap higher and launch wind gusts that cause knockback and impact damage to your opponents.

Dropped by vanquished breezes, I’m going to leap directly to the summit with my wind charge! A new hostile mob known as the “bogged” can appear in trial rooms and launches poison-tipped arrows as attacks.

Minecraft Preview

The bogged may not be as fast as their skeleton counterparts, but they more than makeup for it in damage! In today’s Minecraft: Bedrock Edition preview and beta, take on obstacles like mud and test the new wind charge, among other things.

This is an updated list. We would appreciate hearing your thoughts as always, so please do so here. You can also report any problems you may find at bugs.mojang.com. You can read Minecraft: Quick Play Is Coming To Java And Bedrock Edition.



  • Turn into the Wind! A Wind Charge will launch a projectile that resembles the Breeze when used.
  • A player’s Wind Charge will deal 10% more knockback than a Breeze’s.
  • Similar to the Breeze’s projectile, the player’s Wind Charges inflict damage when they come into direct contact with an object.
  • When a Wind Charge is destroyed, the Breeze dumps four to six Wind Charges; the maximum stack number for Wind Charges is 64.
  • Each use is followed by a 30-second cooldown.
  • A dispenser can be used to discharge wind charges.
  • Only fall damage below the y-level of the collision with the wind burst is accumulated by players who launch themselves with a wind charge.
Minecraft Preview 1


  • A brand-new Skeleton species that fires toxic arrows
  • With 16 health as opposed to 20 health, they are easier to defeat.
  • Instead of attacking every two seconds, they attack every 3.5 seconds.
  • Has the potential to drop Poison Arrows when players kill it.
  • These naturally occurring mossy, mushroom-covered skeletons breed in swamps and mangrove swamps.
  • Can also be discovered in various Trial Chambers spawning from Trial Spawners.


  • The Wind Charge projectile’s missing translation string has been added (MCPE-176968).
  • Now, when missiles with Wind Charge strike the Breeze, damage is sustained.


  • Java Edition and Trial Chambers are currently generated at the same global locations.


  • Once more, skeletons, zombies, husks, spiders, cave spiders, and stray animals strike back at one another (MCPE-178560).
  • Furthermore, they appropriately do not strike back when the Breeze fires Wind Charges at them.
  • You can visit this website to download
Minecraft Preview Changes In Minecraft Bedrock Edition



The Creative Inventory’s Patternless Banners will no longer reset upon placement (MCPE-178327)

  • When installed for the first time, patternless banners from the Creative Inventory will no longer reset. (MCPE-178327)
  • Fortune no longer has an impact on Tall Flowers (MCPE-18880)
  • There is now a chance that big ferns will drop wheat seeds (MCPE-126947)
  • To better align with Java Edition, the treasure drop distributions for Redstone Ore, Glowstone, Fortune Enchantment of Melon, and Nether Wart have been adjusted.


The interface for the Command Block will now get rid of the last error message when a command is properly compiled (MCPE-114029).


  • We added a slow spread of contextual beginner game tips.


  • Fixed a bug that caused Realms stories to crash randomly when they were accessed after Realms events were triggered. This was caused by a race condition between adding new story status entries and sorting the club feed.
  • Realms Stories now has new loading screen tips.
  • It is known that the new tips don’t work on Android Beta. The Realms Stories Privacy and Online Safety modal on Xbox devices now shows a QR code instead of a link.


  • Fixed a bug that could have led to the game freezing on some platforms when switching languages.


  • Applying resource packs to a planet now activates the new death screen (Preview only)
  • Resolved a bug that may cause the game to soft-lock when the “Loading resource packs” dialog appeared.



  • When in the player’s hand, blocks made using the “Minecraft:material_instances” component and “render_method” = “alpha_test_single_sided” display correctly.


Currently, in early development, the Editor and its related API can be accessed with a keyboard and mouse on Windows PC Bedrock Preview versions. Share a photo of us using #BedrockEditor on social media.

This week’s updates:

  • Corrected erroneous negative indication in the status bar’s Cursor Delta display
  • The Editor remote pane now has a ‘border: true|false’ option. Text-Component
  • added a text element to the Playtest dialog’s Information section.
  • “GetSelectedBlockType” and “setSelectedBlockType” are contained in a “block palette” service that was created in the Extension Context.
  • The block type that will be painted on the outside will be kept in this. To utilize this service, the Selection, Cube Brush, and Line tools have been upgraded!
  • In World Options, a stateful menu has been included to modify the Overworld weather.


  • Added support for non-scrollable layouts on SDL screens
  • Added support for vertical fill padding in layouts
  • In vertical factories within the user interface, fixed vertical fill objects are not functioning.


  • New model with character creator animation logic
  • modified the algorithm to trigger bind updates when animation states are modified to avoid severe FPS hits from bind updates every frame.


  • Fix for “One Block Skyblock” Marketplace map generating flat world on the client if posted on Realms. Clients connected to dedicated servers or Realms will no longer produce LevelChunks erroneously as long as one of the following is true:
  • The world map is flat.
  • Marketplace map
  • This overrides the server. characteristics enable client-side chunk creation for dedicated servers



  • New function createEmpty(string, Vector3, StructureSaveMode?): StructureTemplate—New empty structure
  • Function createFromWorld(string, dimension, block) added.StructureTemplate: BlockVolume, options?: StructureCreateOptions – Creates a world structure from blocks.
  • Added delete(structure: string | StructureTemplate): boolean.
  • Added get(identifier: string): StructureTemplate | undefined to obtain the structure with the identifier.
  • Add function place(structure: string | StructureTemplate, dimension: Dimension, location: Vector3, options?: StructurePlaceOptions) Gives the world structure




A Vital Component Of Recuperation Compasses!

How are you? Greetings, Greetings, Greetings You’re now in Taking Inventory. I hear ory, ory, ory, ory. The strange thing we’re talking about today can only be found in very dangerous places. Our monthly item is the echo shard! This is the month, month, month, month

Scatterings of echo Note from the editor: Duncan, please stop that! It wasn’t funny the first time! They were added to Minecraft in the June 2022 Wild Update. Minecraft: Echo Shard It added frogs, allays, mangrove swamps, and, most importantly, the scary deep dark, complete with guards and old towns.

Echoshard Chest

Acquiring an echo shard requires you to navigate the Overworld’s depths, locate one of those old cities, and avoid the wardens along the route. As you make your way through the ruins, you might just find a chest that has an echo shard.

But here’s the deal. Even though you sound strange (strange, strange, strange) in your voice [Editor’s note: NO! Echo shards by themselves aren’t very useful, I warn you!]. Finding seven more will be necessary before you can use them effectively. A compass will also be necessary. You can visit this website to download

Put the compass in the center of your crafting grid and surround it with the eight echo shards after you’ve obtained those items. A recovery compass, a handy device that lets you find the location of your most recent death, will be given to you as a reward.

Echoshard Recipe

It appears like a significant amount of work will be required to achieve a recovery compass. But I think you’ll agree it’s a fairly excellent value when you consider the work required to replace your armor, enchanted tools, and other inventory items. Try My Boggy 1-21 Valentine.

My best recommendation? Before you wind up dead in some remote region of the Nether, take the time to create a recovery compass. After that, there won’t be any chance of your items despawning, so you can start heading back to get them right away. I’m going now; let’s see where this recovery compass leads! (Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please)

That concludes the tale of Duncan’s employment loss.




Enjoy A Free Map And Tons Of Information That Will Make You Laugh!

Get your fireworks ready! It’s time to celebrate the Lunar New Year and usher in the Year of the Dragon on February 10. You can find a free map* based on old Chinese legends in the red envelope from the Minecraft Marketplace, along with a ton of content with a Lunar New Year theme.

Minecraft: From February 8 to 15, we will delve into the legendary realms of these powerful beings to explore our imaginations, overcome obstacles, and embark on audacious and enigmatic journeys.

Normally, I would wish you luck on this journey, but you won’t need it with all these dragons following you!



Minecraft Monkey King and Mythic Beasts CRM

Explore a world where legendary creatures from antiquity are embroiled in a long-standing conflict in this free adventure map that is based on Chinese folklore. It is your duty as the powerful Monkey King Sun Wukong to keep the world safe from evil.

Your best friend, the fiery-feathered Phoenix, is hurt in a fierce battle and needs your assistance. Come together to resurrect its power and go on a daring expedition through perilous terrain. You can visit this website to download

Find secret treasures, take on a formidable army, fortify one another, and establish beyond doubt that virtue always wins out over evil!


Since dragons are known to thrive on challenges, it’s safe to assume that they will enjoy our 80+ pieces of content for the Lunar New Year! To honor them, why not take on a few of them?

You may test your mettle by mounting the ferocious dragon of Dragon Valley, protect the Hakka people’s strongholds from monsters and invaders, or witness the Gyeongbokgung palace decked out for the Lunar New Year.

To incorporate the festivities into other Minecraft adventures, there are also special skin packs available, such as the Lunar Festivities pack that includes cheongsam costumes. I hope to learn more about some intriguing legends in the Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack.

That being said, I wish you many moments of courage, luck, and adventure throughout the Year of the Dragon and any Lunar New Year activities you choose to partake in.